Arsenal Invincible believes that Arteta ‘could be the next Arsene Wenger’

Gael Clichy has claimed that Mikel Arteta could be ‘the next Arsene Wenger’ if given the time at Arsenal.

The former Gunners defender moved to north London back in 2003, and his debut season saw the club set a new precedent, going onto win the Premier League without suffering a single defeat.

The left-back’s path didn’t cross with the current Arsenal boss until much later however, leaving the Emirates to join Manchester City in the same summer that Arteta arrived as a red, but remained at the Etihad until 2017, playing under the then-assistant coach for his final season with the club.

Clichy insists that Arteta has all the tools to go far in the game however after spending one year under his coaching, and goes as far as to claim he has what it takes to become the ‘next Arsene Wenger’.

“Arteta has so much knowledge and he had the luxury to learn from Pep [Guardiola],” he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I really believe in the long term he could be the next Arsene Wenger. He is quite young, and I truly believe, given time, he will prove people wrong.”

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    1. DK- can you believe that after ONE GAME some are actually believing all this as being Arteta is now the second coming of Christ? It’s ONE GAME. It was OVERDUE. It is the standard we expect and demand.
      I can count on the fingers of one hand these performances since Arteta took over yet the hype being posted today by some are suggesting this will be the dawn of the new era we were promised. It won’t. This game counts for nothing if we even draw at Brighton, who collectively are a far better cohesive and settled team compared to the Spuds.
      As much as the first 45 minutes were excellent, the second half was just so typical Arteta. We could have really gone to town on that mob yesterday and quite easily have put 5/6 past them. Yet we didn’t and why? Caution in our play when anothercteorstvofbourcfirstvhslf would have been far better.
      I’m not going to start believing anything has changed for the better until I see the results overcome next month.

  1. Way too early to overhype MA. First let him show consistency in results, make Arsenal competitive again and then maybe after a year or two if the trend remains similar we can whisper about a correlation with LeProf. At the moment he cant even compare with Unai who has had a way better record than him in a shorter time.

  2. Depends on what Wenger you’re using for any such comparison…if you’re talking about the pre-Emirates innovator, no chance in hell, whereas if you’re talking about the underwhelming latter years version, then maybe, but why would you want to aspire to that particular incarnation…in fact, we’ve already seen too many similarities for my liking

    1. It doesn’t matter which one,for MA just coming close to what Wenger did during his latter years albeit with a much bigger budget is going to be very difficult (FA cups,CL football,playing attractive….)

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