Arsenal insider reveals three BIG reasons for EPL title belief

Many of us Arsenal fans have been here before over the last 10 years, only for something like all the injury problems and our heavy losses in some big away games of two years ago to come along and leave the latest challenge for the Premier League trophy in tatters.

Up until this season, however, there has been very little in the way of confidence from the football media, no matter how well the Gunners had been playing or what position in the table we were occupying. For some reason that has changed this season, despite the widespread disagreement with Arsene Wenger´s summer transfer business, or lack of it.

Maybe it is the one transfer the boss did complete that has helped to convince others of Arsenal´s title credentials, as that is one of the reasons put forward by former Gunners star Robert Pires. The Frenchman has spoken to The Guardian about his own belief that Arsenal can do it this time. He also gave a few key factors giving him this confidence and as Pires has been training with the current crop of players on a regular basis, he is in a better position than most to judge.

Pires said, “Arsenal have started the season well. Actually, since the game against Man United [when Arsenal won 3-0 at the start of October] they are doing very well.

“They have a lot of ingredients to win the title, because when you see the names in the paper the quality is there. The quality is very good. Of course, the Champions League is very important, but I prefer to see Arsenal win the Premier League this season and I know this is the objective for Arsène Wenger and all the players. It is also important for the fans. So yes, this team can win the Premier League.

“[Cech] is very important because he has already won the title with Chelsea.”

The other key player according to Pires is his fellow countryman Francis Coquelin, whose return part way through the last campaign has been a revelation and has added the steel to our spine that was missing for so long.

Pires went on, “I love this guy because he has very good spirit and he loves fighting. He’s French but he has an English mentality, and in this position you need that. In my time we had Ray Parlour, and Coquelin is the same. He’s a very good balance between defence and attack. He is important for the team. Imagine for 10 seconds Vieira and Coquelin together in midfield, in this moment or 10 years ago. That would be fantastic.”

He also spoke about the passion and hunger for success that his former boss still has and that is the third big factor to our success this season. So Pires believes that Arsenal have the tools and the desire to become champions. Do you agree?

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  1. I think we have a great deep squad…just to think we were leading the table two years ago with ramsey and arteta at our mid base, now we have Coq and santi..its an upgrade..anyway.. I really hope after the international break we’ll have ox,walcot,ramsey and bellerin back…that should sustain us up until Jan where we can make further assessments whether the squad needs another body in there to challenge..

    I had high hopes of welbeck…I don’t know why people were slating him….his young, has pace, physical framework… sure with patience and time and practise, he’ll be lethal. He needs more chances to play upfront with alexis,walcot while ozil and santi is pulling the strings..

    We have to capitalise on the fixtures we have after the international game….if we can win all our games before before the City fixture, im sure we’ll deff challenge……Iv got this gut feeling we’ll win city come 21 December….

    Im sure we’ll win the PL once, we get our consistency right, not losing many players to injury etc..

    Ya’ll see Ozil’s new/rumoured girlfriend? Gowwwd daaaamnnnn! senorita be fine

    Anyway Ya gunners Ya

  2. if i could Lay hold of Van gaL bladder……….. Ah would grab him by the throat and jugulars….. Slap the hell out of him…… Then a constellation of stars would circumvent his head!


    Stay off our property…gaffer!

  3. To be an EPL champion means snatching valuable results; grabbing a draw from a lose. Snatching a win in the closing minutes from a possible draw.
    To do that we need a Rewandowski kind of striker, someone who can score dead ball goals, someone who can score from nothing, someone who can take-on defenders single-handedly when we are canter-attacking.

    We simply need an #Ultimate-Opportunist.

      1. completely agree but chinaka is trying to say we also need a player like that in CF, when alexis is off form who can we rely on to score goals against the likes of Bayern ? Walcott is good but he was wasting chances against them, something Lewandowski, Aubameyang or Suarez wouldn’t do.

  4. opinion arsenal lacks goal scorers our starting eleven are
    Cech,bellerin,kos,mert,nacho,coq,caz,ozil,ramsey,alexis and giroud…. So as i see we have great (if not the best in the world with bayern) creative midfielders in the world but we just have to goal scorers (alexis and giroud) so these two platers that supposed to score the goals for us must be catogery A+
    We are having one in alexis but the second scorer and he is even important as he is our striker is not an A+ not even A
    I love this guy called giroud he always gives his best but just his abilities are nit good enough we simply need an A+ and he will score for fun for us

    And plz don’t compare giroud goals to any other striker because no striker receives the creativity giroud receives

    1. Giroud,rather than look what he doesn’t have; see what he has and what he gives. He is an almost certain goalscorer, he is brave and he never hides. He is honest and manages a heavy workload, including helping out with set pieces in defense. Next time just cop how many headers he wins and then gets back to his own job. On the other hand, if you can bear it and mostly I can’t, for once just watch what Mertesacker doesn’t and sadly is unable to do. He isn’t a leader, as some seem to think.He isn’t brave and he does hide. One thing is certain Mertesacker is very aware of his physical limitations.Despite his height he is not good in the air, also he is usually confused at set pieces, and although he may be able to read the game his physicality doesn’t allow him to act. When he does win a ball in the air it usually when it is directed straight at him. Distribution from the back appears good but when under pressure he often passes to a player who is already marked. How many times have you seen him stumble back across the halfway line when Kos, Bell and Mon are sprinting trying to catch a runaway attacker. I could go on but no point….

        1. ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT STAT ? Maybe find yourself another hobby that doesn’t involve having to remember meaningless numbers.I like to watch football and make up my own mind. You could try that perhaps…

  5. I left out walcott because he is also.not A+ category and only one of walcott and giroud is on the field at the same time

    And about aguero i think he scores double what giroud when the two are fit

  6. We do have a deep squad with a some players though that should be moved on, benched or loaned for a couple of new signings, youngsters to step up and our loanees coming back at the end of the season. Start with the keeper situation;
    GK; Woj/Martinez returns, Cech no1, Ospina Sold!
    RB; Jenko returns, Bellerin no1, Debuchy sold!
    CB; Chambers Loaned, Per Benched, New Signing!
    LB; Battle between Gibbs/Nacho
    DM; Coq no1, Beilik steps up, New signing (W.C)
    CM; Santi, Ramsey, Wilshere all battle new signing!
    AM; Ozil no1, all CM/Sanchez can play there too!
    LW; Sanchez no1, Welbz cover, Iwobi also.
    RW; Ox cover, Walcott no1, Adelide also.
    CF; G12 sub, New signing who can play across all 3 positions upfront so him, Alexis n W14 can interchange all game if need be!
    Released; Flamini, Rosicky and possibly Arteta!
    Sell; Campbell
    Step up; Iwobi, Adelide, Akpom and Hayden maybe?

    1. To bring in…
      CB; Kostas Manolas (Roma)
      DM; William Carvalho (S.Lisbon)
      CF; Dream; Neymar, Reality; Aubameng/Greizzman

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