Arsenal injury problems stopping Wenger from transfer action?

There is a theory, and it is something that the Arsenal manager himself alluded to before the end of last season, that the Gunners did not really need to add any new players during the current summer transfer window. Judging by the way Arsenal performed in the second half of last season, you could say that Arsene Wenger already has the tools for a Premier League title challenge.

A big part of our fabulous and improved results from the start of 2015 onwards, however, was directly connected with the easing of the injury crisis at the club which had been like having to do without a complete first team of players for about a whole year.

Losing key men like Ramsey, Walcott and Giroud at key stages of the season had seen Arsenal lose a winning position one year and then allow Chelsea to build a huge lead the next. Now this season is looking good and if we can keep the number of injuries down to a more reasonable level, who knows?

I wonder if this is what Wenger is thinking and why the boss is staying patient in the transfer market. With pre-season games, training and then the start of the real football action in August, a lot could happen between now and the end of the transfer window. What if Wenger is waiting to see which, if any, positions in our team are weakened with an injury or two.

With limited resources to play with, maybe the Frenchman does not want to spend now in case he needs the cash later on. And if we do not get struck by an injury crisis, he can still then spend his transfer budget on whichever players he feels will help us to win the league. Do you think this might be the case at Arsenal and if so, is it the right transfer policy?

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  1. Im praying that the new medical staff can rid us of this injury curse, and our players can remain fit and healthy in the coming new season for a longer period of time! Coyg!

  2. I don’t say this often but….. this article makes perfect sense.

    Arsenal absolutely have been close to reaching the top were it not for injury problems. And Wenger should be legitimately concerned with this situation as he considers which acquisitions might be needed.

    2 seasons back Arsenal were leading the league for 120+ days until they lost Ramsey, Ozil and Walcott (plus others) at the same time. It killed Arsenal’s league title hopes.

    Last season Arsenal were short defenders with the loss of Debuchy and were missing 2 of the best strike options – Giroud and Walcott. After their return and after Wenger filled the defensive shortages (Coq, Bellerin, Gabriel), suddenly Arsenal were a top team again.

    So Wenger MUST consider which positions have the weakest/fewest backup options. IMO that weak area is clearly DM. We have Coq. But that is it. No other comparable choices for DM.

    Arteta has been a reliable player for Arsenal but he is not able to take Arsenal to the next level playing as a DM. He is not even a DM really. He has been thrust into the DM position because Wenger needed him there.

    1. Agree CDM is our weakness. We have two many attacking CM and injury prone and also only one
      Coquelin. Also we need striker. Giroud isnt good enough to be first choice. Walcott and Welbeck are injury prone. Benzema or Lewandowski is what we need.

  3. Arsenal will have injuries no matter what. Ox, Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey and Welbeck our british core have pathetic fitness level. Just sign a top striker and strong CDM.

    1. According to some people on this site Giroud is good enough to win us the title. Absolutely deluded.

  4. Fit squad are not there are two positions in our squad that need improvement – a defensive midfielder as an upgrade on Flamini, and a new attacking player to add more quality and freshen up our attacking play.

  5. With potential exits and loan moves we have the room in our squad for an extra midfielder and attacker. I think whoever the potential signings will be will be prioritised on versatility as well. He obviously has faith in Giroud, Coquelin, and Theo as well as a potential striker, so I personally don’t think he’ll move for a ‘true CF’ or a ‘true DM,’ more an elite player/s who will lift the side capable of challenging in multiple positions.
    The Vidal’s, Ozil’s, Sanchez’s, Reus’s, Gotze’s of this world are automatic starters in 99% of teams if on form. Our squad is incredibly versatile, so players of that quality can be moved around while still massively contributing to accommodate fielding the best possible XI, even if it frustrates the hell out of some fans. (myself included at times). I just personally get the feeling that’s the kind of signing we’ll be looking to make.
    But in reference to the question raised by the article, I don’t think it’s out of the question for Wenger to leave 5-10mil in reserve for a squad player emergency. But prioritising a marquee signing based around a potential injury? I think not..

    1. Wenger SHOULD be looking at a top CF signing, not basing it around injury, but quality. Giroud and Walcott are not quality enough. Two games of Walcott as CF against midtable teams mean absolutely NOTHING. We are talking about going through an entire season here. If some people here think that Walcott is going to destroy top teams or even break down teams that park the bus against us they are crazy. Walcott does not have the footballing brain for that. We’ve all seen him play countless times and his only weapon is his speed.

      1. come on now he scored a hat trick and followed up on it with a goal in the final. just how many goals do you want him to score to trust him as a CF? Walcott is a very dangerous player..even messi said so and you know what? Messi knows a sh*tload of football. so respect walcott.

        1. Was going to reply to his comment, until I saw the token ‘footballing brain’ comment about Theo. His only weapon is ‘speed?’ Yeah… Aside from those goal and assist things he manages on a regular basis. FFS…

      2. haha, yes, let’s dismiss Walcott’s potential as a ST straight away against “top” teams despite the fact that he was one the best records against “top” teams out of anyone on our team

  6. Welbeck unable to be healed of his knee injury dating back from the end of last season is worrisome. 2 months on, and he is still battling with what was said to be a minor injury, is disappointing. He is one of the trio of Giroud, Walcott and him that I have penciled down to be allowed by the Boss to play centrally at Arsenal striking department. But just as the pre-season is about to start, he is injured. So too is Rosicky. What kind of signals are those 2 sending to Arsenal’s next season campaign? Discouragement? We want to win the quadruple next season. And we cannot win it with injury prone players, no way. The Boss has to think deeply on those injury proners who are already sending the wrong signals of what bad news they will likely have in store for Arsenal next season and decides on the injury proners appropriately. I want the Boss to sign a right winger who is also able to play deep from the right side of the midfield. I still stand by it. The new right winger will be an option to Jack Wilshere who I see to play as a right wide Gunner next season. But he can’t play all the time to avoid getting fatigued and picking-up injuries. A top quality right winger, if the Boss can get one and sign him will help Jack and the team considerably. The Boss should seriously bear it in mind too that, he needs to sign a top quality left back to inject more discipline left back defending in the team next season. I hope Welbeck will cutoff all those nonsensetical injuries of his, and starts to be a true Gunner he was signed to be for Arsenal. Otherwise, the Boss might be compelled to find another top quality striker during this window to replace him with, I am sorry to say. Arsenal have tolerated injuries proners enough to the point of missing out on the title and the Ucl trophies. Enough is enough of this over-tolerance.

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