Journalist makes nonsense claim about Arsenal’s Invincibles following Liverpool defeat to Watford

Some people can never resist a dig at Arsenal…

Journalist Miguel Delaney couldn’t resist a pop at Arsenal yesterday after Liverpool saw their hopes of going Invincible ended by Watford in a 3-0 defeat at Vicarage Road.

It was the Reds’ first loss of the league season, meaning their unbeaten run ended at 44 games – five short of our English football record of 49.

Still, fine writer as he is, Delaney has perhaps tried to stir up controversy a bit by dismissing the Gunners’ achievements of that famous 2003/04 season.

I mean, it’s fair enough to say we perhaps underachieved in the Champions League that season, but it’s easy to forget that, even in an era when we boasted talents like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Robert Pires at their peak, we were still punching above our weight financially and didn’t quite have the squad depth to go all the way in three competitions. Our starting XI was good enough to do it, no doubt, but by that point in the season we were knackered, and came up against a good Chelsea side in the Champions League quarter-finals.

It hurts that we couldn’t go further in Europe, but even if we let ourselves down on that front, that shouldn’t take anything away from finishing the league campaign without a single defeat. If journalists find it so easy to dismiss it, perhaps they can explain why it’s only been done once in a 38-game season in over 100 years of English football (yes we know Preston did it but in a 22-game season)?

I’ve also seen a few people pointing out that we drew 12 games in 2003/04, as though going unbeaten only counts if we win all of them? What’s this weird criteria everyone’s using? Sure, if we’d gone unbeaten by drawing all 38 games and getting relegated that year maybe people would have a point, but we didn’t, we won the title by a comfortable distance without losing and whilst playing some stunningly attractive attacking football.

We’re not telling anyone they have to think the Invincibles are the best ever, but it is slightly irritating that Man United’s treble season is not held to quite the same standards – they won the league by just one point, got lucky with two quick-fire set pieces in the Champions League final etc.

Crazy idea, but maybe we can just learn to appreciate different teams and the different ways they showed greatness without having to put others down?


  1. Just deal in facts mate
    We went season unbeaten
    Peeps can dress it up how they want , it’s a fact
    If so simple , why havn t no one else done it ?

    1. Exactly. Some people still cant handle what The Invincibles have done. They can have an opinion when their trophy is gold.

  2. Would this same comparison be thrown at Liverpool, “if” they stayed unbeaten. Considering that they themselves may get knocked out of the champions league by Ath Madrid next week after losing to them last week.

    the media will never like Arsenal until our invincibles record is broken

    1. The Liverpool we are talking about now is because the teams in PL this year are scraps. Look how Arsenal, Man U, Man C, Chelsea, Spuds are playing this season. Look at in Europe, Liverpool have been beaten and beaten not by PSG, R Madrid, Juve or Barcelona.
      To me, there’s no basis for comparison. Arsenal invincibles were a team.

  3. Screw anyone that dismisses it, stupid ****.

    May we be the only team to break our record, but probably not in my life time.

  4. Delaney makes a mute point from the off.

    The “Invicibles” tag was given against an unbeaten run of “LEAGUE” matches – simple .

    We all got it, grow up man with your anti Arsenal rhetoric .

    If it was Manure lauding it under the “Invicibles” tag we’d NEVER hear the end of it , and everything would be fine and dandy in the world of professional football !

    The class of Arsenal’s “Invicibles “ were a credit to our club, and remain etched in our history for
    all time.

      1. Not just English.

        In the other top league neither Barca nor Real nor anybody else has done it either.

    1. It’s ridiculous because Liverpool have been beaten by other teams this season too, quite badly by Napoli, and they were still talked about in Invincibles discussion. Can’t change the criteria for one team when it suits you.

  5. Let’s not forget we did it without the help of refs and VAR.

    Why don’t they mention that.

      1. Just remember Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp have to now win or draw every remaining game to equal Arsenal under George Graham winning the League in 1990/91 and only losing one game.

        1. Not sure I can see them doing that now. The genie is out of the bottle. They are not INVINCIBLE

  6. There will always be haters and agendas.

    The table becomes a battlefield now.Chelsea drew yesterday and the race for top 4 is very very interesting now.Some of the teams fighting for the 4th place face each other today so COYG

    And something i noticed yesterday in watford’s play is them targetting the flanks.I have always told that Trent alexander and robertson are not good defenders but they are brilliant going forward so watford exploited them.Even van dijk was poor yesterday.

    1. Strange isn’t it Shakir, as I was watching the game I couldn’t help thinking if we approached Thursday’s game in the way Watford played L/pool we’d be looking forward to facing Wolves next !

      Sarr for Watford.

      Did anyone else notice him when we played Rennes away – he slaughtered us that night.

      And with with all due respect, Watford landed him seemingly without any hassle !

      1. Ya we should have been brave and finished off the game against olmpiacos but we let them grow into the game,but i do believe we will come back strong.Portsmouth game will be a vital one.

  7. Morning sue anyway arsenal or the team to do it so let’s keep smiling about it. Anyway loserpool weakness or the full backs they can’t defending for toffee trent Arnold is crap at defending he got found out yesterday and Robertson is as bad at defending but they or good going forward and van dijk ad a very poor game anyway going to watch replays for match of day up the arse

  8. Spin this article anyway you want, but the author is right.We should have won the Champions League in 2004

    1. I dont think anyone has challenged that statement. The challenge comes from denegrating an achievement that no other team has accomplished in premier league history. They cant fault or match it, so they look for loopholes to lessen the unrivalled accolade. Unbeaten in the league – get invincible label for it – sour grapes permeate other teams analysis of said achievement.

  9. Yes they did lose to chelsea in the champions league bu then the premier was a lot more formidable than it is now and the thing that always seems to get lost when rubbish reporters bring this point up is Arsenal had to play both man utd and chelsea twice in 10 days and they very nearly pulled it off Arsenals invincibles would murder this good liverpool side in a very poor premier league. I still think they are the best footballing side i have ever seen

  10. idiotic comment cannot handle the fact that Arsenal are still the only team in premier history to go unbeaten for the whole season and amase a record of 49 games unbeaten !! Silly delaney is a idiot and a jealous fool !! what a prat !! ARSENAL WENT UNBEATEN IN THE LEAGUE 49 GAMES UNBEATEN !! GET USE TO IT !! ITS THE FACTS !! CUPS DO NOT COUNT IN THE LEAGUE !! IDIOT !! JEALOUSY PMSL !!

  11. journalist ????whatever… Just goes to show that most so called journalists talk rubbish !!

  12. just goes to show what a MASSIVE FEAT it is to go unbeaten the whole season !! its a MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT AND RIDICULOUSLY MASSIVE FEAT !!


  14. So pleased reading the comments here, shows many of us remain proud of Arsenal Football club albeit in testing times.

    A “united” thread, great to read nowadays.

    Strange thing, makes you feel a little better 😉

  15. Ah well liverpool the “chockers”.(praise be to the orange idiot for this word) 2020 may turn out to be another 2009 season….Still remember Gerrad and his slip….please please!!

  16. Let’s enjoy comments like that. 🙂
    They only show how much our record really is an envy for other clubs/fans. They just can’t leave it alone.

  17. Bitter journos as usual trying to denigrate the ashamed he call himself Delaney.from one Delaney to another.The clan would not be proud.

  18. Who cares what a non special journo thinks! Not me for one. I don’t even know why his daft comment is considered worthy of an article, to be honest!

  19. Let these people say what they want. They cannot rewrite history. Nobody has done what Arsenal has in EPL. Downplay Invincibles all you want. Nobody has matched what they’ve done! It’s just fun to laugh at how angry some of these people are now that LFC has blown it.

  20. The invincibles wasn’t about Europe, which we did fail in year after year, it was about winning the league which we did and we did going unbeaten. No one else in the prem has ever done that and until they do, they cant say the same as us. But an idiot journo making an idiotic statement about Europe has absolutely nothing to do with going unbeaten in the league, is looking for a slap.

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