Arsenal-Inter swap deal? Should we go for it?

Shkodran Mustafi has become the centre of speculation over the past week, with a few clubs believed to be keen on tempting him away from Arsenal, and a swap-deal involving Marcelo Brozovic is now being mooted.

The German international defender endured a rocky first season with the club, and it is unclear where he stands in Arsene Wenger’s pecking order. We currently have Rob Holding, Laurent Koscielny, Nacho Monreal, Sead Kolasinac, Calum Chambers, Mohamed Elneny and Jeff Reine-Adelaide all vying with Mustafi for a role in the three CB roles.

The 25 year-old is now said to be likely to be the subject of a player-plus cash deal which would see Marcelo Brozovic join us on loan, with our German defender moving to Inter Milan this summer.

The Croatian midfielder has been linked with our club for some time, and our interest is believed to be tested with the offer of his arrival on a temporary spell.

Brozovic has fallen out of favour at Inter Milan, supposedly due to disciplinary issues, and could well jump at the chance to get away from the San Siro. He is an exciting creative player, and looks likely to be a top player should he be able to curb his behavioural problems.

Mustafi’s exit may be considered, with him yet to repay the fee paid for him, and we could well browse the market for improvements at centre-back before signing off on such a deal.

Should we look to replace Mustafi? Would Brozovic be a good signing?

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    1. The season is long, Europa is no UCL so stressful and so many matches to play, yet we putting price tags on every CB we have except Mert.. we are not even 3 matches in the season and our full back is the new CB, are we gonna survive by selling our CBs? At the end of the season we gonna hear about injuries as excuses while we had chances to keep some of them and add more quality one

    2. Why? He’s a quality player. If he can get more money and play at an ambitious club then why not? Inter milan and ac milan are going places now.. Maybe in the next 3-4 years he will have a shot at ucl with them. Also arsenal defenders will never be great because the manager doesnt know how to defend. So it makes all of them look bad. Mustafi could strengthen his name and maybe in the future go for a big move to a big epl club. Maybe chelsea, ute would consider him. He’s a quality player and unortunaltely wenger doesnt know how to defend. Our defenders run all over the place panicking. A centre back is usually a disciplined soldier who follows a plan. Tactically speaking if you don’t make a tackle as a centre back and if you don’t make any last ditch tackles it makes you a good centre back. Think Rio ferdinand. Fergie himself said, he saw maldini go entire game without making a tackle that is true centre half. Our defenders have no system to follow, its a team sport after all so they all look bad and have to resort to last ditch runs and tackles. In all honesty we have a “free flowing” defensive style as wenger would like to call it. Free flowing attack and free flowing defence.

  1. How does Jeff Rene-Adelaide and Mustafi vy for the same position?
    Mustafi is a quality defender and getting £20m and Brozovic(who won’t get into our starting 11) on loan is insanity.

  2. If this is true then it shows just how low we have sunk.
    That we are tempted by a loan move for a player.
    A club like Arsenal should be signing top quality players not loaning them.
    If recent rumour’s are true (a big if because there is a lot of mischief making in the press) then this points to a crisis at the club.
    And big questions will be asked of AW – In any case I cannot see him surviving this contract of his. There is too much against him and his decision making makes it worse.

    1. Lol..contrary to what you are saying, I can see Wenger finishing his two years and getting yet ANOTHER contract. He himself said he wants to go for 4 more years till he is in his 70s… and am pretty sure Kroenke agrees.

  3. It’s Shere stupidity to sell mustafi we all seem to have forgotten what this guys capable of flash back early last season against Chelsea and when we went unbeaten with him in the games, he’s going to improve on that this season. Get Van djyk what is wrong with us having a back three of kos mustafi and Van djyk. Talk about strengthening your team and have a team that goes thus
    Mustafi Van djyk kos
    Ox xhaka brozovic kolasinac
    Ramsey sanchez
    Yes I went for Ramsey since he likes to bomb forward and score goals has better work rate and can tackle and of course he can pass as well(when not overdoing the skills) not some overated ozil who only wants to be comfortable on the ball and “pass”

    1. Looks pretty good team but you have to realise that three out of that team will be sold on the last day of the window Ox, Mustafa and of course Sanchez. Leaving us with another transfer window of regrets and missed opportunities!!!! Wenger will again come out with the statement that he is happy with the squad he has. Move with the times Mr Wenger or jump ship!!!

  4. No. Mustafi is a good defender and Brozovic will not improve us. There are definitely better CM out there ie Seri, Carvalho, Goretzka, Gueye, Matuidi, Shkiri, Gonalons, Llamerendi, Krychowiak

    1. What authority exactly? Don’t try to kid us you have a mole inside the club, ‘cos you don’t!

  5. What is football coming to. Ousmane Dembele to Barcelona thought to be in the region of £110m.

    This player is highly rated, but you should take a look at some of his shots, they aren’t good enough. So it comes down to a footaballer who can’t shoot very well for £110m?

    Lacazette seems like a real bargain even if it was £52m and not the £46m quoted in some places. Mancity and Tottenham bought defenders this year for similar sum.

    1. Dembele is very expensive because he is very young. With that kind of talent and playing alongside Messi for several years, he could surpass both Sanchez and Lacazette.

      But I think Barcelona wasted too much money on him. Because previously they had talented youngsters like Adama Traore, but they did not want to spend more time developing them.

  6. Football is becoming a joke all these clubs willing to spend fortunes to try and win things and excite the fans. I wouldn’t want that would you ?

  7. That’s all folks.

    Title winning team is in place as is Wengers master plan.

    Wonder what happens next?…;)

  8. How on earth can you think in your right senses that we should swap Brozo who? for Mustafi!!. Don’t ever write such a post again.

  9. It would be insanity for Wenger to sell Mustafi without getting a replacement. To be honest if anything we should be adding not subtracting QUALITY players

    Koscielny gets injured from time to time.
    We sold Gabriel.
    Mertsacker’s age limits his playing time.
    Holding and Chambers are good but still need more experience
    Kolsanic can play CB but better on left
    Monreal is not good as CB.
    Gibbs most likely will be sold.
    I hope Wenger playing Eleny and Niles as CB this summer was just a summer experiment and nothing more

    To be honest. Next season we will definitely need another Top CB. This season we can barely get away with it. But playing 3 at the back I would feel better if we had one more top CB

  10. Very funny, that’s what we’ve made our club to be… Let Wenger leave, then we can think of progress

  11. Hell no we should not go for it! All the idiocy and inaction we have to put up with recently and now we’re seriously considering moving out one of very best defenders? Unless we have already signed a world class center back and just holding off on announcing it (which seems extremely unlikely at this point) shipping out Mustafi is utter madness.

    But maybe we are already utterly mad with Wenger saying utterly absurd and ridiculous things like he is “completely satisfied with the strength of the team.” It certainly make ME feel like I might be going utterly mad. Alright, I already screamed about that on two other threads so I won’t again and will try not to mention that horrific quote of his again, but seriously WTF Arsene?

  12. This is the most absurd deal I have ever heard.But then considering how transfers happen in Arsenal this might happen.

  13. Mustafi was outstanding before his injury and has been poor since. He has all the attributes to become a very good CB, he just needs to be more composed and not dive in all the time. Want him to stay as we are also already short of good centre backs and Inter’s offer is a joke. What is intriguing is that AW refused to talk about Mustafi’s situation when asked at a press conference- so maybe he has been allowed to leave, makes no sense. Regarding Brozovic, he is a good player but not too much of an upgrade on what we have, there are better midfielders available like Nzonzi/Carvalho/Perreira/Krychowiak/Seri/Banega

  14. Maybe brozovic is wat is missing in this team, think of of brozovic miles n Ramsey or niles brozovic n belik, or Ozil Nile n Ramsey, xaka can come in for Ramsey when needed. I LL preferred d the dis formation. Czech, kos,holding,moreal, saed,bellerin, then Niles, Ramsey the ozil, Sanchez, lacazet. Sub to come in girod for lacazet, ox for ozil,,

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