Arsenal is close to sealing a €120m package for sought-after striker

Arsenal is stepping up its interest in Viktor Gyokeres, according to a report from Portugal.

The Gunners are looking to bolster their attack after missing out on their number one target, Benjamin Sesko, who has decided not to change clubs this summer.

Mikel Arteta’s side is now keen on signing another striker, and Gyokeres has emerged as their latest preferred target.

They have followed the Swede for a long time, and he impressed them by scoring 29 goals and providing ten assists in 33 league games last term.

It was his first season at Sporting Club, yet he delivered impressive numbers, which the Gunners believe he can replicate in their team.

Arsenal is now expected to push on to sign him. A report from the Portuguese outlet Leonino reveals that they will pay less than his release clause, but related add-ons will take the deal to around €120 million.

The Gunners are already in talks, and the report suggests they have reached an agreement on transfer fees.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Gyokeres has been one of the best strikers in Europe over the last few seasons, so it is not a surprise that he is on our list. 

However, for that price, he should score a lot of goals in his first season.


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  1. it just seems so unlikely Arsenal will take a record signing €120m gamble on this guy

    that is more than Declan Rice!

    Declan Rice the opposite in so many ways, not just PL proven but season after season high performer, in a position Arsenal desperately needed the player, in a high price transfer market

    Gyorkeres has had one good season in Portugal, 41 goals in 113 games for Coventry in the Championship before that (avg 14 goals in 38 games), Arsenal goal scoring form is good (most in a PL season ever), in a depressed transfer market

    and awful record for players from Portugal league transitioning to PL

    just such a big and unnecessary gamble

    it just doesn’t add up

    1. Less than £85M but up to £120M in add ons, so that could mean £70 to sign him, and then clauses such as score over 25 goals, win the premier league, play x amount of games, score 6 goals in the champions league, all these types of things that could eventually add up to a total cost of £120M if ALL are achieved. Sign him up!

    2. I think that you are a stats person. You have probably not seen him on the pitch live and you are obviously looking hard at the finance. As a coventry supporter I can tell you that Gyokeres is the real deal. Take him.

      1. “Take him” at what price?

        in your opinion what is a fair price? honestly looking for your view?

        so as a Coventry supporter you watched Gyokeres for 3 seasons, right?

        facts, 41 goals from 113 games in the Championship

        not top goal scorer in any season in Championship

        the Championship

        how on earth does that translate to €120m in the Premier League?

        it makes no sense

  2. Would be good if they could pick the one they reckon is the best and go for it. If this is it then excellent. Certainly sounds like one of the best options, so get it done ASAP so he can start integrating.

  3. I believe that Arsenal would have done their homework thoroughly. Before they committed themselves to the signing of Viktor Gyokeres this summer. Who reportedly will cost Arsenal a staggering amountil of money of €120m in transfer fee package to sign him this summer..
    And I believe they have checked the injury side of him thoroughly too. Because I learnt at AFTV yesterday that he had a serious knee unjurwd last May and was sidelined for weeks.

    1. Good post Samuel, nice to see you checking his fitness.

      I’m of the same opinion as Aesenal1886 though regarding the money involved, but not necessarily on his previous form.

      Players evolve with age, experience, correct coaching and the standard of players around them.
      Coventry and The Arsenal are like chalk and cheese in all four of those elements and, if it happens, we should judge him on his time at our club and not at his time elsewhere… Havertz and Willian come to mind folks?

      1. but to invest €120m it must have reference to previous performances to assess what we get for our €120m

        otherwise crystal ball gazing gamble

        and his previous performances are 1 good season in Portugal and 3 average seasons in the Championship – does not shout €120m nailed on PL goal machine to me, particular the poor record of translating Primera Ligue form to the ‘chalk and cheese’ Premier League

        just feels like a risk out of character for Edu/Arteta

        anyway we will find out soon as ‘very close’ apparently

  4. Portugal league is equivalent to our championship league. If Jesus played in the championship league or Portugal league (same thing) Jesus would have scored 50 goals.. It’s all relative.
    I thought he would be a big gamble at £60 million, there is no way Arsenal will consider the laughable figures being mentioned. For the Money mentioned Arsenal could bid for Musiala or WIRTZ. Don’t look at the number of goals but instead look at the quality of opposition.

  5. I believe a big chunk of the 120m is performance bonuses (if it’s true). The actual signing fee is more sensible.

  6. @1886, the 120m euros is rumoured to be an entire package that include add-ons of “ifs” and “whens”. The guaranteed fee is said to be 90m.
    I am still doubting the veracity of the story. But if it turns out to be true, I would be glad to trust the judgment of Arteta and Edu who have shown of recent that they can be trusted to make some really decent decisions

    1. add-ons tend to be included when tracking transfer fees, and 33% extra in add-ons unusually high

      if we shell out that kind of money I hope all the add-ons are triggered, e.g. winning PL, winning CL, 100 appearances – if you know what I mean

      yes I do trust Edu/Arteta too, they have been spot on in recruitment and strategy – but ironically that makes me even more sceptical about Gyokeres at this price as it just does not seem to fit the Edu/Arteta way of doing things

  7. Signing Viktor Gyokeres for £60 or £70 is not a gamble to me at all, it’s only many of we Arsenalfc fans talk about buying a particular player as a gamb can’t we see what other clubs are paying to sign players. The bonuses involve in signing Viktor Gyokeres should not be a problem or do we want arsenalfc to go for players that there parents clubs will not allow to leave for now.

    Instead of Arsenalfc buying Victor Osimhen for £100 is better they buy Viktor Gyokeres. Thanks

  8. Sign the player otherwise we’ll be left to sign Borja from Chelsea. Other teams will come and pounch this player if we keep on delaying.

    1. this is not Football Manager, you don’t just buy a player for the sake of it, €120m is not a flippant spare change through away

      have no fear, Arsenal is not ending up with Borja

      unlike the fan base, Edu/Arteta are not desperate to sign a ‘striker’, if the quality is not there at the right price they simply won’t do it

      Borja at any price is not worth doing!

  9. This makes it about 6 strikers now that we have been near to signing and I don’t believe any of the supposed articles about us and who we are about to sign. We should know by now that Arsenal ( meaning Edu and Arteta ) do not talk specifically about who they are after. These articles are entertaining reading during the close season but let’s just wait until signings officially announced by the club.

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