Arsenal interest in Brazilian striker confirmed

Arsenal fans were screaming all summer for Arsene Wenger to buy another striker to give some real competition to Olivier Giroud, in the common knowledge that Danny Welbeck is totally unproven to be capable of being prolific, and also knowing that Theo Walcott has never managed to play a full season, as winger OR striker.

So the news today that Wenger has been discussing the Brazilian striker Pato with the Corinthians’ director of football Edu, who played 100 games for Arsenal over four seasons, as well as talking about other players under his charge at Corinthians.

Edu, when asked if he was in London to discuss the sale of Alexander Pato, he replied: “I wasn’t there to tout him around but if people ask about him, I’m going to answer,”

“I talked and they asked questions – not just about him, but about a few of our players. They know them well.

“I had lunch with Arsene Wenger and he asked about [Pato] and about others.”

Pato was considered to be a child prodigy when he first arrived at Serie A 8 years ago, and ended up scoring 51 goals in 117 games for AC Milan before returning to South America. Now he is the perfectly mature age of 26 it seems that he wants to return to Europe, and Corinthians are keen to sell…..

Could this be the perfect time for Arsenal to get another striker at a good price?

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  1. At least we know that Wenger actually talked about this one. Pato can’t have lost all his skils could he?. I think he would be a better backup than Welbeck anyway

    1. Even Flamini is a better back up than Welbeck, At the moment! … So what’s the point in compairing Pato to an injured player, who hasn’t played since April?
      For all we know, Welbeck could return from injury and park his butt on the tip of your tongue ??

    2. sorry!………u have no idea how much i miss “DHAT GUY’s” presence in this team……. Pato who?

  2. The spuds are also interested in Pato,
    They have already started to print shirts with his name on the back…. PotATOe ?

  3. Ill probably get tarred and feathered by the Arsenal armchair experts out there for stating this but I wouldn’t mind seeing Wenger putting in a cheeky $30-35 million bid for both Wanyama and Mane from Southampton. Wanyama would be a wonderful compliment to Coquelin(personally think hes better on the ball) and Mane is a poor mans Alexis. I rate him higher than both Welbeck and Ox when all three are healthy and in form. Both players are eligible for Champions League and would provide incredible depth to the squad.


    1. then tar and feather me up ladies!
      im getting on the bus with you

      mane and wanyama- both excellent signings!!

      shame wenger doesnt operate that way

      1. If we’re getting experience I would want Bender or maybe we should try a cheeky bid for his brother at Dortmund. But knowing Wenger, it’s better to get a young player because leCoq is first team quality without question, so he will either use Chambers or Bielik. Wenger won’t buy a DM until he’s sure that neither of them are ready for that position yet.

  4. What we need is a frickin world class striker

    Someone who scores every week

    Vardy and Kane score every freakin week
    Giroud and Theo are only good enough to polish their shoes.

    I guarantee you that Vardy will score tonight

    Vardy would save our season

  5. We are a big club and we do pretend as we where a small club. What the F. is this B? Arsenal is the cheapest club in the world. Every team in the world does their best to prosper, where we do nothing then relying on furtune alone.

  6. for new year transfer window, regular starting player usually available when his club have financially problem or contract rebel.
    realistically, we won’t buy mane or wanyama and even vardy

  7. He is Arsenal material . He is always injured…Just kidding 🙂 If he can manage to stay fit he is an excellent squad player , but i thought that our problem was that we need a wc Striker .
    I was watching the Man City- S’oton game tonight and i thought why we dont buy Mane and sell/release Campell . He is a very good player and he is perfect for us . Also i noticed Van Dijk , he is very good at going forward . If i am correct last year we were linked with him , why Wenger didnt buy him?? 🙁

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