Arsenal is now ready to erect Wenger statue after he returned to the club

Arsenal is now ready to erect a statue to honour Arsene Wenger after the Frenchman returned to the club following his departure in 2018.

Wenger was forced to leave the Emirates after two decades at the helm and was unhappy, which made him stay away from the club until this week.

He finally visited the Emirates to watch Arsenal beat West Ham in the Premier League and fans were delighted to see the man who brought them to the stadium return.

His former player Mikel Arteta is now the manager, which shows his legacy continues and probably will not die, at least for now.

The Frenchman is due a statue and a report on The Sun claims the Gunners will now go ahead to erect one at the Emirates in his honour.

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Wenger is one manager most Arsenal fans will not forget and he is the last gaffer to win the Premier League for us.

The Frenchman’s team went through the 2003/2004 season unbeaten and it is a feat that any club will struggle to meet after Liverpool came closest to equaling it in the 2019/2020 season.

It will be exciting to see him make frequent visits to the club now that he has made a return.

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Mikel Arteta on West Ham win, Nketiah’s success and Wenger’s comeback and Arsenal’s winning run.

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  1. I’m not sure why people don’t accept Wenger’s statement that he stayed away because he felt that if he returned, it would cast a shadow over the club.

    Seeing how Ferguson does that at MU, he may have a point.

    But still people think they know his mind, writing things like:

    “Wenger was forced to leave the Emirates after two decades at the helm and was unhappy, which made him stay away from the club until this week.”

    1. AW had a point and you make a valid point that in some respects SAF has been an unintended negative influence at Old Trafford despite leaving on a high.

      I think it would have been a disaster for Arsenal (with hindsight) if Wenger had held a role that could impact on the next generation of managers. Emery was already an experienced coach so how would he have felt having the spectre of AW looming? I have just finished my tenure as lady captain at my golf club and whilst I was thrilled to be free again from all the responsibilities there was that temptation to interfere when the new LC took the reins. AW was wise to keep away but I do hope that along with most other supporters, that he gets his well deserved statue and can enjoy visiting the club again. Enough time has elapsed and time is often a great healer

    1. Saka, I am glad your player namesake is not at all like you. Your obnoxious commenttshows you as mean spirited, narrow minded, unintelligent and more besides.

      IF you truly and honestly believe that a statue to our great AW is a “waste of bloody money” , then IMO, you are beyond help.

      You could learn a great deal from watching how your namesake operates in human relations And you could and should also GROW UP!
      You should be ashamed of your despicable post!

  2. No, Mudryk will become a legend at the club and, perhaps, will be awarded with a statue alongside Wenger, Chapman, Adams, Bergkamp and Henry.

  3. Arsene a class gentleman unlike Ferguson.
    Still on a monthly income of 250 grand from the mancs.
    Arsene still in regular discussions with Mikel.

  4. Arsene absolutely deserves it. He propelled our club into the 21st century with class, stye and decency.
    Seriously, every time I thik of Arsenal FC Arsenes name pops up synonymously..
    The teams he built between 1996-2011 just got me so addicted to Arsenal. Enjoyed the 2 styles of football.

    Congratulations Mr Arsenal FC.
    🎉🥳 🎊

  5. I disagree with referring to Mr Wenger as ‘the Frenchman’. its disrespectful. A disrespect he got and gets from those in football who aren’t with respecting.

    I thought his return to the club was great.

    As already pointed out it right that he did not visit while Unai Emery was the manager.

    However the past and present manager have a good relationship and respect for each other.

    Arsenal is Mr Wenger’s football home, the stadium his football house.

    Monday evening was a great evening on and off the pitch.

  6. This is amongst the most obnoxious, despicable posts I have read in the media since. I hope the framer of that comment will paraphrase and spare himself the happiness of a very New year as we are in the LAST DAY, LAST WEEK AND LAST MONTH to 2023

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