Arsenal interest in top striker confirmed

There have been hundreds of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the new Palermo hitman Paulo Dybala recently and has now been confirmed by the Palermo president that the Gunners are one of the interested clubs.

Dybala has scored 12 goals for the Serie A minnows this season, and Maurizio Zamparini has admitted that the Argentinian striker will probably be moving on in the upcoming transfer window. Zamparini was asked if Dybala and his team-mate Franco Vazquez would be going to AC Milan this summer. He replied (quoted on ESPN): “Dybala and Vazquez will probably be sold this summer,”

“Will they go to Milan? No, they certainly won’t be joining the Rossoneri. They are being tracked by Juventus, Arsenal, Barcelona, Manchester City, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain.”

The 21 year-old is now approaching the end of his third season in Italy since coming over from Institut in Argentina, and had only scored eight goals in his previous two seasons at the club, but he has now matured and has helped keep his club away from the relegation zone this year. It has been rumoured that his price could be as high as 40m Euros but that would depend on the bidders involved in the summer.

If he continues to progress at his present rate that price would be considered a bargain, especially if he performs well in the Premiership, and Wenger may consider this as a sound investment for the future, but with Olivier Giroud in scintillating form and Danny Welbeck progressing nicely it is hard to see how he could get much game time at the Emirates at the moment…..

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      1. @No Giroud…. I know your User Name is giving you a hard time recently as it’s making you look like the typical jump on the bandwagon bashers. So you are now putting on an act even if you know Giroud is not the problem like you had convinced yourself for the past season.. I know it’s hard to be man enough and give credit where it’s due but you are clutching at straws if you think Welbeck is worth keeping over Giroud…

        We all know it gets to a certain period where we have to give credit where it’s due but we will try our best to turn a blind eye ot give in. You my friend are having a mare right now due to your No Grioud bandwagon thing..


    1. why i hate international breaks for all its injury issues to key players …….. Dammit now it welbeck

      1. Leo Spotted!!! Welcome back … long time! How you been??

        Any truth on the Reus rumour this summer???

        1. Man, you’re feeding the guy’s ego and legitimising his re-posts of gossip, speculation and general BS. Don’t do it! We’ve already got two house idiots at the moment with Hafiz Rahman and his signing/selling suggestions & Muffdiver with his atrocious joke spamming.

        2. I wouldn’t say no to rues but if he came it would mean welbeck will be a St next season. I don’t trust him to lead the linein girouds absent. I would prefer us going for dybalya and have welbeck playing across the front three.

          I would get rid of podolski,campbell,sanogoo,walcott?
          (Between them they have 1start 16subs and 2goals)

          Campbell can be replaced by gnabry + Wellington.
          Akpom can replace sanogoo
          Dybalya to replace Podolski and walcott

          My signings would be
          Dybalya 25m
          (great ability, work ethic, top young fwd in Europe this season)

          Fakir 14m
          young,exciting can replace Rosicky,top ATt mid in France)

          Sanson 4m
          20, best young cm in France this season only pogba and xhaka have out performed him across europes top leagues, from Montpellier like giroud, can replace diaby)

          Schnedrlin 19m
          Arguably the top dm in premiership, approaching his prime, good addition to our starting 11, replace arteta And flamini

          Amauvi 4m(plays for nice)
          This lad would be an excellent signing he has been the best lb in the top European leagues this season. At only 20 he would be an excellent investment like bellerin was for the rb position.

          Y sommer 8m
          Quality keeper the best in Germany this year. At 26 he still has many years ahead of him. Would make an excellent replacement for szezney if he was to go .

          74m spent

          We would also get a tidy sum from outgoings eg
          Attackers = 30m
          Podolski 8m Campbell 7 Sanogoo 1.5 walcott 13m ryo 800k

          Midfielders= 200k in wages
          Rosicky,arteta,diaby,flamini all released

          Defense/gk =17m
          Jenkinson 6m,szezney 11m

          47m + 550k in wages apx

          Net spend =27m
          Still space for a world class signing

  1. Let’s be realistic. All latin players aspire to play for either Barca or Real. With Chelsea, PSG and ManC also in the running, we ain’t got a snowballs chance, unless dude wants to play for us…

    1. We’ll be up against it. He said he’d ‘swim to Barcelona’ to play for them. Since Barca have a transfer ban, he’ll either wait or he’ll have to move elsewhere. Hopefully we can use the example of Alexis to convince players that they can do better for their careers at Arsenal than Barcelona where they’ll get very little play time.

      If I’m honest, I really don’t even know if this kid is any good, never watched him.

    2. Sanchez,campbell,ospina,emillio, Wellington Are all South American

      Eduardo,Gilberto,baptista,edu,sylvinho,Ednilson were also here

      Plus many more who wanted to join arsenal. It’s understandable that those players would want to join a Latin speaking world class team like real or Barce who are transfer banned

      Chelsea have a strong Brazilian contingent
      Man U and man c would be our greatest rivals for his signature as they have a growing group of argentine players

      Man U di Maria,rojo (also targeting otamendi)
      Man city zabaleta, demichellis, he would relish playing with aguero and zuculinni his u21 team mate

  2. Funny stats : Giroud has scored more goals than C. Ronaldo this year so far. Giroud has scored 11 while Ronaldo has scored 10. Not saying he is better. Just saw this in an article and thought it was funny. Haha.

  3. 12 goals is a nice stat, but this is Justarsenal. Do we know anything about his presence or body language in big matches? How about his track back play as a striker?

    1. I havent seen him play but i did watch a youtube clip ten minutes ago… one thing i noticed is he loves the nutmeg and nutmeg like dinks. I will watch him soon though because Youtube could have myself look a player and should never be used for proof of skill.

      I dont know why though but i dont think half of those teams are after him and just watching a player doesnt mean you want said player. Why is the manager or owner talking him up every second day and proclaiming that anyone whos anyone is most interested. Surely if all those clubs were scrambling for his player well then no need for heavy lifting… he should be safe in the Knowledge.

  4. Out with everyone and in with an entire new team.

    Lahm Hummels Kompany Alaba
    sweinstiger Mosaic
    Suarez Messi Ronaldo

  5. Player have been scoring for fun in other league but once they move to the EPL they struggle.. Giroud was scoring 24 – 26 goals a season but he has struggles to score 20 a season.

    Lamela was killing it.

    This Dyabala boy has only scored 12 goals in a poor league so that means he would not score anywhere near that. I think we have to be careful and stop jumping onto flavor of the season players.

    I remember not so long ago it was, Falcoa, Cavani, Balotelli, Michu, Benteke, Doumbia, Martinez, Lukaku etc..

      1. Are those the same fans that were saying things like, “Costa is going to flop at Chelski?”. So many fans were saying how they hace a feeling that Costa will be a flop at Chelski.

        1. Come on Goonster – all depends which Costa turns up for the next 3 or 4 seasons for Chelsea before it is decided whether he is a legend or a relative flop. Will we see the Sept-Dec 2014 Costa on a regular basis? Everyone on here is can reel off a dozen or so PL strikers who made good starts and then tailed off or had very good seasons in amongst some dross. I will hop on the Costa (and Kane for that matter) appreciation bandwagons at the end of next season at the soonest.

        2. @ goonster

          I’ve said it since day 1 and I still truly believe costa will be a flop.
          I’ve said the same thing about fabregas if you actually watch and analyze his game he looks nothing special barca ruined him.

    1. Italy is a poor league. Man, the people on this forum are the worst. Just because you don’t know anything about the league does not make it weak. Dybala has scored 12 goals but has showed a wealth of talent. You would know this if you actually watched things instead of typing out whatever falls out of your brain. Personally I would pass on Dybala as he would still need a bit. He will more than likely end up pretty lethal, but we need a guy who won’t need much development if we really want to pressure on all fronts. I would love Lacazette, but I feel like he would be a development too. Oh, and he comes from the weak French league haha (Which is probably just about as physical as our “golden premier league”)

  6. I have asked this question and not a single bandwagon flavor of the month fan has given me an answer..

    They keep going on about this world class striker we need, these world class strikers out there that some of us can’t seem to see… So Aguero, Suarez, Benzema, Costa, Lewandowski are waiting for Arsenal to save them from their current second rate club??? smh

    Name me these world class strikers that are not already at Top bigger clubs..

    Some fans just get hype because some player is being over hyped, so they all jump onto the bandwagon.

    Cavani. Falcao, Balotelli, Michu, Benteke, Dzeko, Higuain, Lukaku etc..

    It was Capuoe, M’villa, Carvalho, Khedira, DRAXLER, Mertesacker, etc…

    Yesterday I just read an article on here and 90% of the posters were saying “We don’t want Khedira”. But a few months back they were crying for him, what has changed in those few months?

    What I am saying is lets not just jump onto the flavor of the season player. I would also want a more mobile striker than Giroud, but when I hear people saying we need a world class striker to take us to the next level but then mention Lacazatte or Dybala etc then I get confused, when did these guys become world class?? What teams have they taken to the next CL, Title winning level??


    1. Lacazette has scored 23 goals out of 26 League matches
      He is a goal machine
      He is young which is scary as F*** because he has years to get even better

      I cant define WC but if any has potential its Lacazette

      Ive looked at his stats
      Ive watched him play
      Ive read from football expert (some have said he is a future Bal d’ Or winner)

      If we got him he could tun out like Falcao at United or turn out like Henry
      Its always a gamble
      But if he isnt good enough for your standards thats your problem not mine
      I will just have to trust Wenger gets the best possible player

      1. I Arsenal can do is take a punt on Lacazette, and hope he will become our next Henry. Only time we were close to signing a WC striker was with Suarez.

    2. This is dead on. I remember the “Wenger has lost the plot” cries over failing to sign Benteke, Michu, Lukaku and just this summer Falcao. Boy has he impressed! None of these “new” guys are World Class, but they are young and very skilled, the people on this site just read papers and parrot whatever they say. “Da mirrir say he werld clas, he must be gud. Arsenle ned werld clas strykr or Wonga out” I would like either one of these guys, but they are a development and carry risks. I like Lacazettes skill set a bit more and I think he fits more with Arsenal, but he is far from World Class.

  7. The situation of Szczesny goes to show how a footballer can never take things for granted. Szczesny thought he’d be number 1 for many years.

  8. dyabala wants to stay in Italy & join juve his another dream is to play for barca he will use us as a stepping stone & then when he reaches prime will leave us forget him & go for Luciano vietto/alexandre lacazette

    for dybala his club wants 35m for a player who has 1 year left on his contract

    1. We’ve already been a stepping stone for many players, if we do mysteriously get him then just make the best of his time with us before letting him go. All players will leave eventually and it’s what they contribute during their time with us and with that there will always be another to replace that said player. Circle of life in football

  9. dybala could be like an eduardo type striker smaller physique with a better technique but he’s already screaming for move to barca. Don’t know about cavani or lacazette but i think we’ll buy a new #9 in the summer.

    1. Rite you are… but just the jersey I think!!! but im beginning to suspect Wenger to give #9 jersey to Welbeck and maybe Campbell 23… Still not sure if hes goin for a Striker

  10. I would love us to get Dybala but not for that price and I fear that if he was to get purchased by another BPL team he would haunt us when we go up against him and that team. Also I’m pretty sure not all our current players were or are Arsenal fans but they still represent us. My opinion and yet we have players that offers us next to nothing…

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