Arsenal interest in Neves put on hold if Xhaka stays at Emirates

There have been rumours linking Arsenal with Ruben Neves ever since the last campaign ended, but we are yet to see any serious talks between Wolves and the Gunners.

But, according to Fabrizio Romano, Mikel Arteta has only been looking at the midfielder as a possible replacement if Granit Xhaka finally makes his projected move to Roma to join Jose Mourinho.

Speaking on the Don Robbie YouTube channel, Romano said of Neves: “He has chances to leave and it’s true he’s on Arsenal’s list.

“The board of Arsenal are following him and they’re convinced he could be the right option in midfield. It depends on what is happening with the other players on the list.

“Manchester United are looking at many midfielders for an opportunity but not as a priority. Their priority is seeing what happens with [Paul] Pogba and signing [Raphael] Varane.

“For Arsenal, signing a midfielder is a priority because Xhaka is going to AS Roma. That’s why they’re looking for a midfielder.

“He’s not in the first position but he’s one of the serious contenders.”

But the latest news from Italy is that Roma cannot match Arsenal’s asking price for the Switzerland captain and there is no way that they can do business for the Gunners most consistent midfielder.


And it also simply doesn’t make sense to sell Xhaka to spend more on a replacement that may not work out…

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  1. It will be nice if G.Xhaka can stay. His performances was great at the Euroes and we can expect him to carry same form into the new season and been left footed is an advantage. That will also make Arteta and Edu to focus their energy on getting a new AM.

  2. Desperate as I am to see Xhaka gone – anyhow, at any cost, just get him out PLEASE – I am firmly against spending money on Neves, whom I see as a slightly better like for like replacement( which is not saying much!!)

    And God knows we DO NOT NEED ANOTHER XHAKA!

    Any decent player who has has something, SPEED, that has been almost entirely absent in our midfield passing since losing Rosicky and Cazorla, and which we DESPERATELY NEED TO REGAIN, will be welcome.

    But please MA, do not pursue any more tortoises. All top teams are fast and fluent across the midfield. We have not been for some years now and MUST regain speed. So NO MORE XHAKAS or Neves either!

    1. Ha ha… tortoise…

      Pirlo was a tortoise, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a legend…

      We just need a signing that slots in perfectly.

    2. Rodri? Kroos? Fernandinho? pogba? matic? jorginho? fabinho? which of these are blessed with speed?

      1. Jaymee
        Thank you I don’t where a defensive midfielder must necessarily have speed. In Wenger ere his best D M are not even blessed with speed but they have skills and physicality ie P. Viera, Gilberto Sylva, Alex Song Makelele. etc Arteta during his playing days with Wenger played a s a DM he had to speed but skills same with Carzola.

        Xhaka played well last season fans shouldnt be too critical bcos of his previous mistakes. Why are the fans not on Auba who didn’t show up at all last season .

        1. Because Auba won golden boot his first year, missed the boot by 1 goal to Vardy the following season, and then had down year.

          Meanwhile Xhaka has been collecting red cards, goals against, and slowing down transitioning through the midfield.

          “Shouldn’t be critical of Xhaka’s mistakes?”

          Xhaka has more “mistakes” than goals

          1. That would be because he isn’t a striker like the examples you provided… -_-
            And Xhaka often accelerates the transition through his long range passing.

          2. zTOM So he “accelerates the transition” then?

            Interesting definition of the word “accelerates” but not one I would dream of using.

            I’d use decelerates or slows down to a snails pace!

          3. @ Jon Fox:
            If you’re running with the ball, you’re more often than not slowing down play.
            If you pass it long, you accelerate it & that’s one of the strongest assets Xhaka possesses.
            No one runs faster than a long pass, even Mbappe has to catch up with it.
            That’s why pace is borderline irrelevant for a central midfielder whose job is to link up play and pass the ball.

          4. If you are sincere with yourself, you cannot use a striker’s stats to judge a defensive midfielder. Get your facts right do you know the contribution Xhaka made the season Auba won the golden boot? Auba scored most of his goals from the left wing through the contribution of G Xhaka and Thieney. Yes, he mades some mistakes sometimes which isn’t good but that’s not unusual from a defensive midfielder and Arsenal’s porous defence. Sometimes, you don’t know what you have untill you miss it. At the tail end of last season he was inform and took the same form to Europs. Any new DM coming in may need time to adapt. I tell you Arteta wants to keep Xhaka.

          5. Must admit Durand, Auba looks really sharp, gets involved in moves more and seems keen as mustard in pre-season. It’s just the scoring hex to resolve now. But his contributions overall are the best I’ve seen for the last two seasons. So here’s hoping I was wrong saying his future was in the past!
            Xhaka’s problem is not that he plays for Arsenal, it’s that he plays in the EPL. Fantastic player for Serie A or Switzerland, an average player when he has no time or plays in a rapid, pressing team.
            Yes he was a key player last season. But that’s because almost the whole team was rubbish. He didn’t cause the slow, negative play all on his own, but he added to it and was incapable of snapping the less experienced players out of it. And I’m sorry, the fact he is capable of playing long passes doesnt in itself make him an offensive thinking player. Unlike most of those slow but influental names mentioned Xhaka’s first thought is ALWAYS a safe backpass.
            This is not a critique of Xhaka who I rate highly, but I wouldn’t want him alongside either Partey or even Lokonga in the new regime – both of them look to get it forward and quickly. It would be like a sports car with 3 Firestone tyres and a puncture in the fourth.

  3. For me, it wouldn’t be a disaster if Xhaka stays. He already has a good understanding with Partey forged over a whole season playing together. So reather than sell him cheap to Mourinho, we’d keep him.
    Only problem is; will he still be motivated enough to play for us? I’d say yes if we as supporters give him the required support

    1. Exactly my point. If Arsenal can keep Xhaka it’s better. Let put our attention on buying a good attacing midfielder. Lokonga is there to support Xhaka if need be Tpathey is constant

  4. ( Leno/Johnston )
    (Cedric/chambers) (white/holding) (Gabriel/mari) (Tieny/Nuno)

    Partey/Elneny Xhaka/Lokonja


    Pepe/saka. Martinelli/Aub


    First team:
    Cedric white Gabriel Tieny
    Partey. Xhaka
    Pepe. Auba



    We dont need to buying more players that cannot do better than what we have at the moment

    1. ( Leno/Johnston )
      (Cedric/chambers) (white/holding) (Gabriel/mari) (Tieny/Nuno)

      Partey/Elneny Xhaka/Lokonja


      Pepe/saka. Martinelli/Aub


      First team:
      Cedric white Gabriel Tieny
      Partey. Xhaka
      Pepe. Auba



      1. You have no ESR ,saka ,Martinelli and put Ramsey and Abraham in your team ,cmon mate we wanna get higher than 8th this year not bloody lower

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