Arsenal is now the overwhelming favourite to sign Premier League star

Youri Tielemans is one of the most-wanted players around Europe now as he nears the end of his current deal at Leicester City.

The midfielder has been on the radar of the Gunners for some time and they are not alone.

Clubs from England and other European countries consider him a top target, making it hard for Arsenal to sign him.

However, a report in The Sun says Mikel Arteta’s side has the best chance to add him to their squad.

The Belgian is helping Leicester recover from their poor start to the season, but he could be in Arsenal’s red by next season.

He has a contract offer from the Foxes on the table, but he is more likely to seek a new challenge than to sign the dotted line.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tielemans would be one of the hottest free agents on the market by the end of this season and we will be wise to add him to our squad.

As a free agent, he will represent incredible value for us and his experience will help develop some of our current youngsters.

With him in the squad, we will have healthy competition for a place, which is one of the best situations to be in.

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  1. My God, I dont want him, and I’m certain he’s not a priority, never been a priority that’s why the manager and Edu never pushed to have him.
    If eventually the club gets him. He’ll have my support just as others but he doesn’t fool me so far in his career

    1. I beg to differ with you on Tielemans Eddie.On a free transfer he would add depth to our central midfield and in view of the uncertainty surrounding the future of Laconga it would be silly to miss the opportunity to acquire him.He has been a first choice for Belgium for years and in case it has escaped your attention, his national side are ranked above England.He is the right type for our Club in terms of having an excellent temperament.He is not a prima donna and he is rarely injured.He may not be the super star you seek Eddie, but there are not many of that calibre around at present not are they available.

      1. YES HE WOULD ADD DEPTH,but I question whether he would add quality! I think he would not add extra quality and that he is a decent playerand probably goodvalue in one respect, if on a free.

        But I still think he will not be coming and that , had we truly wanted him, which I NEVER THOUGHT WE DID AND STILL DON’T, THEN HE WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN HERE.
        I firmly believe we can find beter and that we will.

        1. Jon,that’s the same way you don’t think Xhaka adds quality to our team…you know what,Xhaka has been making you eat humble pie and you not done eating it,lol …..wait till Tieleman makes you eat humble pizza

          1. It’s xhaka’s seventh season!
            I believe he’s come good now only because he’s being played in a more suitable role (i.e. he was always a good player, but only looked poor previously because he was misused) but I would hope we wouldn’t have to wait that long for tielemans to come good.
            Personally, I think tielemans has a lot of quality, but i doubt his mentality. If arteta/edu decides to go for him, I’ll assume it’s because they’ve done more homework than me, though.

      2. Grandad, that’s the thing he adds depth, but is not better than what we have. You compare him to only Lokonga, but they don’t even play the same position.
        He’ll be just another player on the bench rather than top quality that should be giving the manager headache.
        We’ll be in the UCL next season, if you use Xhaka or Ødegaard for the PL games, is Tielemans the half answer for the UCL half pairing? Is he enough quality?
        You have your answer there.
        Don’t care about him starting for Belgium. Mustafi was once a starter for Germany, but like I said. If we get him, I’ll support him.

        1. I would much rather have Maddison!!!!!

          He certainly would add depth and be an able replacement for both Xhaka and Odegaard.

          With Xhaka, Odegaard and Maddison as creative midfielders, we could give City a run for their money.

          Add to that a solid back up for Partey, even better.

          If we can just get that special winger, wow!!!!

          Whoa, sorry I just woke up. But what a dream!!!

          1. Agree, madison would take us on a level – from an attacking perspective, he’s brilliant.
            I’m still hopeful Vieira will be our answer to madison, but i think we’ll have to be patient.

      3. How os it easier to spell Tielemans than it is to spell Lokonga…an actual member of the squad?
        Make a bit of an effort mate.

  2. The reason we or any other team didn’t buy him in the summer is because of the massive wages he was demanding. I doubt that has changed so it’s highly unlikely he will end up with us.

  3. Now that Party is scoring from long range, it would be
    exciting to add another sharpshooter to our arsenal but
    I think we should look at a more creative baller ??

  4. Leicester Fc should have taken the money we offered them earlier on, the money realised would have done them a whole lot of good in the present campaign, having said that I believe Arteta no longer needs nor want him as viera was his choice if Leicester refused to sell. I think MA not signing him was a good move.

  5. Tielemans is not the answer as simple as that.

    Two type of playes the gaffer will try for in my opinion. A game changer midfielder or a young midfielder with a high ceiling.
    Tielemans tick none of those boxes

    Arsenal intrest in Danilo may have turn the kid head as he was a shadow of his self weekend, had never seen him so disinterested.

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