Arsenal interested in out-of-contract French international (plus video)

It looks like there is going to be a young up-and-coming French international coming on to the transfer market very shortly, and Arsenal are rumoured to be one of the clubs interested in signing him.

Paul-Georges Ntep is currently playing at Rennes in Ligue 1, and despite being born in Cameroon, he has played for France at every level from the U18s upwards, including being called up twice under Didier Deschamps.

The reason he will become available in January is that he has not signed a contract extension with the French side and his current deal runs out next summer, leaving no choice but for Rennes to try and recoup at least a small return by selling him in January.

The 24 year old plays out on the wing and has got a healthy return of 16 goals in 59 games for Stade Rennais, according to Wikipedia, and is certain to be in demand if he is to be sold off cheaply in January with Liverpool, Southampton and Watford said to be interested as well as Arsenal.

Have a look at his video of skills from last season and see if you think he will be a good addition to this Arsenal team…….



  1. Zimbo gunner says:

    He looks like a similar player to the ox, except that his end product is much better. Would not harm us to bring him in to the squad seeing as he would be cheap and he could offer competition to iwobi on that left side. I don’t see it happening unless we get more injuries tho, especially with welbeck coming back at around christmas.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    I liked his bit of skill at the very beginning, it looked Ozilicious.

    I know this would never happen esp not by Arsene. But when we give away a penno does anyone ever think that we might have a better chance at saving it by bringing Ospina on for Cech. Cech is not good with Pennos, top top professional but in guessing the right way he is always wrong, he shimmies a little to one or both sides and then cannot go full stretch to the side of his choice, and he never waits long enough to see if it’s coming straight down the barrel. Ospina can wait and has ideal reaction time, if it was second half or if it’s three massive points I would first waste some time and then Id waste more time by bringing on Ospina, strikers hate having too much time to think, and also someone coming off the bench esp for them might throw them off, they might think they must do something different as this guy has studied me. I was just wondering on our last penno was there anyone out their thinking Ospina might not be a bad card to play, and wouldn’t it have been something if he came on and stopped Kane.

  3. Olivier's toe says:

    I think he looks pretty good.
    He’s French, still below his peak, and more importantly he’s gonna be cheap!
    You know it makes sense

    1. G-Rude says:

      No it doesn’t!
      Wenger doesn’t just buy the cheap options any more. He buys players that are better than what we have.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Wenger will always invest in his youth and will always look to have some form of squad depth (better now the club is spending again).
        Holding was also signed don’t forget and from the little I have seen of him, I like him, could be a very good player as cover and could develop into a top CB.
        Perez has yet to show he is better than what we have, he hasn’t had a bad start but he doesn’t look better than Alexis, Theo is performing this year and Iwobi is favored by Wenger atm.

  4. summerbreez says:

    Cool player alright but >>>>campbel was moved on and gnabry too yet sanagoo still around now wounder why ? no one wants him or what?

    1. Midkemma says:

      Gnabry had yet to prove his fitness, I am pained to see him playing in another badge but I can get the situation…

      He needed to prove his fitness but the last loan we got for him was with Pullis and we all know that Neanderthal doesn’t like the beauty of Arsenal players, it was a bad loan and that was prob the catalyst behind him leaving.
      I can’t blame him for not trusting another loan year when we gave him to Pullis last time but we couldn’t expect the manager to guarantee Gnabry playing time over other players, what if his fitness had been an issue?

      I hope we see him back in the Red and White of Arsenal one day, until then I wish the lad the best as he is a real talent.

      As for Campbell, it is anyones guess really but my guess is it is something to do with wages and the upcoming changes to clubs wage bill increase allowance, Campbell appears an unfortunate casualty of football politics. At least my guess…

  5. Midkemma says:

    Player doesn’t look bad on that vid, I would hope Willock can step up instead though as he looks a real good talent, maybe a bit early for him but by the time a new player can be bought and adapted to the pace of the EPL, maybe Willock would be ready?

    Randomly though, from that vid I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger thought about converting him to a CF, he can use both feet and looked composed even when he had players around him, at least in that YouTube vid.

  6. jermaineBryan says:

    Ntep is an exciting player
    Wenger has kept a keen eye on him for nearly 5years. Wenger once said ntep has the world at his feet, and he can achieve anything he wants in football if he applies himself. He is a keen admirer of the player.

    His game
    Ntep has 4assist in 9 games from the left forward position. He is an excellent dribbler who likes to cut in of the wing and he has great link up play and decision making for such a young terms of the players we currently have I see him as a bargain replacement for Joel Campbell who is unlikely to stay after this season.

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