Arsenal invincible has his say on the Mesut Ozil saga and makes perfect sense

Former Arsenal man, Lauren believes that Mesut Ozil has to take the blame for his axe from the Arsenal team.

The Gunners have registered their team sheet for the Premier League and Europa League this season and the German wasn’t included in both lists.

That means he will be without competitive first-team football until January at the very least.

The German remains the club’s top earner with a weekly pay of £350,000, but Mikel Arteta has been forced to sideline him from his first-team plans.

The club has come under fire for not registering Ozil, but Lauren believes that the midfielder only has himself to blame.

The Camerounian, who spent seven years at Arsenal, told Sky Sports that there is no way that a player will do well in training and show that he is worth playing and he won’t be considered for action by his manager.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, he said: ‘All of us who follow Arsenal want to see the best players but this situation has not come from now. I believe it is the same with Emery and Arteta. 

‘Arteta would love to have the best players in the squad. If Ozil is not there it’s a consequence of many issues.

‘First of all, it’s the fault of the player. I believe if you have the quality, if you are a top player, if you are not involved week in week out I believe that is your own fault.

‘If you are doing everything that you should do as a top player it is difficult for a manager and a club to say look you are not going to play, you are not going to be involved in the team.’
Lauren is a proper legend that deserves full respect because of his involvement in Arsenal’s glory days, not something we can say about Ozil.

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  1. Laurent has no clue what is happening at the club does he? Looks like ozil was doing everything before under all the mangers even MA week in week out but after lockdown he got hit in the head and refused to train. Some Arsenal ex players were really good but they are complete trash when they speak now. They have no clue as to what happens in football world now a days. Player selection are driven by amount of money clubs have dished out on them plus the sponsorship deals play a role as well. There are so many other factors involved now a days to just performing in trainin day in day out.

  2. Sometimes people gain more respect when they remain quite, Lauren has no clue what he is talking about, Personally I can stand in Ozils shoes, Arsenal as a club is runned and being ruined by politics that favours the ownership,
    How come the world has forgotten about the club that boast of the most expensive tickets yet have no money for transfer, less than six months ago begged their players to take wage cut to be able to survive this period of pandemic and keep staffing intact days back sacked them down to the clubs mascot despite winning the FA cup and community shield, once upon a Time Wenger made a comment while he was here that he is responsible for the …. number of workers in the club. Why did Raul Sanelhi have to leave, why the immediate promotion of Arteta from just a coach to the team manager, After venting our anger on players do you ever wonder why they left Arsenal at the peak of their careers, not once or twice but nothing is being done about it, imagine Arsenal carrying Chelsea waste like William, unwanted players like Luiz ( who at His peak would not settle for average Arsenal) , Cech who sold us out in finals to book a place back in Chelsea less than a month Later, I thought you brought in William apart from his first match fluke what else with Him?,
    Ozil is the talk to cover their shame, that same ozil is paying your mascot now , think Gooners think it’s not about ozil it’s the fact that arsenl is being downsized to an average club.

    1. Do you actually support a club and if so which is it? It s plain to see you don’t support Arsenal and I don’t like to call you a troll without evidence of who you actually support So please do tell us who, if anybody, you support!

      1. Jon, please tell me, when you were calling our players dross, what team/club WERE YOU supporting?
        What team ARE YOU NOW supporting when you show contempt for Elneny despite MA supporting him?

        People in glass houses etc etc

        1. Ken A MISGUIDED COMMENT as the two different situations are SO very dissimilar, even though it may suit you to pretend they are similar. The whole truthand reason behind your comment is that SANCTITY was supporting OZIL, which cheers you and gets my contempt. Correctly too, as I always seek truth.

  3. Interesting that the thoughts of Koscielny were dismissed yesterday, while those of Lauren, are greeted with the words “makes perfect sense”.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we all read, digested and took on board where both men’s views originate from?

    One actually played with and knows the player’s on field strengths and weaknesses, while the other doesn’t.

    Personally, I think both men, along with every other ex Arsenal player, should let Mikel Arteta get on with the job and keep quite.

    Mikel will be judged at the end of the season and, who knows what decision he will make in January?

        1. Just read the article myself Sue and what was omitted from the quote was Lauren saying “Ozil is a top player” right at the beginning – now I wonder why that wasn’t included for debate as well?

          1. Don’t be daft, Ken, why on earth would that have been included?!!

            Saw this:
            Mesut Ozil is providing 1,400 meals per day at 11 schools in North London. He has been paying for meals for charities and shelters since March and this week expanded it to schools…

            No doubt by some on here, it’ll just be called a ‘pr stunt’ 🙄

          2. Ken.. have you ever listened to ‘The Tuesday Club’ podcast with Alan Davies?
            It was mentioned on another site – Arsene is on the last 2 episodes… and apparently it’s a “far better interview than most”….🙂

  4. If those posting above care to check on Wikipedia they would soon find that apart from being an Invincible, Lauren has been an Arsenal ambassador in Africa and beyond. Not only that he lives and works in Spain covering football so he is hardly clueless or ill informed.
    You may not agree with his point of view but a little bit of respect wouldn’t go amiss

    1. SueP, nobody has disrespected Laurens view except Mohsan, nor has anyone else said he is clueless. or ill informed.
      Not sure if you made the same comments regarding the statements made by Kos, but he was certainly not treated with the respect that 99% of the posts on here have given to Lauren, at least by the author of both articles.

      As I said, one ex player actually played with and knew the players on field strengths and weaknesses and the other didn’t and hasn’t…that doesn’t mean any disrespect, it’s pointing out a fact.
      Mohsan, of course, was wrong in my view.

      1. Sorry Ken
        I think you must have posted in between me writing my comments

        I absolutely was not including you
        I just get fed up when comments about former players are bandied about without forethought to their history within the club or what they have become since. I felt that that Sanctity was rude too but maybe I was being ultra sensitive
        Regarding Koscielney he was a great servant to the club
        You rightly point out that at least he did play with Ozil as did Arteta of course
        But no, I wasn’t including you 🙂

        1. SueP, please accept my apologies for rushing in – if I was to tell you that Lauren was one of my favourite unsung Invincible heroes, you would understand – along with Kos – both great servants for our club.

    2. No I haven’t Sue, thanks for the info. and I’ll have a look.

      Arsene doing a lot of interviews lately and he comes across so much more relaxed these days – always find him fascinating to listen too.

  5. The club and Ozil have made mistakes, yet Ozil fans make out he’s the victim!

    Apparently Ozil’s own performances, are not his responsibility. Work that logic out? Haha!

    1. Thank u boss, both the club and Ozil have made mistake. In my opinion, in a team like Arsenal i see no reason why a player like Ozil should sit at the bench……..for no reason, i see no link in the midfield of of Arsenal as i use to see when Ozil is in the pitch. I quote from our past manager Arsene “he said even when he was at Arsenal he used to have issues with Ozil but he never think of leaving him out of the squad because he is the only creative player Arsenal have at the moment and up till now” so sometimes u have swallow pride to gain what u want at the moment…i am not trying to disrespect other players but it is the fact, we need Ozil this moment

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