Are Arsenal’s injury problems just BAD LUCK after all?

When we saw the Arsenal team sheet for the Capital One Cup game against Southampton last week, we knew that the Gunners would be up against it with the Saints having a great start to the season and able to pick more of their first choice players. But we understood.

After all the problems Arsenal suffered with injuries last season, Arsene Wenger accepted that he sometimes over played certain players and he brought two new experts to the club in the summer to help him to avoid a repeat of the situation this season. So resting the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta seemed like a risk but the right thing to do in looking at the long term picture.

So it is no wonder that Wenger was left scratching his head after losing both of the key midfielders on Saturday; the Welshman with a hamstring problem and the Arsenal captain with a calf injury. In an ESPN report the Frenchman admits that this has left him struggling to understand why resting the players did not have the desired effect.

Wenger said, “We have to really look at what happened.

“There’s no logic as it’s two players who were not involved in the week – no Arteta, not Ramsey – and they had quite a light week for them. We have to analyse what happened there. I don’t understand.”

And what makes it worse for the Gunners is that we always seem to get a spate of injuries in the same area. Losing three central midfielders, including Jack Wilshere who turned his ankle, in one game is just crazy and leaves Wenger with a real selection headache with two massive games this week. I am starting to think that it really is just bad luck after all.

What do you think Gooners?

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    1. I want Sir Jose Mourinho as Arsenal manager after Cu*t Wenger dies(which I hope in next 2-3 days) as he is a proven winner.

      1. everybody s entitled to his/her opinion bt wishing somebody dead aint cool at all, thanks u nt God,u cnt kil,,sack wenger.even the arsenal management dnt av the powers to do tht,the worst thng they cn do is jst to sack him,nothng more

  1. I think it’s different reasons:

    1) We play a style where teams use aggression to intimidate and gain possession.

    2) Because we lack a killer instinct, we end up chasing games (and overplaying to regain the advantage).

    3) We lack a PROPER defensive midfielder, who could break up play and orchestrate our attacks, giving us confidence and allowing time on the ball, thereby reducing the risk of us overstretching or lunging into challenges.

    4) We lack players who while not the most skillful, would give us solidity and the intimidation factor – the sort of players utilised at lower premier league clubs..

    I believe the addition of a proper intimidating (but skillful) DM would help, alongside maybe a Milner or similar to assist in midfield. We have to be more crafty and take the advantage in games when it is there, otherwise we end up chasing the game and risking injury. So, it could be argued that our playing / management style is not helping the injury list…in other words, it IS preventable.

    1. Not signing Milner is my only regret for the last summer. But unfortunately he tied his signing by the fact that he wants to play CAM. I think I see already a problem with that.

  2. it may be some bad luck but also bad management
    yes he rested them for the c cup
    but he will play the same players 4 times in 10 days in big games and only make 1 or 2 subs in the 85 min
    we have all been saying rotation is key to keeping players fit and up for it
    he cant do things that are obvious to everyone coz it has to be his way

    1. Actually there were 3 games they played in 10 days (in fact 11) because they were obviously rested for the Capital One Cup.

  3. This is no co incidence. This is just mishandling of players. Co incidence can not happen years after years. The squad is so thin that injuries are bound to happen. We got lucky last season that Girod did not get injury. Players in Arsenal does not get enough rest. Also if some how Wenger forced to rotate few players that some how under perform. Like Rosisky and Plodolski gainst Southamton. Something wrong with Wenger.
    Look how Jose is handling injury prone Costa

  4. We have drawn 4 games and won 2. Wtf lool, united are only 2 points behind us! We now always seem to conceed, even against the smaller teams which is worrying. With debuchy and monreal out, gibbs being injury prone and kos getting treatment more frequently our defense is a real worry. Back 4 will be this soon:
    Bellerin ——mert—–chambers—–coq.
    Wenger this is what happens when you gamble in the transfer window.

      1. ha
        true nowadays every team we face seem like giants compared to us
        and they use that to smash our team all over the pitch

        would love to see devito play football ha comedy gold

  5. I’m very happy about Giroud extension. We don’t need Cavani, Jackson Martinez, Falcao fancy smancy type players. We will do fine for the next 4 years with Giroud, Welbeck, Sanogo. Giroud, Sanogo and Welbeck are just as good as Costa, Aguero, RVP and Falcao. They just need some time to adjust and injury free.


  6. @Mistamonn

    Exactly, you are spot on 🙂

    Like I said before (and I repeating myself), I red 2 interviews from Shad, the new fitness coach, published in 2 US sports newspaper and he said (I am just quoting) that Arsenal preparation methods were “close to prehistorical” and “it will take a least a full year or more to get it right with no external interferences” (wonder what he meant by external interferences!!)

    As Wenger brought the American (if he did or someone else made the move) he made sure to keep the “barbaric and incompetent” current fitness “guru” Tony Colbert around…!! Why?
    Another of his back up cronies and “yes boss” servants who are forever recognisant to the “deluded one”.

    Another thing…
    Wenger is overrated only here… In France they have stopped singing his praises since 2006.
    As a matter of fact, the last interview I saw he got properly drilled (not like the fake sports journalist or pundits here) regarding his lack of recruitment in defence and NEVER “announce” what were the objectives!! They even pointed out that every season we are never in contention for the league (He obviously denied it… The fool!) or the CL…

  7. Arteta is/might get an extension…
    It keeps getting better and the joke seems never to fade …!!

    Next it might be Diaby…!! Wenger can do whatever he wants anyway.

    After letting most of our best players leave (Well they usually wanted to get the f*ck out as no really ambition is driving the cub) he is doing his best to keep the “rubbishes”.

    Well done Giroud (played 3200mins last season, more than any footballer in the world, due to the lack of cover…!!!! You really deserve the rest) for the new contract and the raise.

        1. Sorry Muffy my mistake…in fact it gone ahead of Chelsea for the first time in a decade!

          Just Google the headline below…Telegraph article dated 19th September 2014.

          Arsenal’s annual wage bill moves ahead of Chelsea’s for first time in more than a decade


  9. I totally agree with MARK. That is a very sensible assessment and the real reason why we have so many injuries. There is no such thing as bad luck. The problem lies squarely on our coaching department.

  10. Every other team also suffers injuries…but the biggest difference between us and City/Chelsea and soon United is that they have quality in depth. If one of their best players gets injured, they have another player just as good to replace. Where as with Arsenal, we have one or two injuries and our season fall apart. Every f*cken year we go through this…we express our opinions on this forum about Wenger needing decent backup in defense and midfield, yet time and time again we fall into the same predicament because Wenger has not bought another CB or DM. I am not so worried about our attackers except if perhaps Welbeck gets injured, but without a good solid defense including DM, we are going to get r@ped again by the top teams. When we got news of Vermalaen leaving, Wenger (on top of getting Chambers) should have bought in another CB, someone like Jageilka with already established BPL experience. More importantly, either Schneiderlin, Bender or Cavarlho should have been in our squad already.

    We cannot do much about injuries, but any sensible manager especially with the type of funding we have would at least have a decent backup plan (especially in light of the vicious cycle of injuries we receive every season). Wenger is the only one to blame for situation we are in.

  11. @Brada b

    Wenger days were “almost” over when the players won the FA Cup and “save” his incompetent managerial career at Arsenal.
    That is just a fact.
    With us losing the FA Cup finale, Wenger (and the board) would have had to find new excuses and explanations to justify his contract extension.
    The pundits were keen to see him sign because there is a “culture” of failure in this country were you get “rewarded” for not doing your job…!!
    Also, we are, as usual, another laughing subject each week.
    We will always be remembered (thanks to Wenger) as a club with massive potential, but achieved nothing.

    Since 2006 we have been on the decline (and forget about the stadium because other clubs did it and managed to succeed) and forget about the so called youth policy which never worked…!!

    Still 3 years of that delusional management (at £8millions a pop, we must be mugs !!) and a man in charge who believes that “if you have beliefs” you can achieve anything (forgot that in football the ball is round for everybody and we all play with 11 players!!!).

    Entering 4 competitions (well, 3 now) and before everything started, we already knew we were, may be, out of all of them…Lol (don’t know if to laugh or cry or get upset).

    Wenger has no pressure.
    May be from the fans when they are fed up with his obvious bullshits, but at £8millions/year, you might even “insult” is all family he would not care (I know I would not give a f*ck :-))…

    He will be 67 years old at the end of his contract and I hope it will be the end of this torture experience.

  12. Why do some fans keep makin excuses for the likes of per,arteta,giroud..three of them are f@@cking useless
    Singing the BFG song shud be BFD big f@@cking donkey
    People talk of arteta as some1 who’s loyal and loves the club..of course he is sure he wouldn’t get a game at another top 10 team.would he make southamptons team??not likely ahead of wanyama and schneiderlin.
    And Giroud is a great striker all of a sudden coz he’s injured!!last year he failed to score against Chelsea,l’pool,Everton,City and United.
    10 years ago we had vieira,sol and Henry in them positions.
    Wenger f&&k off

  13. I think Wenger prefers nippy lightweight players…but I also heard he trains them to keep them wiry. ..maximum strength yet minimum weight. This seems logical but the problem is they have neither the muscle mass nor fat to form a protective cushion against damage.

    Also other teams know this and so can deliberately target our smaller guys knowing they are unlikely to be on the receiving end of brutal revenge tackles.

    The coaching staff also need to keep checking the players magnesium, vitamin A, C, D levels and for cadmium toxicity, to maximise bone and tendon and muscle strength.

    The nippy players strategy isn’t working.

  14. ‘ SACK WENGER , i cannot believe that you wrote that on this site . i am a great believer in free speech and i am also an anti wenger man . however , i believe you have gone too far in wishing him dead , to wish any living person dead is so dreadful and over the top and has no place in sport especially in our great club . i hope you will retract that comment and show that you have some decency left in you as a human being .and if you do not rectract i would call on the admin to get off their asses foronce and do something about those comments . i would never wish anybody ill health or even death . i am astounded that you have written suck stuff and that you have not been punished . please , in the intrest of our great page here just recract that comment , we are all capable of writing silly comments in the heat of the moment , but your comment just sucks .

  15. @Gunner86

    I have one thing o say to you,
    F*cking SPOT ON, totally spot on.

    We have been fooled and conned season after season by someone who is not recognised as a great manager, but here in England…!!
    Forget about the stories of Real Madrid and PSG wanting him because they were total fabrications… Why would you hire Wenger when you can have Ancelotti (yeah, exactly!)
    I travel to France more than often and never once heard pundits and proper sports journalists “sing” Wenger’s laurels, NEVER (basically since 2006).
    When he is in France and on sports platforms, he is constantly drilled about his transfer policy and management (rarely the case here… They seems impressed, by what, I cannot put my finger on it)…!!

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