Arsenal injury problems now a full blown crisis?

For years there have been questions asked about Arsenal and the number of injuries that Arsene Wenger has to cope with. There is an argument that losing so many players at crucial stages of seasons and often for longer periods of time than first expected, has cost Arsenal a few good chances to win the Premier League.

There is also an argument that something must be wrong behind the scenes for the Gunners to lose so many playing days. We have all seen the charts showing that over the years we have suffered much more than our main rivals like Chelsea, but has it just been down to bad luck?

Well when the injuries continue to be muscular you would have to say not and both of the Arsenal stars who yesterday joined the growing number of Gunners in our treatment room did so because of muscle issues, or that is what is suspected explained the boss in an report.

Wenger said, “It looks to be a hamstring with Welbeck. I don’t really know because everybody is shocked in the dressing room [about the result]. It looks a muscular problem.

“Koscielny is a muscular problem as well.”

Remember that these two were only just back on the fit list, so did we rush them back or did the medical staff pass them fit too soon? Is there a problem with Wenger’s training methods? Something is not right but for now the biggest worry is how Arsenal will cope. We have Europa League games and domestic cup games to consider as well as having not an inch of leeway in the league, so is this injury issue now a full blown crisis for Arsenal?



  1. One thing is for sure. It has been a recurring problem for so many years, it can’t be bad luck.
    In the end, there is only one man responsible, when it happens again and again without being rectified.

    1. Not just Wenger, but the boards (Kroenke, Usmanov, etc) and the executives (Gazidis, etc) as well. Remember, all these corrupted people also receive a very big paycheck each month.

      1. How can it be Usmanov’s fault when he doesn’t even have a seat on the board of directors ?Lets be honest he never will because that would interfere with Kroenke’s plan on fleecing the club of every penny its got.
        Arsenal are the only premiership club who ended the summer transfer window with a profit – soon to be swallowed up by Kroenke…

      2. Such ignorance of who is on and who is not on(Usmanov) our board shows you are clearly not an informed-or true- fan.

    2. Are you blaming Wenger for injuries to Welbeck and Koscielny? Wow. I’ve seen some ridiculous fans/posts, but this one takes the cake.

      1. Who else should we blame? Trump perhaps? Or the manager who watches and monitors them(in theory) each day in training or on treatmenrt table AND who SHOULD (again in theory) be fully aware of their injury history and know when not to overpay them! And who is also , (in fact, not theory!) grossly paid to properly manager our club and keep players fit. Unless you prefer to blame Trump! Or my cat perhaps!

  2. Just read that Xhaka was picking his nose when Cleverley scored…… Seriously!!!! 35million… That guy is a fraud

  3. The Sunday supplement were spot on saying Arsenal’s board don’t care if they win the league or not as they’re all still getting paid & this has filtered down to the players. None of them give a s**t if they win or lose as they’re still raking in their thousands & they know whether they play s**t week in week out they’ll still be picked for the next game & won’t get moaned at at half time as he just says more of the same!! What a joke! Come on where’s the passion…… earn your bloody thousands for once

    1. Sue, Yes I heard this too and thought the same. Our club is owned and run by people who couldn’t care less about us fans. Tragically, this now includes our once honourable manager, a real Dr. Jekyll, who long ago turned into Mr. Hyde!

      1. Not caring about fans is one thing which is bad enough. The worst part is that the club (board,manager,players etc) stop caring about the game they playing. This is the best job in the world as Ian Wright said. Do something you love and being paid handsomely. Fml.

  4. and the bigger injury is the over a decade Arsene making us sitting shame…

    wenger is a before great coach not now…

  5. It is no injury but spirit issue and play right team…Wilshere is not injured nor Ozil..What we are looking at since end of last season is team lined up to defend, loads of defending players. Elneny, Xhaka or not making anything but defend and pass…Then you have all these defenders on wings and all over…You see that coach is playing team to not lose, defend not a team to win. All he needed to do was to get Wilshere and Walcot to add speed and danger, replace Elneny or shaka and not Lacazette out but lost Welbeck, add Ozil to create more danger and kill the game as off second half or latest 60th minute, pound on Watford…. Let’s stop looking for excuses like this or referee; we see what is wrong, the all team reflects coach spirit. Look at him on bench…Then owners are the ones who imposed him and had him actually enjoying his new job to do with no money and bring academy players in the team…Even cried when Gibbs left…I said it, get freakin Henry to assist and get energy to this team and his craey winning spirit, they will be running wild l scoring lunatics goals as he screams jumps and shoot the balll when it comes at him for a throw, score from there…Run, grab players on the pitch , get becnhed for that…What is he doing in Belgium team? Double money shysport gives him, it will be a bargain and let him do what Wenger can’t while sitting all game long bitting his nails, scared, playing forward players to defend as he did OX because scared….Team is shaky for that, not injuries…He is scared or he would had played Kos wh’s tests were positive as Ozil, wilshere as well, scared to see him inhured. I wrote on referee excuse, Wenger can sit then all game long, enjoy, happy, stress free and we will stand a chance to fight for 4th place..2 Manchesters are gone and Spurs ready to get da hell out of there and take 3rd place if not fighting for title…Then next year, Wenger can do same for last year contract, sit and look at his son take title with hil next year..;It will be the right and logic end of that story that will continue with Henry who can do same in a decade and do french team,as he would love to one day as Zidane does…Not about injuries nor referee nor anything but spirit in the team and club; confortable brats with daddy Wenger watching over them. from the bench…I know it is not easy and will create a major shake up when wenger leaves, doesn’t need to be a chaos but for him to be part of the ckub forver as Sir ALex can be and even more so, see his football son he rised to his own statue, rise the club to the top! With these players, Henry will do fine even if some get injured, this is all about the team’s spirit! Let’s hope owner and wenger read this, why zidane could assist then be coach and not Henry, the transistion would be historical, not sure it ever happened that way in modern football days at least. For a coach to have his football son and rise him to next coach of club: That is right. Wenger should be General manager or and then club president.,Like rummenigge at Bayern and Henry after him…That’s hot right there and just logic beside being the best option, saack Wenger and replace won’t work, it will make a terrible ending mainly…Henry is the solution and only option that should be looked at! Peace

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