Arsenal injury update ahead of USA trip

Injury update in Arsenal’s pre-season!

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has already had to give his first injury update of the new season and we’ve only had one pre-season game. The Gunners didn’t sustain any injuries as a result of the first pre-season match against Lens, however there were a few first team regulars who were absent due to either injury or an extended holiday.

The biggest name to miss out is Alexis Sanchez, who despite having sustained his ankle injury almost a month ago, still hasn’t recovered enough to begin training with Arsenal again. Alexis picked up the injury after Chile’s successful win over Argentina to win the Copa America back on the 27th June. It was originally anticipated the injury was nothing more than a badly swollen ankle and with a bit of rest and a few ice packs, it was expected Alexis would make a quick recovery. A month later and we are still awaiting official news on the extent of the 27 year old’s injury.

Wenger was quick to say ahead of the Gunner’s next fixture in the USA, that Alexis’ injury isn’t anything to worry about, but that he will not be fully fit for a while yet. Wenger said: ‘Alexis will not go because he had an ankle injury. That is not too bad but I will leave him behind.’

Let’s hope Alexis makes a speedy recovery and has some kind of pre-season to get match fit for the opener against Liverpool, because with so many first team stars unlikely to make the cut in time for the first game of the season, it’s very important that we have the Chilean to utilise on the pitch.

Other first team players that could miss the majority, if not all of pre-season, are the likes of Ozil, Giroud, Koscielny and Ramsey. Gabriel also misses out on the pre-season tour of America due to tonsillitis. Let’s hope all Gunners return to fitness in time for the start of the season!



  1. Alexis needs as much rest as possible so that we can get him at 100%
    He is our only top forward
    Another reason why we should get Mahrez or Draxler in addition to a top striker

  2. So many Arsenal fans like the way Arsenal play their football. So many neutrals watch Arsenal team play even when they know they are rivals. But little know the orchestra behind that. Wenger. That style of football is called WengerBall and I’ll use our current midfield to explain what it represents.
    The midfield trio of Xhaka-Cazorla-Ozil is an epitome of a real WengerBall. The three classy midfielders compliments each other really well in terms of Quality and each possess qualities that Wenger require from his midfielders in the game. The three possess good passing ability, high level of technique, good ball retention, extra ordinary vision, good ball controls etc. In Xhaka, Cazorla, and Ozil, Wenger has been able to assemble a world class midfield that can be compared with any midfield in the world today. It doesn’t quite surpass the midfield trio of great Barca2011′ but it can be compared. Xhaka possess the passing ability of busquets as well as his calmness, his technique, his vision, his aerial prowess(as Xhaka is a 6feet 1 inch tall guy) and has more power which is of course more suited to the premier league. Cazorla as petit as Xavi has his passing ability as well, he possess those magic deft touches as well, and he is of course more creative than his Spanish compatriot. While Ozil, yes Ozil is the CAM every other fan compare their CAM to. So that tells you a lot. He’s like iniesta, magicians. Both are unplayable when at the crest of their wavelength.
    Cazorla’s absence was felt when he was injured last season. Arsenal’s title surge effectively came to an end when he was ruled out for 5months. His quality cannot be overemphasized. Xhaka on the other hand has three players `en cloned’ to form himself. Aggression of Coquelin in his defending and the calmness of Cazorla with the ball,the third player been Elneny who also has both qualities but Xhaka been an upgrade or perhaps version 2016 if you like. Ozil created an incredible 142 chances last season in the league but had just 19 converted, Henry needed 72 to get his 20assists.
    Arsenal’s midfield quality doesn’t just lie with the first team starters, for example, a midfield of Coquelin, Elneny and Wilshere is capable of finishing in the top four of any league in Europe. That shows you the quality in depth of this Arsenal’s midfield. Let’s not forget there are also players like Ramsey, Iwobi, Chamberlain, Adelaide (who still has something to prove), who can come in and make a difference in that midfield.
    Arsenal fans,just wait till Wenger his completes his front line with a world class striker with Sanchez and Ramsey or maybe Mayrez flanking him on both sides to see the devastating effect this midfield trio can cause.
    Wenger is truly building a team, not just for himself but for his successor. He just needs to add that last piece of Art work up front so they don’t become a `so close but yet so far away’ team from challenging for major honours. With this current arsenal team, they can only challenge for the EPL. But with a world class striker as the last piece of puzzle,they will challenge on all front. Tribute to the Legendary coach, Le Prof, Asene Wenger.
    Written by Benzorla.

    1. look wengerball is merely a concept borrowed from total football of the dutch, tiki taka from barca, an it doesnt work if your missing key pieces as we always had its time an it does not work anymore,
      possession football with no end product is why we looked rubbish last two seasons except the odd game- an i do stress odd,

      u compare xhaka ozil an santi to xavi iniesta an busquets at there best?
      looool- mate i have no words besides delusional.

      yes hes building a team, but how long do u need, Leicester with an inferior team in every department built a title winning squad with a small budget within what a year.
      fans were made promises that havent been kept,
      the way the club is formed now benefits the corporate side, not the hardcore support.

      arsene is a legend that much is true, but that is because of the past glories and the transformation of this club and stadium which his vision brought. respect where its due.
      but hes a dinosaur now, not the elite manager we need…

      1. actually what made them what they are today is thanks to their manager guardiola back then, besides having the player for ballon d’ ors for years to come

      2. I agree! also Elneny is a totally different player than Xhaka, his passing is metronomic, pinging the ball around like a pinball, one touch moved on. His reading of the game and timing, virtually mugging the ball of his opponents when they look away doesn’t look as spectacular as Coq or Xhaka but is far more reliable to my thinking. He shouldn’t get too many bookings or injuries from crashing into oppos either!

    2. What a load of nonsense as soon as you started comparing our midfield to Barcelona’s of 2011 it became clear you think way to highly of Wenger!

  3. giroud sanchez ramsey ozil koscienly out.
    Okay not bothered because it doesnt change the fact that we still need a new winger striker and defender.
    Otherwise this might be a terrible season for us

    1. You know that has also crossed my mind. We don’t seem to be a team with a bright future anyway. With the departure of Ibra, PSG are notorious quite during this window plus Bayern has ageing wingers too.

      1. Not really a concern. Costa and Sanches are absolutely fantastic. And when you look at their reserves Thiago, Ribery, Rafinha and Robben not sure why Bayern would even contemplate Alexis. Besides, Alexis knows that he has his first eleven place assured at Arsenal, Why would he move elsewhere in Europe ? We know for sure today that Arsenal is not selling in EPL anymore (which is a shame coz we can really do with some more money from the English core).
        PSG just bought Ben Arfa and unless Matuidi will move then there’s nothing they need (think that Veratti, Pastore and Moura are absolutely world class) on the wing especially with Maxwell and Aurier on the flanks.

        1. Valid points Budd and welcome back. Just hope he get to keep our best players and ship out some players that do not deserve to represent us. Could name a few but my list will be dominated by the English core which the club wont do.

  4. We NEED 3 more signings imo
    1. CB
    2. winger
    3. striker

    Top wingers/strikers (The word “Top” is just my personal opinion)
    Spurs: 2: Kane and Janssen
    City: 3 at least: Aguero, de Bruyne, Nolito, Sterling?
    United: 3: Ibrahimovic, Mktharyan, Depay (Rooney used to be a Top striker)
    Chelsea: 3: Costa, Batshuayi, Pedro
    Leicester: 2: Vardy and Mahrez
    Arsenal: 1 or 2?: Alexis and arguably Giroud (he is one of the Top 5 strikers in the PL and scored 16 goals last season)

    Bottom Line we need MORE

    City has Bony as backup striker or SuperSub
    Giroud should be SuperSub also

    As for CB we have: KOSCIELNY, Mert, Gabs, Holding, Chambers (Monreal has CB exp)
    Mert is still quality and experienced but his age has caught up with him
    Gabs needs more experience. Had some dodgy matches
    Holding? Unknown
    Chambers need more time and experience. Because he cost Arsenal £16 milllion, I would not be against him being loaned out so he can get lots of PL match play experience. But Chambers should focus on CB and DM only

  5. Looks like Per will miss the trip due to injury. This will be a big yes for defense of Holding an Chambers .

  6. I am really more interested in seeing how bielik, holding, chambers and gabriel perform with the absence of mert.

    Gnarby, ox, jeff and campbell should rally enjoy this chance, really wanted to see sanogo at least one more time, but it seems his time is coming to a close at arsenal.

    Hope we come back with any injuries would be nice if we get soem business done while we are away( new forward)

    1. Unfortunately, Gabriel is not traveling to USA due to Tonsillitus. Holding and Chambers should start and Bielik should get a good look. Drogba will be a pretty stiff test for the youngsters. As far as Sanago is concerned, since he didn’t make the roster for Lens, or the USA tour, I think he is either going to be out on loan, or gone. Agree on the hope for no injuries.

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