Arsenal Is Looking at a Busy Transfer Season as New EPL Season Approaches

Gooners are looking at the new English Premier season with a mix of trepidation and expectation. The crucible of the previous one proved that Arsenal still has a game, but the team did finish in the 8th spot begging the question of the 2021/22 season is going to be any better? To be able to answer this, you would need to take a closer look.


Just like you would want to carry out an analysis on different fast payout casinos before you commit to a casino, and just the same way, you would want to find out what Arsenal’s chances are of winning next season. There is a lot of movement right now, and that is expected. Euro 2020 is over, and that means that teams must shape up their game.

Arsenal Has Many Great Picks This Post-Season

Arsenal is among the teams who want to have a better start next season, and that is only natural. They seem to be in no shortage of excellent footballers who are interested in having a chance with the Gunners.


One such is Ben White, Brighton’s defender, who may be considering joining the team. White could possibly add to the Gunners’ backline allowing them to unfold their game in the middle and forward a little better, knowing that they have reinforced defenses to fall back on.


Then again, Arsenal should look out for not exceeding its transfer payment window, and there are many footballers who are reportedly interested. Emile Smith Rowe is one of those, but Hector Bellerin is preparing to leave. White is confident that Brighton has a good future, but he is interested in progressing to another team, and Arsenal seems to be the right fit.

Emile Smith Rowe To Stay With Arsenal

Even though two bids have already failed, this doesn’t mean White will stay with Brighton, or Arsenal would fall to snag him. Arsenal tried paying £47 million in their latest bid, but they were politely declined. And, while White’s future in the team is still the subject of a few details and no small amount of negotiation between the teams, Rowe will stay with the team is becoming more likely by the day.

Arsenal feels good about Rowe, and while a contract is up in 2023, Mike Arteta, the club’s current manager, is confident that Smith-Rowe will remain a part of the Gunners. However, Arsenal needs to be wary of Aston Villa, who are continually trying to lure the attacking midfielder.

Rowe’s midfield play is fantastic, and he has been much of the backbone of Arsenal’s attack.


His ability to bounce back after a failed attack and interfere with the mid-field action has saved the Gunners from many dangerous situations. Sure, he still has some rough edges to polish, but Arteta is confident that Rowe is a beneficial addition to the line-up.


Part of building a successful team is to retain your players, and that is precisely what Arsenal is doing.


What the Gunners can do is focus on the transfer windows and identify new opportunities to scoop up talented players to the field in the upcoming football season.


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