Arsenal injury list growing quickly – Defence decimated

Strangely enough, Arsenal finally have a good day for our strikers with both Giroud and Walcott scoring twice each, but despite our clean sheet our defence now has even bigger problems for the crucial Premiership run-in.

After losing Laurent Koscielny to a calf problem a couple of weeks ago, we were not too worried as we had Gabriel waiting to take over as Mertesacker’s partner until the Frenchman returns, but that cushion has now been removed after the Brazilian came on last night after Per Mertesacker cut his head, but Gabriel lasted just 20 minutes before he himself had to be go straight to the treatment room. To make it even worse, his replacement Aaron Ramsey also only lasted 16 minutes and was taken off with a much more worrying problem!

Wenger described the injuries after the game. “We lost two centre backs in the game and when you play away from home that is not easy to cope with.” Le Prof said. “We did quite well because Monreal came on as a centre back where he has played a few times last year and Chambers was moved in. I thought they coped well.

“Mertesacker is just a cut on his eye and looks to be very short. Gabriel is a hamstring and Ramsey is a thigh problem. To me, the most serious looks to be Ramsey. He has a thigh problem, I think it is a thigh strain.”

Obviously losing Petr Cech for a while has already weakened the defence and Koscielny won’t be around this weekend, but hopefully Mertesacker will be patched up for Sunday’s game against Watford.

Wenger’s choices are limited, but it looks like Chambers will have to be Per’s partner in the middle, or Monreal will move there with Gibbs back on the left wing.

Our defensive stability is normally the mainstay of our good games this season, but it is starting to look like the injury gods are not smiling on us again. I especially would feel much more confident if Cech was behind any makeshift defence, but you never know. Ospina was perfect last season…

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  1. Budd says:

    Looks like Chambers and Monreal will be our CBs Sunday unless Gabriel injury is more serious. Gibbs and Bellerin will cover the flanks just fine. I was wondering when is Ramsey going to have his usual problems with his thigh, here we go. Answer right here.

    1. Sam, need a striker says:

      I rate both Chambers and Monreal higher than Mert as CB, so it is fine … Ramsey wasn’t up to the level this year, so not a big miss …
      Flamini(actually I don’t to see him again but this is only to rest Bellerin for the upcoming games) Chambers Monreal Gibbs
      Elneny Reine-Adelaide
      Walcott Iwobi Campbel
      This team should be enough to get us through … Save the rest for the EPL, that’s what matter to me …

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    what did we sacrifice for goals last night?………….. Injuries

    1. John Legend says:

      We sacrificed three players for the replay

      1. Dee@ease says:

        Yes indeed it was an unnecessary replay to begin with,this 4-0 result means nothing we beat a championship side it wasn’t Barcelona!

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          The win might not mean anything to you. But it means a lot to the team. Thats what matters most.

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      @John Legend………. Exactly what i mean

      1. John Legend says:

        @SoOpa Aeon,
        Yeah! I just helped you to reconstruct…..#winks

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    pls find out if ramsey had a warm-up before he was brought on Last night!

    Remember Ox and walcott?

    1. awesome gunners says:

      I hope Ramsey is injured. Thats the only way this Father or LOver Wenger will no play him. What is Gabriel and Ramsey made of. They play a few games bam injury. It is ridiculous. Gabriel never had so much injuries at his previous team. Why now all of a sudden.

      Arsenal where Crap last night. If it wasnt for a silly pass wewould have struggled to score. We dont play the football we usually do. No penetration and no ideas.. Once again only Campbell showed why he should be in the starting 11. How this guy have sat on the bench the whole time is beyond me.

      Im tired of 4th, as an Arsenal supporter for 22 years I think I deserve better. Wenger Ur words to the media in the week is a disgrace. If thats ur opinion on fans then I feel sorry for you.

      1. luvdaguns says:

        you hope ramsey is injured? now i have read everything

  4. goonerboy says:

    No, we should still be fine…
    Per will be available and even maybe Koscielny cos Wenger said he might be available for weekend and if not I have faith in Chambers and Mert partnership…we are quite strong, thank God we are playing at home

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      we are playing at home………is that supposed to be a bonus? L()L

      1. goonerboy says:

        Not necessarily a bonus but a little advantage with our injury scares..
        Watford is a tough opposition, I think we are the only team to have put 3 goals past them this season, so that’s another reason am happy we play at home…

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      we seem to be more confident playing away!….. We’ve had Lots of disappointing results at home Lately

    3. proffetic says:

      Per and Chambers…That is scary. Do we not have a couple of young promising centre backs chomping at the bit.If not why not?

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    congratuLations to giroud on the arrival of his 2nd kid two nights ago…….. Guess he dedicated his 1st goal (after over a two months barren spell) to his new kid with a thumb sucking gesture and dangLing hands

    Watch EL-neny try to do the dangLe with giroud …..Learner…. LoooooooooL

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Arsenal surely abled defenders for selection for the Watford game: Bellerin, Chambers, Monreal & Gibbs.
    Koscielny shouldn’t be burdened to appear for the Watford game. And Rhino’s eye cut should be okay after 7 days for him and Koscielny to play in the Barca game. Sanchez Coquelin energies should be saved for the all important Barca game too if the Boss agrees.

    The winning starts for Watford:
    The Bench: MaceySanchezCoquelinRhino’KoscielnyAdelaideWillock.
    I think Arsenal are done. Arsenal are okay. There is no cause for the alarm bell to go off.

    1. Mehrzad says:

      why should we save Coq Ozil and Sanchez for Barca match do you want another replay?
      lets go with our best team and beat Watford manage the scoreline against Barca and then beat Everton
      then after 2 weeks rest hopefuly Cech, Cazorla and the defence is back for run in

  7. Twig says:

    “Obviously losing Petr Cech for a while has already weakened the defence ”

    Ospina has disproved that 2 games in a row now.

  8. Somebody mention that gooner away support.
    Absolutely arsome. Time and time again they make me proud to be a gooner.

  9. TR7 says:

    MATFLAM billionair was playing better at RB than when he plays DM.. MOTM:JCIWOBI

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