Arsenal Invincibles and Klopp’s Liverpool combined XI

Arsenal edge our combined XI with the runaway league leaders.

It’s not an easy time to be an Arsenal fan right now, with the team languishing all the way down in 10th in the Premier League table and looking a shadow of its old great self.

The one thing we can hope to hold on to, however, is that our memorable achievement of the legendary Invincibles remains intact for another year despite serious threat from Jurgen Klopp’s hugely impressive Liverpool side.

The Reds are currently 22 points clear at the top of the table and certain to win their first title in 30 years (hopefully we won’t end up having to wait quite as long, it’s 16 years and counting for us…), but they’re also chasing two of our records.

After 25 games played this season, Liverpool are yet to lose – in fact they’ve won 24 and drawn just one of those matches in the Premier League. Credit where credit’s due, that’s astonishing consistency, but we hope someone can inflict at least one defeat on them between now and May!

Arsenal’s 2003/04 side remain the only team to go a 38-game season unbeaten in England, with Preston also going a season without defeat but in only a 22-game season back in 1888/89.

There’s still time for Liverpool to slip up in their 13 remaining league games, but perhaps more pressing is the fact that they’re closing in on our record of 49 consecutive league games unbeaten.

This run stretched over the course of three seasons, including the final two games of 2002/03 and the first nine of 2004/05, with the Invincibles campaign sandwiched between them.

Liverpool are on 42 games unbeaten right now, so are rather worryingly just eight games away from eclipsing our record.

It must be said, if they manage it, fair play to them – many felt it was a record that could well stand for many decades, if not forever.

Inevitably, there is now growing talk of comparing these two great teams, and we’ve attempted a combined XI of the best players from both in the graphic below…

In goal, as much as we love Jens Lehmann, you have to say he had the odd moment of madness in him, with Alisson the safer pair of hands overall, as well as being very tidy with his feet.

It’s 2-2 in that back four, with Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole undoubtedly remaining two of the finest defenders to ever play in the Premier League, though I’d quite happily take Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold over Kolo Toure and Lauren.

Patrick Vieira simply has to be in that midfield, with the former Gunners captain surely a starter in most people’s all-time PL line ups. Alongside him, however, has to be Jordan Henderson following his remarkable rise this season, with his leadership qualities making him a cut above Gilberto and Edu.

Liverpool fans won’t be happy with this attack, but surely there’s no arguing against Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires and the legendary Thierry Henry? We’ve kept Mohamed Salah in on the right, but as good as Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino are, you can’t argue they can get past these all-time greats. What Bergkamp lacks in terms of Firmino’s work rate, he more than makes up for with his skill, technique and intelligent playmaking, while Pires at his peak also remains a more well-rounded talent than Mane.

So the Invincibles edge this line up 6-5, but who would you put in your team? Let us know in the comments below…


    1. Sorry PAL- Robert Pires and Henry were telepathic at times.And with DB10 rightly included Pires every time for me.
      But I cannot believe Henderson is in ahead of Gilberto.

  1. Lauren is beast
    Strong in both defence and attack, only injuries who stopped him
    Tren arnold is very good in attack but decent in defend, since he is winger before, ala bellerin.
    Gilberto tauted as one of the best dm in premier and world, so no place for hendo at all.
    Only salah, mane, van dijk, mybe firminho who can walk among the invicible.
    No place for allison also, lehman is the one who any guts to fight 1 on 1 with oliver kahn. The madman lehman

  2. Not sure how Henderson gets in over Gilberto. I’d have Mane over Pires too.

    I would still back our invincible s to beat this Liverpool team, assuming the game was played without VAR 😒

  3. It’s actually an Arsenal team with LFC players that fit, which means there is no one great team, there are great teams that play to great ideas and not all ideas are the same. Wenger is not Klopp.

  4. Mane>Pires. Comeon, Mane was 4th in the ballon d’or. Dont think Pires was even close to that. Also this team dont need a Henderson. Fabinho should be in his place.

    1. But your overlooking the fact that TH14 is in the line-up so Mane would absolutely be second fiddle to him.
      And I respectfully ask-did you ever see a Robert Pires play? If you didn’t I’m telling you he was up there with the very best

      1. I saw Pires play for years, nowhere near as good a player as Mane, Im still trying to Remember when Arsenal won the the European or Champions league with those players, Viera, Henry and Cole would be the only certainties from An Era of Arsenal players in my opinion, I can’t Fathom why there is a comment about Firmino work rate and not mention his skill reading of the game,Maybe this comment was really from Helen Keller FFS

  5. what will happen to this cmbined team, if, lets just say, liverpool do go unbeaten for the entire season. would there be any further inclusions for liverpool i am wondering. this is just a thought, and i am in no way complaining about the combined first eleven.

    1. Only Henry and vieracould come n the mix. Coz arsenal invicibles played when there was less competition that’s y they achieved nothing on Europe

  6. Henderson that is so funny, would never had made the Arsenal line up and no ljunberg, your line up is laughable, the Arsenal team would have wipe the floor with this Liverpool team, Henry would have run rings around VVD

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