Arsenal invincibles record to fire Gunners up at Man City?

It may be over a decade since Arsenal last lifted the Premier League trophy, in fact it is now 13 years and counting, but when the Gunners did last become champions of England we did it in some style. Some people think that Arsenal’s success in winning the trophy without losing a single league game over the course of the season will never be matched, but you can never say never.

Although modern football and the EPl in particular is tougher than ever, with the money available to every club in the division making an upset possible at any time and even one like the unfancied Leicester City winning the title, there is always the possibility that one club could match our invincibles of the 2003-04 campaign.

That would be a blow for Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger, as it is still a remarkable feat that only Arsenal have achieved in the post war era, and so it is not something we want to share with anyone else. Perhaps the boss can get this across to his current players to get them fired up for the game away to Man City tomorrow, because Pep Guardiola has them looking ominously unbeatable this season.

A few years ago Chelsea went a large part of the season unbeaten and people started to talk about them doing the whole thing, but then Newcastle did Arsenal a favour by beating them in December and they ended up with three defeats. This time with Man City we might have to do ourselves that favour in order to preserve the unique achievement of Wenger and the likes of Henry 13 years ago, so will this give the Gunners an extra boost in tomorrow’s big game?



  1. Mogunna says:

    Yeah, Guardiola has his troops marching but look around, no one has performed sch in a steady way with big 6 opponents and laim so called teams we get beat up by, won’t name, useless…Man U is building slower because coming from way behind pas season transition from Fergie, Chelsea slipped before to be Champions as CL nor any European football… Leicester Champions before that… To win this league, you have to win with against all teams bellow BIG 6 now, then face those 5 teams for title. Sir Alex said it when he left; watch for Arsenal, because identity, football style, core in our team as same manager. I can see what Sir Alex meant but also how much of a confort zone club we are; no pressure meaning no gamble as well, no risk sort to say. We a football academy with players breaking gradually, but EPL winning takes players at a certain level as well… Anyhow, we did and can beat Man city with our play, if we do so to score an not just keep possession, pass ball around up and down the field. Do so, fast going forward, put ball behind the net…We are more experiment overall than Man city in term of play, manager, club; we suppose to beat them even with guardiola who has not proved anything. To win with Barca he had was not special, the team was; and it was a minimum to do. Un Munich as Man Ciry, he showed his limits… Peace

  2. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    manh…someone is delusional

  3. Salmonella says:

    I’m not at all confident..

  4. realist says:

    WTF are you smoking bro??????????????

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