Arsenal is keen on Frenchman and could include these four players in their offer

Arsenal has made signing Eduardo Camavinga a priority this summer, according to Express Sport.

Mikel Arteta will look to get back into the top four next season and the Rennes midfielder is a player that could help him achieve that.

He is attracting the attention of top European clubs like PSG and Real Madrid and this means the Gunners faces a losing battle in the race.

The 18-year-old might move this summer as he has just a year left on his current deal and has refused to sign a new one.

Arsenal’s revenue and transfer budget have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the report says they might have to add a player in their bid for Camavinga.

It lists four players that the Gunners could discard to sign him ahead of next season.

The report says Arteta might be willing to add Bernd Leno to their offer, but the German will probably turn down a move to France.

William Saliba is another option and his continuous impressive form at French clubs may make him attractive to Rennes.

Matteo Guendouzi could be a more ideal swap option considering that he plays in the same position as the Rennes man and Arsenal wants to sell him.

Finally, the report says Arteta would be willing to use Eddie Nketiah and the move could interest the Englishman, especially if he is certain to be their first choice striker.

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  1. Very soon there will be speculations Arsenal wants 2 sign me. Whether all these be rumours or serious bids, I want 2 see us make some reasonable signings that will improve us next season going 4ward.

  2. Camavinga is arguably the best young player in France right now. Watching him on You Tube he is a breathtaking prospect. He is at Rennes so he won’t cost as much as he would at a larger club, and he is available. The issue is that all the big clubs want him.
    With the exception of Saliba I cant see any Arsenal guys in a PX deal.
    Hes one of several mfs I would love (Kessie, Locatelli, Bissouma) but most of the rumours aren’t true, and even if they agreed to come we can’t buy all of them.
    Its fun to at least be involved in the mix for some of the best young players around though – not something I expected a month ago!

  3. Let Mikel Arteta use Matteo Guandoze or Eddie Eketiah in the deal; not Brend Leno or William Saliba.

    1. do you think they will just simply accept what is offered to them because the fans say so??

  4. Absolutely no chance Every top club have been looking at this lad for 2-3 seasons and with his contract on its last year (think I read that )some top team will get themselves a bargain and the rumour I’ve read for well over a year is that he wants to go to B Munich.
    TBH why would a top french prospect want to come here after what’s gone on with Saliba and if the rumours are true today that he could be offloaded then you really have to worry for our club .

    1. I heard the BM rumour as well. Agree unlikely to come. There’s always the hope that we find that one guy who’s been an Arsenal fan since boyhood though… (I know its a pipe dream)!
      Saliba is a really strange one. I hope one day we find out whether there is a specific reason why he has beem treated so apparently harshly, or whether Arteta is totally irrational, which you’ll be pleased to hear seems to be more likely!
      It would have been SO easy just to give the lad a few games, not just to see how he fairs but also to show US why hes not ready. Having said that, I know he has great potential but looking around very few top teams let 20 olds into their first team’s central defence – it seems to be the most difficult position for young players to break into.

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