Arsenal insider Ornstein confirms Aubameyang deal

David Ornstein has confirmed reports claiming that Arsenal are very close to agreeing a deal to bring Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to the Emirates Stadium this month.

The transfer window is coming up thick and fast with only two days remaining to get any deals over the line, and Aubameyang appears the man most likely to join our ranks before it closes.

Reporter David Ornstein has proved to be the most in-the-know journalist when it comes to all things Arsenal, being the first with breaking news on the goings on at our club on a number of occasions, and he has now confirmed that we are very close on completing this deal, with the BVB trying to land his replacement before releasing our target.

Dortmund are believed to be keen on pursuing a deal to bring Olivier Giroud to the club in his place, and should they fail with other targets we may well have to consider allowing him to leave to get the deal over the line, but Chelsea are also linked with an interest in the Frenchman.

The Blues are actively seeking a target man supposedly, and look to have failed with a move for Edin Dzeko this week, with the Bosnian supposedly wanting assurances over game-time.

It remains to be seen whether we will sanction the exit of Giroud however, but the papers are  claiming we would accept a £35 Million bid for our reserve striker, less than the Blues were believed to have offered for the services of Dzeko.

Will Giroud have to leave in search of regular action if we land Aubameyang? Do we not expect to play two strikers with the signing meaning we will need an extra goalscorer? Should we refuse to sell to Chelsea?

Pat J

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  1. barryglik says:

    Top 4 and league cup actually
    can be achieved with out Auba.
    It’s really next season when his value
    will be truly tested as Arsenal fans
    will want the PL title to be won.

    1. Tony says:

      lacazzate wasnt the player we wanted.aubamyang is a far better player. and obveously not gonna play in wing.lacca to be sold

      1. Kris Advaya says:

        Lacazette is better than Aubameyang in everything but speed, which you would know if you had watched the two players in the BL and the Ligue 1 respectively.

        Lacazette has better team play, better passing skills and better shot technique.

        If Auba had gotten so few decent passes as Laca recently, he would not score either. Look at both players – all of their goals if nothing else – and you’ll see what I mean.

        Auba for the striking role, Laca for the wing and/or backup striker, but I feel Laca will surprise us and with his younger age than Auba would be insane to sell him. His value has already gone up to 97, 6 mill. euro, while Auba is at 64,7 mill euros.

  2. McLovin says:

    Aubameyang IN £60 millions
    Giroud OUT £30 millions

    Sanchez OUT swap
    Mkhitaryan IN swap

    Coquelin OUT £12 millions
    Walcott OUT £20 millions

    We might actually end up making profit this window, LOL. Perennial money makers!

    1. Lexynal says:

      Trust Wenger…he never looses a penny. He is a specialist in balancing the books.

  3. Nothing changed says:

    I think under the right circumstances Giroud can be a great sub for many teams and a decent starter for long-ball Big Sam teams. It would be a pity to see him go, let alone to Chelsea. Having said that the guy has never been starter material for Arsenal IMO and if him leaving gives us a chance to try what Aubamayang can do for us then so be it. And getting 35 mill for a 31-year-old striker is not bad business IMO.

    1. muffdiver says:

      only lacazette for europa leagye- risky bro
      thats the problem here

      1. McLovin says:

        Lacazette played 12 matches and scored 7 last season with Lyon. He’s reliable there as well.

        And we always have our secred weapon Welbeck, *chuckle*

      2. RSH says:

        not buying that lacazette isn’t good enough. He had a good start to the season and is definitely playing bad now, but hopefully the Mhiki and Aubameyang boost will help a lot. Arsenal also only relied on Ozil to create chances this entire season.

      3. Nothing changed says:

        @ muffdiver it might be risky. But to me, it is riskier to not buy Aubamayang just so we can keep Giroud. The EL is a long shot and not worth more to me than Aubamayang.

        My view is largely based on the conviction that if we don’t get Aubamayang now, some other team (and not Arsenal) will get him this summer.

  4. muffdiver says:

    this is kind a status buy – after losing sanchez to the scum up north – we needed to show we’re not done- i do believe ozil may sign after this
    respect to arsenal -sven ivan and huss who went to Germany to broker the deal- this was difficult to make happen-bild and them ran a campaign against this deal
    hes cup tied so we can only use auba for 14 games – 13 pl and carabao final
    so really he needs to hit the ground running

    cheeky dm or cb aswell perhaps….

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Huss with the contract and nego

      Gazadis with the negotiation and finance

      Since its Germany, Mislintat with the negotiation and connections

      if its Spain it would be Raul instead

  5. m j says:

    That is why we need to get him now so as to aclimatise and bed in well in the epl.

  6. Gudnews says:

    I believe with the signing of auba,we shud use 2 strikers at d front with giroud as back d line up wu d b:czech,mustafi,koscielny,monreal,,bellerin,xhaka,wilshire,ozil,mkitaryan,auba and laca

  7. barryglik says:

    If Chelsea are so dumb as to
    require us to relieve them of 35m
    for over the hill Giroud who cost
    12 mill 5 years ago and will be worthless in 12 months
    we must humbly oblige then run off down’t local
    celebrating and laughing our heads off.

  8. gotanidea says:

    If Aubameyang comes, Lacazette could be more dangerous by playing behind him.

    Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Kolasinac
    ……………..Ozil Wilshere
    Mkhitaryan …………………Lacazette

    or 4-1-3-2:
    Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Kolasinac
    ……….Wilshere Ozil Mkhitaryan
    ………Aubameyang Lacazette

    1. Billy says:

      Im loving the look of this team

    2. Sue says:

      How good does that team look??!!
      I’m excited!!

    3. Arsense says:

      Where is Monreal? – Should be 1st name on list!

    4. McLovin says:

      I wish we could swap Xhaka in that formation to Fabinho or Lucas Torreira…

      1. muffdiver says:

        second that

    5. Mudassir says:

      your second formation is the aswer but it be 4-3-1-2 instead of 4-1-3-2 like this: or 4-1-3-2:
      Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Kolasinac

      Mkhitaryan …………Xhaka…….Wilshere
      …………………… Ozil ……………

      ……Aubameyang…. Lacazette

    6. Maks says:

      Good looking team, but we are still week in defense, although if all those players play and run and fight we can do it. Like also that there is no place for Wenger’s meta captain Ramsey.

    7. A.Ball08 says:

      Like the team but need an upgrade on Xhaka

      1. RSH says:

        I don’t think he’s a CDM. He looks way better as a CM these past few games with less defensive responsibility. That means Elneny as our CDM and… well… yeah…. This position and GK are what we need in summer.

    8. Kris Advaya says:

      I think Laca would excell in the role Sterling has at City – come towards the right post from the right side.
      Auba in the middle, Mkhi on the left – in Sane’s role.

      I know, I know, we’re not city, but this combo would get us the most goals. Alas, there’s a problem: Wenger has to start respecting the DM position and get someone top, and I feel he’s too old to change when he can play the 5 mill. Elneny.

    9. Kroenke Out says:

      Biggest problem with this team is Xhaka. He is not a DM. With Jack, Mesut,and Mkhi we have great attacking power in midfield but i am not sure if we have enough steel.

  9. Samij says:

    Arsenal Fc has detoriated to d extend dat even while players are undergoing medical we wil not still bliv .

    1. David Rusa says:

      Is it the team which has deteriorated or the calibre of some fans? If one develops a negative attitude one will never see anything positive.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Exactly…if one develops an expectation of big name and big tag signings….then its better to support City

        1. Kroenke Out says:

          Or we could find excellent young gems like Alli, Kane and Dier, when Spurs got them or Kante, and Mahrez when Leicester got them. But if we are not able to find and promote anyone (our last one was Bellerin) and we are not supposed to be buying big tag players then we can not compete.
          So stop protecting Arsene and get on with reality.

      2. RSH says:

        It’s a big shift in our transfer policy, so of course it’s a “see it to believe it” situation. Espescially since signings like Benzema have been “confirmed” soooo many times and never happened. Transfers are never done until they are on, but this one is looking really good!

    2. je_suis_spartan says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA so true

  10. stubill says:

    According to The Mail, it’s a done deal.

  11. Dirty Sanchez says:

    ……Holding Mustafi Koscielny
    Bellerin Wilshere Xhaka Kolasinac
    ……….….Ozil Lacazette

    Put Lacazette in more attacking version of the role sanchez took last year when we were so successful against chelsea. He’s been dropping that deep anyways. When we played three at the back, rather than four or five, and sanchez and ozil could tuck in centrally behind welbeck, we were quality. Only thing that let that system down was welbeck…

    1. Free Thinker says:

      Why in god’s name would you put Holding ahead of Monreal???

      And no Mkhitaryan, who is our 3rd best player at the moment??

  12. sanmi.marvellous says:

    It is very easy for Dortmund to get Giroud.
    All they need to do is to bid for no one and say that they don’t have replacement for Auba. Then request Giroud at the last minutes of transfer knowing fully well that we are not ready to pay 60m pds

  13. Hez says:

    If only we could swap Xhaka for even Seri

  14. Joseph Ajayi says:

    Auba suits the Arsenal style. Laca is not bad but is finding the EPL different from the French League. Giroud has become an important sub for us and except Dortmund fails to find a replacement, he should remain. We need hi and Danny as back-ups for some games.

    I am already imagining what will happen when Auba, Laca, Ozil and Mkhi line up to attack
    in our colours. May be Top 4 finish is still possible especially with Liverpool going on ”holiday” receently.

    I hope Wednesday does turn out to be April fool regarding Auba

  15. Coldzero says:

    Some reports are starting to say the Auba deal is done? Fingers crossed…

  16. John says:

    Keep Giroud and sell Welbeck to Chelsea………….he is an upgrade on Morata……..

  17. Phil says:

    I can see both Wellbeck and Perez being offloaded in the summer and if Giroud is not shifted out this window he too will be gone in June.This will give us the opportunity to sign another top drawer forward ( preferably a wide man ) and introduce Eddie more and more into the fold.Next requirements MUST include
    Goal keeper
    Top Level Centre Back
    Defensive Midfielder
    Get Jack signed up
    Get Ozil signed up
    Am I being too greedy in asking for Wenger to be replaced?Probably which is a shame because that squad we have now with those additions and sign ups would put us back in the mix.I just wish it was not with Wenger as manager

    1. Kroenke Out says:

      No not greedy at all. he has overstayed his welcome by a decade.

      1. JJPawn says:

        Yeah, like Auba will come without Wenger!

        Ha! Ha!

  18. Grandad says:

    Any team which includes Mustafi and xhaka will never win the Premier League.If Aubameyang is so good why is he not being chased by Liverpool or Man City who,s Managers know him well?

    1. Free Thinker says:

      My worry with Auba is that almost all of his goals are about speed and then chipping over the goalie. Seriously, check it out. He never goes around one or finishes on the ground. However, a one-trick pony can be amazing if he’s the best in that particular trick, so our main worry would be injuries.

    2. RSH says:

      City was after him in the summer, Liverpool is happy with Firmino. Stop looking for problems with this transfer when there is none. Aubameyang has one of the best goal tallys in Europe. Dont get why fans and media are trying to downgrade him suddenly. If Madrid were going in for him everyone would be singing his praises.

      1. Taf says:

        Aubamayang would be a good signing for us. Great competition for Laca to learn and improve. However, we need steel in our midfield and defence. Why is Wenger so slow in addressing our critical problems? I guess this has been a busy transfer window. But is the transfer window our only option…What’s happen to our Academy. Our CB and DM problem has been apparent for years now. I would have thought clever professor would have grown/groomed one or two.
        Anyway, in Wenger we must trust for now.

        1. JJPawn says:

          Maitland Niles is being blooded at the defensive right back role and has done very well in containing good players. I think he move to the middle as soon as next season to play in the position Elneny has in the past few games.

          Or, they bring in someone already able to play at DMF as next season there will be possibilities with other teams having issues. (Pogba will want money, ManCity will need strikers, Chelsea a new manager, etc.)

          Wenger is in win now mode and his sales and signings in January prove that he is looking at the next season all in. We will get help for the central defense too to help Koz out more–this signing has to be a cerebral player to work.

  19. Joe alex lacazzete says:

    So excited too see ars-everton

  20. Jack reacher says:

    He can play left wing just off lacasette great signing in fairness they can rotate lacasette going nowhere and Giroud is not either we need 3 them all have different skills

  21. JJPawn says:

    The arrival of Mkhi and Auba means finally the older British core will be let to allow better quality football overall. I hope the next sale will be a re-signed Jack Wilshere, who is injured and also not worth much without great players around him. There is a picture of Jack and Auba in stride when they played in Dortmund and it is funny how Jack can stay in the EPL so long.

    If Ozil stays to feed the new attack, and ManU and United hold each other to draws, then there is a chance to be competitive in the EPL at the very top as both Chelsea and Liverpool are flawed, while the Spurs are in trouble with their stars likely to be poached.

    If Ozil goes there are several formations.

    4321 using speed on the right and toughness on the left would give Auba space down the middle. I do not like the set up without a DMF (Elneny) as keep clean sheets is the way to win on bad days up front.

    4-3-3 with narrowness up front, but with overlaps from the wing backs. Same issue on defense without a proper DMF as Xhaka is not mobile enough and Elneny is needed.


    442 would be ideal IMO using both two strikers and it would allow both to score more. But, the four man defense have to stay back more to keep clean sheets. So Xhaka has to use his range passing and Mkhi has to be used at the link both to box. The wingers need to dig deeper into the corner with more individual skill (Ramsay) or heft (Sead) to then feed from the either side too. If the back four are asked to defend at all costs, I think this will be like a Leicester team, deadly on the counter. Mahrez (75M) can be a target for the RW slot and can be partly financed by a sale of Ramsay (25) and Wilshere (25).

    Sead———-Xhaka——Mkhi——-El/Ramsay (Mahrez)

    However, I think this season 4312 would be deadly and might encourage Ozil to stay on. If Giroud is let go, then we are best to use Laca, Auba, Ozil, and Mhki and maybe Ramsay from the wings.


    I think Wenger is willing to use this season to get them fine tuned with all of the weapons on the field, and next year we should see a dominant DMF as Xhaka is too slow, unless Niles makes it big and grows physically too along with a big more speed to add to what he already possesses.

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