Arsenal injury list – Bellerin drops out, Debuchy plays tonight

Arsenal fans will be very unhappy to learn that our young Spanish speedster Hector Bellerin is the latest player to join the Gunners injury list, which means that Debuchy is set to be starting in Munich this evening.

This is what Wenger had to say about it last night. “The team news is that, from Saturday’s squad, we lost Bellerin, who will not be available tomorrow night. We have nobody else back, so that means he has been replaced in the squad by Jeff Reine-Adelaide.

Although Hector will be missed tonight, Wenger doesn’t think it is very serious. “We have to wait a little bit. It’s not a big problem but it’s a small groin problem.”

When asked about all our other injuries, he said: “They are all very close. I think Arteta will be back in full training on Friday, Ospina as well. After the break, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey [could be] back as well.”

It is ominous that the Boss doesn’t mention Theo Walcott amongst the list of returnees, and of course Welbeck, Rosicky and Wilshere are not expected back until January.

Arsenal are running out of options from the bench now, but Wenger has already decided that Mathieu Debuchy is a certain starter to replace Hector. “Debuchy will play and I’m confident,” Le Prof said. “I trust Debuchy, he is a 100 per cent educated player in the box and in training.

“Fortunately he played a full game against Sheffield Wednesday and physically he should be well.”

He may have played 90 mins, but he wasn’t very impressive. Hopefully that will have made him less rusty as he is going to be thrown in the deep end tonight…..

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  1. The consequences of not signing a single outfield player are starting to be felt now.Having the likes of Matt Macey, Rene-adelaide and Alex iwobi (all teenagers) on the bench for a crucial Champions League tie away at Bayern Munich is a joke to say the least. If any of our attacking players were to get injured now we are doomed. Say all you want about being optimistic but I believe all this could and should have been avoided during the transfer window.

    1. @antiwenger
      That argument gets old dude. Because any new signing runs the risk of being injured as well. What would you be saying then? You and many others make it seem as if new signings guarantee “injury free, trophy laden seasons”
      Stop trying to find fuel for your tantrums and get with reality…

        1. @quantic dream
          But City also had “3 proper cf’s” and didn’t win the league last season. And remind me where Chelsea sit on the table at the moment, with their “3 proper cf’s”. I’ll wait…

          1. @NY_Gunner
            It’s great that you are very optimistic.
            However, you have to see that we MIGHT have been a better team if we had 2 or 3 QUALITY additions during the summer. See the quality only Cech brings to the table? Imagine 2 more of the same level of quality?
            I’m not saying it’s a given that there would be no more injuries if we signed addition players…it’s just simple economics – when available resources are strained, the tendency to breakdown is higher.
            And as for Chelsea…I really don’t care about them, but you have to agree it’s strange about their position on the table.

            1. @Arsenal007
              The key words here are”what might have been.” So many variables can be constructed from those 4 words…

              1. Bull, get rid of injury prone players and bring in players who have a good injury record.
                Wilshire, Arteta ox and Rosicky are always injured more often than not.
                They must be replaced, freak accident I can understand but they simply fragile

                1. Injuries cant be forseen , we have a very big squad hadnt injuries creeped in.. we have danny,walcotte and giroud as our top cf. We have wilshere, rambo, rosicy , arteta and flamini all in midfield.. why on earth wiuld you want to buy.
                  We are just unfortunate but we have realy good players. With new signing we would have many unhappy good players who wud opt to move on..

        2. Fail, Chelsea relied on the SAME XI for a WHOLE seasons and WON the title, so stop making excuses to justify your superficial hatred towards Wenger

      1. Your argument is plain stupid. If we had new signings,we probably wouldn’t have risked the ox or Walcott against sheffield. thus they would be fit.New signings don’t guarantee injury free trophy laden seasons but they guarantee squad depth that goes a long way in determining success.Correct me if I’m wrong but whenever we fail short of winning the league, wenger’s first excuse is always injuries, so why not build a squad big enough to cope with the injuries like mancity who are coping just fine without silva and aguero?

        1. sorry but your argument is plain stupid if we had new signings who could play for ox and walcott, then you can be absolutely sure, that when all 4 of them ( 2 new signings + ox +walcott) 2 would want to leave, and why do we have campbell then? a lot of guys here are unhappy that he doesnt get a lot of chances and i understand their unhappiness but thats the problem with a big squad in top teams, top teams dont rotate that often, so if we had bought another 2 and mind you if they were fringe players you would be the first to complain, 2 of the people we already have probably ox and campbell and sometimes ramsey would get even less chances… and fyi we have a limit of 25 senior players, you talk as if we could just keep adding players when we want…

        2. Bad logic, if we had new signings our squad players would leave because of no game time. See where it leads?? We’re already full, any new signing will come as a replacement for the current players we have, and when they get injured we’ll be in the same situation and you’ll probably whine again that we should’ve gotten more players.

    2. what is your point? 9 injuries to key players- no squad can really deal with that. look at city minus aguero and silva. so u want wenger to have 60 potential first teamers in case of injury?
      what a silly argument, fuelled by irrational panic. yeah, sucks that bellerin is out, but debuchy is a french international, so don’t judge him just on the sheffield gae in a rusty second or third string team.

    3. Teenager on the bench is not the problem. It is all about the quality and belief/confidence of such teenager. Fabregas, Walcott, AOC, and many more played for Arsenal in their teens…..Check out, Belerin just exceeded teens only this year.

      And watch out, even Bayern Munich will have at least a teen player on the pitch or bench. It is never a crime.

    1. @Nwaneri
      We will survive tonight and many others nights afterwards. We are AFC…And if ya don’t know, ya better ask somebody…

    2. You are a pundit and not a fan. Leave us alone. Go support your Chesh*t. Arsenal is a big team. You said the same before the home game. Let it be known to you that Arsenal will survive. Okay?

    1. It will be a tough game to get thrown into especially considering how Bellerin got tested but Debuchy has allot of experience and he will have first teamers to help him feel his way in. Gutted with Bellerin injury but Debuchy is a French international and you couldn’t ask for much more than that.

  2. I hope Chambers will be preferred over Debuchy. We need the pace to stop Costa. Maybe Gibbs should have a go? Robben is back, and we need pace to stop him as well.

    1. look pace isnt the non-plus-ultra.. monreal is a damn great fullback and he doesnt have as much pace as gibbs

  3. Real shame about Bell, hope it’s only a weeks rest. Good luck to Debuchy, hopefully he can get rid of the rustiness and put in a decent shift. Fingers crossed we get the 3 points! COYG

  4. Some of ya’ll will never change..Bellerin is the best RB but injured doesn’t mean Debuchy doesn’t know a thing bout being a better player, with all these lame moaning and attitude i’m expecting to know how ya’ll will react if he doesn’t play well…ya’ll should just remember instead of supporting him and backing him up to do a clean job ya’ll gave up on him even before the match..
    Gaaaaaaaad!! some of ya’ll can literally ruin someone’s career with your negativity…Debuchy is playing tonight, strap up, cheer him up and let him know we are counting on him not make him feel like he’s useless to us.
    may God help us all

  5. The injury god has not been kind to us once again… For once I am looking forward to the international break just so that we can get a couple players back into our squad… wrap them in cotton wool Wenger!!!

  6. its so discouraging the number of injuries we have to cope with. but there is an attitude in this team dt d fans can learn from. they r always standing up to the challenge.
    yeah it ll b very difficult but how many pple gave us a chance in the first leg?…
    pple talk as if Bayern wanted to loose then, they did everything possible to get a result but we were also well prepared for it thus the d win.
    Debuchy is playing tonight does not mean we av lost d game already cmon guys we r AFC nd he is our player.
    at LEAST we ll get a draw.
    Ozil Carz Alex Coq Kos Cech r in a form that ll also give Bayern concern.

  7. but NY Gunner you will remember city finished right up there at number 2…just after Chelsea. Am just saying there is no way people will put in hard work in the transfer market to secure quality signings while we still on our hands and somehow we end up finishing top of them. work = success. “belief” and hope for no injuries= straight up gambling.

    1. loooooooooool as if the only work a manager or a club could do is in the tranfer market…
      the media and the stupid pundits have brainwashed you totally, :O you are following them blindly and simple-minded’ly
      let me ask you something: throwing money at every problem, is that the meaning of work for you? xD
      You sir have a lot to learn :/
      buying a player should always be the last resort when a manager cant find an equal solution from within, if a manager is incapable if doing that, why have a youth team? and why even have a manager in the first place? a coach and an analyzer would be enough,
      Look i like new players too, but to equal transfer market to work and that to success is just stupid

  8. Look whatever happens happens….We put ourselves in this spot (CPL) and we can either dig ourself out or be smart and come dead bottom so we dont have to play mid week games of course I want the win but we have to look at the silver-lining it could be a blessing..Like I tell my stupid United friends no one can predict the outcome…we have to wait till the final whistle

  9. Also for those who critics Arsene for not signing anybody you are not watch the game we play. YES I was one of them at the start of the season that was furious with Arsene at the start for not signing anyone but Cech (who has been a God send)it seems that he focused on a different kind of transfer this season TEAM SPIRIT and belief in this players and the players are paying him back for that..Ozil, Coquelin, Carzola, Campbell (he has just started to find his flow) are a few of the men who he has shown faith in and are coming good

    look at Chelsea for all the money they have they have lost they have lost the SPIRIT. If we can hold out good performances for the next 3 weeks till more of our players come back we can go back to fully rotating the squad.

    COYG lets show the world what we are made of.

  10. Im just wondering now, would buying 5 more centre fowards have prevented bellerin from getting injured?
    or what now, are we supposed to have 5 1st team backups for every position? Some fans amuse me really

  11. I believe a disciplined Debuchy tonight will defend his line crediblely against the Bayern Munich attackers attacking the Arsenal goal area. And he will even overlap when the opportunity present itself for him to do so and scores or assist to score. I believe Campbell will track back to cover him when he overlaps, while Coquellan & Cazorla will provide for him the extra defensive cover he needs for 90” + of the game. Sanchez&Ozil MUST provide defensive cover for Koscielny and Monreal when one of them do the overlap. The overlapping of Debuchy and Monreal MUST be productive. Therefore, the duo wing backs MUST be precised with their overlapping. And of course they MUST jet back quickly after an overlap that didn’t workout. The Gunners MUST be as fast as the lightning in their defensive duty against the Bayern assaulters to defuse their moves before it does any harm. All goal shooting and heading Gunners MUST aim at the impossible angles of Neuer’s goal to make their goal scoring attempts impossible for Neuer to save. And any shooting and heading Gunners SHOULD try to lower his shoots and heading so that their efforts will not sky off or hit the woodwork. The Gunners MUST resolutely defend any free kicks and corner kicks by Bayern Munich and MUST guide against deflecting the ball to their goal mouth. And the Gunners MUST have an eagle eye and the concentration of a predictor to sight any Bayern’s moves and pounce on any Bayern’s errors and turn them to positive advantage. My start: Cech; DebuchyDeAbreuKoscielnyMonreal; CazorlaCoquellan; CampbellOzilSanchez; Giroud. My bench: MaceyGibbsChambersRhino’FlaminiIwobiAdelaide. BHY 0-3 AFC @full time 90” +.

    1. I think when basically the entire Arsenal team are defending their area Per can be as resolute as the next man, Per has put in some good performances when playing top footballing sides. No mockers please.

  12. Debuchy isn’t a bad player. He was only hampered by injury but that doesn’t m him crap. Agreed, Bellerin has being magnificent but Debuchy is more than decent. I don’t see the reason for all these moaning and pessimism in here.

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