Arsenal involved in three-way negotiations involving two players

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could still leave Arsenal in this transfer window with Juventus interested.

The striker was banished from the club’s first team after breaking some rules late last year.

He has since not trained with his teammates and it remains unclear how long he would be exiled from the group.

Perhaps he has played his last game for the Gunners this season with Juve now looking to land him on loan for the rest of the campaign.

Calciomercato says the Italians are looking for a replacement for Alvaro Morata.

The Spanish striker is the subject of interest from Barcelona and he would be allowed to leave if a replacement is found.

The report claims that transfer is tied to Auba moving to Turin, and the Old Lady and the Gunners are in talks over the potential departure of the former Borussia Dortmund man from the Emirates.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Auba has underperformed in this campaign and our team looks solid and more productive upfront now that he isn’t in the group.

This suggests that his expulsion might be a blessing in disguise and we probably don’t need him as much as we thought we did.

The striker has done some great things for the club, however, his recent performances have been poor and we have to plan for life without him, even though he still has over a year left on his current deal.

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  1. Juve would struggle to pay his salary, so any deal I’m sure would require Arsenal to pay a substantial part of his wages.

    I think that would also be the case with Barca due to their financial difficulties.
    Twice now Arsenal have extended older players on excessive wages, and twice it has hurt the club.

    A productive player in the PL in their prime is one thing, a 30+ player is another.

    1. And I have been rebuked for not backing MA 100%, when it was he and Edu who made this decision… after having to live with the example of Ozil having played out in front of their very eyes!!

      AW was given untold stick over his part in the Ozil saga (even though it was gazidis who set the contract up… as he did with Ramsey) and yet MA seems to be like the Teflon man!!

      I do smile when fans say “just pay him off”… how they love spending and wasting kronkie’s money Durand!!!

      1. if you actually think that Gazidis should be blamed for the misguided Ozil deal, you’re either dangerously naïve or clearly still brainwashed…what’s next, you’re going to blame Gazidis for the Sanchez debacle??? you knew exactly whenever Gazidis was allowed to exert any influence when it came to personnel matters because they were summarily frozen out by the manager, like Perez

        1. Gazidis was to blame for a lot including most penny pinching. Fact your running defence for him too means I have you pegged 100%

      2. ken your getting as bad as Dan except Dan sold his soul and he’ll regret that. Wenger loves Arteta your problem with Jon is your problem with Jon. Leave Arteta out of it.

        1. and by that you don’t need to back him just stop bringing him up in pointless arguments like above

      3. My goodness @Ken.
        When will you ever let go of your Wenger and Ozil grievances?
        You complain and whine every time anyone mentions Ozil or Wenger, saying “Wenger and Ozil are gone blah blah”.
        But you yourself can’t seem to get out of your hurt feeling with regards to those to individuals.
        You bring them up all the time to indirectly ot directly bash Arteta, but when others bring Ozil and Wenger up for bashing you then get all snappy, sensitive, emotional and into your feelings.

        This saying sometimes makes sense “The older we get the more we dig deeper into our personal biases”.


      4. I remember most arsenal fans clamoring for Arteta and Edu to sign Aubemeyang and pay him whatever fee is needed to keep him. Now Auba has failed to live up to the level required, we blame Arteta for giving him the wages. This is a big example of how people can easily turn their backs on you after they’ve forced you to take a stand/decision for them.

    2. We even subsidise Balogun’s salary so it’s very normal nowadays unfortunately, especially for us.

      We should be called Loan&Lose FC

  2. Juventus are perhaps holding out for Auba in exchange for the underwhelming Arthur. If this goes through, if will rank as the deal of the century!

  3. Let us see what you people wants to buy n blend them together on time; enough of these lie lie pls.when it is 11th hour,you’ll go n bring chamack them! We’re tired of all this not depend on overrated players,learn from Ramsdale & Tomiyasu deal which are very prolific.

  4. Well Gazdis, love him or hate him, each ones opinion, but for me, I’d have a statue of his outside the Emirates for the simple reason he ended my misery of having to see the professor every week in the dugout and all those senile decisions, those smirks after the drubbings and whippings at the press conferences. Well Auba and his wages, Mikel was not wrong, afterall he did single handed won us the FA cup, what of worth did Ozil do for Wenger to shell out mega wages?Was he earning something? Auba is not the same post his malaria last season, definately not Mikel’s fault as some of the faithful are made to understand. Anybody can fall sick anyday.

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