Arsenal interest in Dutch defender CONFIRMED

No Gooner believes EVERY Arsenal transfer rumour that appears in the papers so it is welcome when someone connected to the selling club tells us that the Gunners really are interested in one of our rumoured targets. I just wish it was a much stronger player, but then who knows how anyone will perform until they actually arrive in the Premier League.

The player in question is Celtic’s Virgil Van Dijk, who has been linked with a move to the Emirates for the last two transfer windows – when we were badly in need of a new centre-back. We eventually bought Gabriel Paulista in January, but it is thought that we still need one more to get us extra depth, and Van Dijk could be just the man to wait patiently for his chance.

The news that Arsenal are interested in the 23 year-old comes straight from the horses mouth, well from Tom Boyd, who is an ex-Celtic captain and is still at the Scottish giants, looking after the U-17 side. He said in the Scottish Herald: “I certainly think he’s capable of playing at top clubs down south from what I’ve seen. There’s no problem there,” Boyd said.

“Selfishly, I hope he doesn’t because I want him to stay at Celtic for a number of years. He gives everything in every game and he has performed exceptionally well. That’s why he has come to the attention of sides like Arsenal. He has everything in his locker to go down there. He has pace, power and he can score goals.

“There have been a couple of blips along the way, of course. But he is just a young boy who is still learning. It takes experience to get all of these notches out of your system but he will do that.”

At 23 he certainly has enough time to improve before becoming a regular at Arsenal, and the Scottish Premier League is usually a good place to have an apprenticeship before moving to England, so there is every chance he could become a star.

But will it be at Arsenal?

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  1. Another season Of speculation and frustration, I didnt even read the article but I have been a gooner for 15 years thus I know what we gooner will go through this summer. Guys please dont believe any article about signings until they are officially announce by the club.

    1. Spot on disgusted1. Can anyone on here cite a single example of a name being called out as being of interest or linked to Arsenal outside the transfer window and then actually happening? Correctly guessing our incoming players this summer has about the same infinitesimal low probability as doing a SS Super 6 prediction. Makes for some interesting discussion on here, but not a huge amount.

    1. Do we really need another RB? Knowing Wenger he will more likely go with the cheap option of signing Sissoko from Newcastle or perhaps Cabaye from PSG instead of Schneiderlin. Reson being it woul dbe much cheaper.

      I actualy liked the way Juventus have been playing 4-4-2 with diamond, the front three in midfield covering Pirlo so he can send balls over the top to the two strikers. Cabaye is a long throughball specialist, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger bought him to play deep, that would then allow Cazorla to be a free AMF when needed instead of coming back to help Coquelin at times.

        1. Sanchez Walcott Welbeck Afobe Iwobi to play alongside Oliver the great…………… big donkey.. kidding.

    2. aurier just signed for P$G and ‘Antoine’ not antonio griezmann already turned us down in the summer

  2. FINALLY! ArsenaL signs a Midfielder we have so Long waited for , Ladies and gentLemen! please weLcome 11yr oLd CHARLIEeeeeee. PANTINOoooooo…… L()L

    1. My team for the weekend:


      Bellerin Mertesacker Kos Nach


      Cazorla Pantino Wellbeck


      1. I see a TitLe winning Team, capable of upsetting anyone…. Be it Barca or chelski…. L()L

  3. Is that what you call confirmation when Arsene has not said anything? For your information, we will not sign a CB this window. Heyden and Chambers will play in Capital one cup.

  4. Same old Sh!t different day, I now read that Wenger has come out and said that he’s in NO WAY interested in Cech.
    Ive been saying it for weeks he wont buy big this summer if at ALL!!!!!
    AW thinks we are fine as we are despite the world and his wife stating that we really need about three top notch players, I think the minimum we need is a skilled and beast like striker but Im betting we don’t get that either. same sh!t different day!!!!!

  5. I took Ilkay Gundogan’s purported move to Arsenal with a pinch of salt until I read that his contract is winding down.
    Now that is Wenger’s choice. Or when a club is in serious financial mess and need to sell off his prime assets to balance books. Cazorla case !!!

  6. Wenger has already said he won’t buy a CB. He has 4 plus Debuchy and Monreal as emergency options.

  7. I think there was interest in the player before we decided on Gab but now not so much, Arsene has said hes more than happy with defensive options and i for one believe him especially considering how he was happy to enter the season with only two senior CBs.

    Chambers will be groomed to play Pers role. His passing accuracy already is one of the highest percentages and his age means good timing for when Per steps aside.

  8. Personally we don’t need him with Gabriel looking likely to start next season and Chambers being groom as a CB with Per coming of the bench. Not a priority for me as far as I’m concerned. 1st a DM should come in with possibly Flamini, Diaby and even Arteta are unsure going forward but also to share Le Coq. Than after that I would go for a attacking player not a AM but more a LW/RW/ST and here’s why: Welbeck for all his qualities and I like the lad a lot fro what he brings can’t be trusted to share scoring load (even thought I hope he’ll work like crazy to better his composure and finishing touch)+Walcott and Arsenal best interest going forward look so far apart (he needs to play and get a pay rise/AFC needs player who for that salary can be at that level consistently)!And finally the GK spot doesn’t really need an upgrade but won’t complain if Cech comes in and Szczęsny goes on loan.

  9. I think van Dijk makes a good defender and CDM. He has scored quite a few goals and has good long shot. We will not get him though. Priorities elsewhere.

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