Arsenal is now willing to offload flop to La Liga side

Real Betis has been struggling to get Arsenal to sell Hector Bellerin to them in this transfer window.

The right-back spent the last campaign on loan with them and he was impressive as they won a trophy.

However, adding him to their squad has been difficult because they cannot meet the Gunners’ demand for his signature.

This has opened the door for another club to sign him, but Bellerin says he will only leave Arsenal for Betis.

The Spaniards have reportedly reached a full agreement on personal terms with him, but they need the Gunners’ yes.

They haven’t gotten it yet because they need to offload some players to raise funds, according to Mucho Deporte.

However, the report also adds that Arsenal is now on board with selling him to the La Liga side after accepting that he will not join another club.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bellerin’s fine form on loan at Betis should have put us in a good position to sell him for a good fee.

However, his insistence on returning to Betis limits our options, and we have to settle for a small fee now.

Hopefully, they will gather the cash and come in for his signature soon enough because we don’t need him on our books beyond this summer.

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    1. 3rd/some 2nd string line up at least and the weird no fans atmosphere.

      Soares Holding Walters Nuno
      AMN Lokonga
      Nelson Nketiah Marquinhos

      Subs were Awe, Souza, Patino and Sangoe Jr

      Entirely possibly that all of Walters, Nuno, AMN, Nelson and Marquinhos feature in 0 games for us full-stop next season. So wouldn’t be too concerned.

      Least Eddie scored and the match report seems to indicate it was a somewhat unlucky result. Don’t know Brentford well enough to judge it and certainly not their exact strongest line-up but doesn’t look anywhere near as weak as ours and the bees don’t have an actual academy. In those circumstances a 2-1 loss with that side is actually quite encouraging. Given a lot of our players will have barely ever played/trained with each other as well in that line-up.

    2. Only the B team was selected.Here is the team:Turner,Cedric,Walters(Awe),Holding,Tavares(Souza),Elneny,Lokonga,Niles(Patino),Maquinhos,Nelson,Nketya.Good training for them.

  1. Thanks Hector!! You were a great player and we payed a fair price for you.It’s a shame after all the money you earned at Arsenal ,that you stoop to this form of blackmail.Personally I think it stinks how your manipulation is allowed!
    I,d like to wish you well anyway,and thanks for some great moments.

    1. Off load flop ? Wouldn’t exactly call Bellerin a flip considering what we paid for him and his years of service to the club is still a decent player in Spain Tad harsh there Pepe now is a different matter

    2. A “great player”! Oh , what a load of hype and nonsense too!

      How on Earth you can think a player who cannot defend to save his life was “great”, is bizarre!

    3. Have you not read the article properly Neil @
      Love the way you wish him well but in the same post accuse him of blackmail .
      FYI he’s agreed to take a substantial cut in wages to move but the club want more money than betis will pay ,I’m confused at your post .

      1. Dan kit, seems that some people have no idea what a career Hector has gad:

        As an International player for Spain :
        U 16 = 6 caps
        U17 = 15 caps
        U21 = 14 caps
        Full = 4 caps

        Club record :
        3 x FA Cup Winner
        3 x CS Winner
        EFL Runner Up

        Real Betis
        Copa Del Rey Winner

        Not bad for someone who cannot defend to save his life, yet played for a top four PL club for nearly a decade.

        1. True, he should be treated with a bit more respect by some fans.
          At the same time, it underlines, why Arsenal rightly think, we should get more money for him.

          1. Agree with that statement – Arsenal should hold out for what THEY want to do…. of course, the player has the same right, so we’re back to square one!!

      2. All this name callings has become ludicrous from deadwood useless, dross.. we now have blackmail.i am sure that the same people who criticised the likes of Mari ,Torreira ,Hector.. despite having a contract with your employer would quit your job,move your families abroad just because your boss doesn’t have any use for you, would you?would you walk away from millions you are rightly entitled to?
        I am all for supporting the club but turning nasty, personal towards players that the club longer needs especially when they have done nothing,that I refuse!
        Some fans need to chill and get their priorities right,it is football we’re talking about.lastly,I really hope those fans use the same yardstick when it comes to judging themselves.

    4. Totally disagree! Hector is on £110k a week at Arsenal, and is contracted until the end of next season. He has stated that he will take a pay-cut (something not many of us would contemplate), but only to go to his boyhood club. I fully understand and applaud his behaviour. He’s been a great servant for us, and it’s sad that his injury robbed him of his blistering pace. I would happily let him go for free to Betis – and would become a member of the Betis UK supporter’s club.

  2. LOL!!! he is in love with poor betis but won’t let go of his cash at arsenal to aid the move dem guys bite the hand that feeds,sigh!!!

    1. It has been stated he is happy to take a substantial pay cut the issue is Betis can’t afford his appropriate transfer fee until they sell and they are struggling to do that. Doesn’t help that Bellerin has the English tax on his transfer fee as he’s HG. Likely resolved before the end of the window.

    2. @fk
      How is he “biting the hand that feeds”? He was paid for his services to the club, which he carried out and still is, per the mutual contract between the two parties(Bellerin & AFC) The club can keep him on their wage bill or sell him for what’s being offered. Which would in turn terminate all obligations between the two parties. Simple as…
      You need to get up off your knees and wipe that brown stuff from your nose, as well as whatever it is dripping down your chin…IJS

      1. NYG @
        Fk obviously hasn’t read what’s been coming out of the club ,Bellerin as excepted a pay cut to leave ,but the club are playing hard ball ,like you said nothing he can do as he’s been a loyal servant .
        Lol on your last 3 lines 😂

        1. Think about it Dan – how does “accepting a pay cut to leave” benefit Arsenal??? (I assume you meant “accepted”).

          Arsenal doesn’t care if Betis pay him £1 or £10m a year, we won’t be paying him if he’s left (duh) – we only get money from the transfer fee.

          So the club are playing “hardball” as you call it by asking that a fair transfer price is paid.

          He played well while at Betis (as an Arsenal player) and now they want to also take him away at a low price. And he’s colluding with them, playing silly buggers trying to make it happen – that IS biting the hand that’s fed you all these years.

          If Betis wants him they can pay the price.

          At some point the club has to take an (expensive) stand and bench one of these primadonnas as an example. I’d like to see them also minimise the cost in the process – fine the pest for every minute late for training, every pound overweight etc to keep their wages to a minimum.

          Pour encourager les autres, as Napoleon put it.

          1. Can’t really say he’s playing silly buggers can you? He’s not come out and said anything inappropriate and has participated in preseason sure he understands its between the clubs. It goes both ways we don’t particularly want to keep him as much as he wants to also leave. Obviously would be better for us if he was willing to leave to another prem club as we’d of probably been able to sell him before this window in that case but he doesn’t which is his right. Mountains out of molehills here similar to Torreira everything seems perfectly amicable and its just the clubs hammering out details.

            1. IF (and I stress the if) he is saying that he will only go to Betis while Betis say they can’t afford him then he certainly is playing games at the club’s expense.

              And what you are “sure” of is not useful – unless you have inside information you can’t be sure of any such thing.

              But reports are just reports – nothing certain in anything you read in the media unless it’s an official announcement.

              There does seem to be some truth in the suggestion that other clubs are willing to pay the price and he won’t go. “Seem” being the key word.

          2. IDKYIC @
            No I ment excepted 🙄,maybe don’t start off a conversation with an English class buddy as That’ puts me straight off replying to you ,nothing screams more cocky than someone who obviously as a phone from 2012 .

            1. So your sentence would be meaningless in that case. Wow. You realise that, right?

              And your post above… I’m afraid I couldn’t make any sense of that either. Utterly unintelligible.

              And that’s before even looking at the clear absence of even basic logic in your first post – HB taking a pay cut to go to Betis is of NO benefit whatsoever to Arsenal, was it really too difficult for you to see that for yourself?

          3. The fact that Hector is ready to accept a pay cut means that Betis have more money to put towards the transfer forgot that last season,Betis paid his full(Arsenal)wages. let’s say he was on 100k/week and agrees to play for 50k next season, that’s a saving of 2.6M a season.which means Betis could even make an upfront payment followed by installments of close to 3M a season,the whole transfer could be fully paid in 3 season/years,no??

            1. No it doesn’t. It means that Betis couldn’t afford his wages at the level he earned while he was an Arsenal player. Nothing more or less.

              Personal terms are nothing to do with inter-club terms.

              There are lots of players who end up being stuck because they seem to think their highest-ever wage is somehow permanent, for life. So they have a bad spell, insist on the same wages – and end up going nowhere.

              1. I think you’re missing the point.last season Betis were spending over 100K/week on Hector,so if next season he agrees to play for 50/100k a week less,it’d definitely have a positive impact on how much they can pay for the transfer fee,all these future savings can go towards it.surely you can see that?

                1. Putting aside that money is a fungible resource, which if you understand that concept you’d see why the above argument doesn’t hold true…

                  Suppose he did that and Betis said ok, now we can afford him… but they’re not doing that, are they?

      2. It seems fk expects any player that the club wants to let go off, should be expected to shuffle off into the distance and pay for the privilege!!!
        It’s quite simple really, the two parties have outlined what they want – neither, at the moment, are prepared to budge – SO they see out the legally binding AND mutually agreed contract.

        1. You’re just putting it as if we are the ones no longer interested in him when it’s obviously clear he wants away just like guendouzi and guendouzi’s case the interested club swooped him after the loan,florentina backed off torreira though he’s willing to move to any club interested in him but in bellerin’s case he’s accepted a paycut to join them which is non of our damn business but won’t walk away from his money here when he knows they can’t afford him.

          1. What are you talking about!!!
            So, suddenly, the club aren’t wanting to sell him, it’s the player who’s pushing for the move?
            Arteta has said he can go, but at the price the club value him at… what part of that scenario leads you to think that Bellerin should take a pay cut in order to please the manager?
            They sent the player out on loan, he’s proven he can still play, he will take a reduced salary and wants to end his career at his home team club of Betis….. if that isn’t going to happen, he will honour the mutually agreed contract – so WHAT exactly is he doing wrong?

            1. What’s wrong in his actions is the fact that he wants to leave despite the fact that the manager won’t mind keeping him (take cedric who is not any better for example but wants to stay) but won’t walk away from his money despite the fact that the only club he is willing to sign for can’t afford him.he has accepted a pay cut with betis he can as well walk away from us and our money since he is no longer interested in working for us but doing otherwise which is his right though makes him a “snitch”!!!

              1. If Arteta wants him to stay, then why not say that?
                As far as I am aware, you are the only person who thinks Mikel wants to keep him – all he has to do is state that’s the case and Hector, like the professional he is, will travel to the USA, captain the team and make himself available whenever asked…. hang on though… hasn’t he already done that?

                1. The issue is IF the reports are correct (that he’s refusing to go anywhere but one club, wh say they can’t afford him) then his position is not reasonable, it’s tantamount to blackmailing the club to get what he wants.

                  In my mind there’s also the suspicion of collusion between Betis and the player.

                  I hope Arsenal don’t send any more players on loan to either Betis or Marseille. Neither of those clubs is behaving in the spirit of the deal.

                  1. No it’s not “blackmail” at all.
                    Let’s take your thoughts that he will only go to Betis as factual… that is his perogative just as it’s The Arsenal’s choice to ask for a price they seem as reasonable for the player.

                    Bellerin could accuse The Arsenal of “blackmail” by setting a price that they know Betis cannot afford, while offering him to other clubs and then leaking out the information that there are clubs willing to pay said price (if that is the case).

                    It is interesting to note that neither Mikel or Hector have commented personally and, in fact, seem to have a working relationship ie. Travelling and playing in the USA and wearing the captain’s armband in our first friendly game versus Ipswich.

                    Is that the action of a manager (or club) who might see the player “blackmailing” the club?

                    I also remember that there is a legal contract, still active, that both parties entered into by mutual consent.
                    Just because one party might want to consider breaking that contract to suit their own needs,
                    doesn’t mean that the other party should concede to those wishes…be it the player or the club.

                    As for collusion between Betis and Bellerin: The player had a very successful loan period with the club and became very popular with the fans.
                    It’s his home club and I’m certain that conversations took place over a permanent move, especially after Mikel bought in a new RB.
                    It might also be possible that the Betis MD discussed how bad their finances were and Bellerin said he would take a pay cut in order to obtain a transfer…. but at the end of the day our club has the ultimate hand and Hector has proved he is the ultimate professional and that’s why he will honour his contract if the two clubs cannot agree to compromise…just my opinion of course.

                    1. It’s a matter of perspective. If clubs don’t AGREE with an other club’s valuation that’s one thing.

                      When a club doesn’t disagree with Arsenal’s valuation – as in this case – but wants a cut-price deal instead, that’s another thing.

                      And when the player is saying that he will only go to the club that can’t afford him…. that’s another thing entirely.

                      It smacks of collusion and blackmail. Betis wouldn’t even waste Arsenal’s time with this nonsense unless they know Bellerin’s position.

                  2. We get it @IDKWIC,every club that refuses to dance on Arsenal tune or God forbids dare to go after the same player are all corrupted,bad clubs..with whom we shouldn’t business case you hadn’t realised,they are doing exactly the same thing as all others clubs including Arsenal, looking after their own interests.i hate this mentality “if you are not with us then you’re against us”type of things,expecting clubs to bow to is the same thing with players who choose to turn us down for another club,suddenly they’ve become bad players, mercenaries,money hungry…what a sad way to look at much as I love Arsenal,we are not the only club in the world,not every player wants to play for us.

                    1. No you don’t get it at all. You are making up a scenario that doesn’t exist, if things are as reported of course, which is…

                      Betis are not disagreeing with Arsenal’s valuation of Bellerin, they are simply saying that they can’t afford him at his true value, but they want to be given him cheaper.

                      And it just so happens, very conveniently, that Bellerin is refusing to go anywhere but Betis.

                      If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

                    2. @idwic.i didn’t say that you were wrong,Betis and Bellerin are probably doing everything possible to save money on the transfer, how is that wrong?you may not like it but you can’t blame them.the same way you want the best for Arsenal like the club not overpaying for players or not selling ours for peanuts.. every club does it including us.

                    3. Well it seems there’s no reply button on your post below, if they are colluding to do Arsenal out of millions of pounds… then OF COURSE I CAN BLAME THEM.

                      And so should you. Call yourself an Arsenal supporter?!

                    4. I don’t think you understand the difference it makes when a player is loaned to a club and then that club and player COLLUDE to reduce subsequent payment(s) to the lending club.

                      If they could prove collusion there may actually be a fraud case to answer, that’s how bad it is.

                      Fraudsters are “only looking after their own interests” too – but there are laws against what they do for a reason.

  3. Said before, Hector can pay the difference and we can spread the fee over 2 years.

    Seems Betis is pleading poverty and Bellerin only wants them, so Betis playing sympathy card to take advantage of the fire sale we have on unwanted players.

    Bench Bellerin, let him play with reserves, at least Cedric wants to be here.

    Hope Arsenal refuse to cancel his contract and stop the madness of giving in to rid the club of their wages. Either pay fee or honor contract as 3rd or 4th choice RB.

    Thought Arteta had sent a clear message, hope he stays firm and holds Betis and Bellerin to his rules, no exceptions.

      1. Hmm no business gives away millions of pounds for no good reason?
        That sounds suspiciously like a blueprint for our transfer activities over the last few seasons.

    1. benching Bellerin? he’ll still get paid,get to train daily and stay fit by playing with the reserve.not only that but Hector is still very young and next season will leave on a free while Arsenal will be paying another player who doesn’t play(incl add ons,bonuses for respecting the full length of his contract).win win situation for him if you ask me.

    1. Well clicks and comments are needed for site to make money. Having said that Ad Martin( I guess you wrote the article and title as I see only your name in it ) you should be ashamed for calling Hector a flop. If anything here is a flop it’s the title od your article.

  4. Yeah!! He’s got the right to hang on to the agreement but why disrespect it by pushing for a move,claiming not to be willing to stay and still won’t terminate the contract given to him by those who claimed not to be interested in working with but will accept a pay cut for the club he’s in love with who can’t afford to buy him despite impressing on loan with them.not only that,he is rumoured to be fraustrating a move to somewhere else willing to pay our asking price and you think he’s not biting the hand that feeds him? I’ll urge you to start using ur head,mate.

    1. Utter BS fk!!!
      He captained the side in Mikel’s first match, he’s travelled to the USA and has NEVER refused to play for any Arsenal manager since he arrived at the club eleven years ago.

      Mikel has, I believe, told him he’s not in his future plans, so why would he NOT push for a move?

      As I said earlier, you expect him to cower down and accept whatever the club want!!!
      Sorry, but that’s not how it works in life.

      Why have Arsenal kept him for all those years?
      Because he was fulfilling his side of the contract – nothing to do with “biting the hand “.

      1. To be fair originally I think it was more a case of Bellerin told Arteta he wanted to go back to Spain than Arteta wanted to force him out but it’s been dealt with perfectly fine in my view and the club has long since moved on. No need for any hostilities, Betis just can’t sell anyone. They are not pleading poverty they are impoverished like most of Europe who relied more on match day revenue as most leagues don’t share tv rights money the way the Prem does and none match the amount the prem gets.

      2. @ ken

        But that’s not the issue. There are reportedly Spanish clubs willing to pay the asking price for HB but he is insisting on going to Betis, who miraculously say they can’t afford him.

        1. Then Arsenal play hardball and keep him at the club.
          After all, he’s never been a trouble maker like Guendouzi has he?
          It also didn’t stop the club from taking him to the USA and making him captain – neither did it stop Bellerin from playing and doing what he’s paid handsomely to do… represent the club in a professional way.

          1. That is also my position if you’ve noticed other posts of mine on this subject (which may not have been direct replkies to your good self).

            IMHO at some point, Arsenal needs to take a stance and play hardball with some of these people. It’s happened too often reently – the Aubameyang situation was just the latest example.

            Bellerin may well behave as a sensible pro if he were kept at the club. Or he may have a sudden and inexplicable loss of form, as Aubameyang did (which was a factor in not making top 4 which few people mention).

            I read the US tour and brief captaincy as nothing more than window dressing, setting out the store for potential buyers.
            And that was the first half, which we lost. When the A team came on they won the second half 5-1 iirc? Something like that anyway.

  5. It’d be good if the word “flop” were not used again.

    It’s not true that he’s been a flop, nor is it true of many other players that tag has been attached to.

    He certainly is making a nuisance of himself though – IMHO bench him and dock his pay for every transgression.

    AND – start writing some better contracts that prevent this kind of behaviour.

      1. Honestly Ken I don’t understand where this is coming from. He’s not throwing his toys out ala Guendouzi or refusing to facilitate a move whilst making various public declarations ala Ozil. Weird hostility for a fairly ordinary situation.

      2. Well, in that sentence, any *possible* future transgressions such as not turning up on time for training. Whatever.

  6. @ken 1945 Of course arteta wants him but he seems to struggle with arteta’s demands and he clearly stated he’s not happy here which IMO if not gotten rid of he’ll only display below par performance.we all know cedric is no better than bellerin but have you asked yourself why arteta still wants to keep him? same with nketiah and elneny’s it’s false to claim the manager does’nt want him.

    1. Your ignoring the fact we agreed to let him go and long since moved on with his position. We don’t want him now, Tomi has seen to that with Cedric/White as back ups and Norton as future we’re happy in that spot. We don’t need Bellerin as well would be a waste of wages.

      The issue is the pandemic (more accurately the reaction to the pandemic) it’s why Betis are poor and more importantly why Betis can’t find clubs to buy the players they want to sell (you realise they are in the same boat as us just further down the pecking order when it comes to sales.) No pandemic and the likes of Bellerin/Torreira never have any loans, they just get sold straight away.

    2. So let me get this right – despite buying a new RB, sending Hector out on loan, stating that he can leave for Betis if they cough up the asking price you are saying that Mikel wants him to stay and its all Hector fault!!!

      Well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

        1. He was granted his request cos he actually confirmed it in an interview that he spoke to arteta that he wants to leave a loan move was the only possible option then as there was no offer for a permanent move therefore settled for a loan late last summer b4 we brought in tomi on deadline day knowing fully well hector is no longer in our plans but in our books which he could easily help us out in that regard to show appreciation by leaving for free knowing his beloved betis can’t pay a bargain of an asking price to sign him.

  7. It’s a bit harsh to put all the blame on HB; the player is only acting in his own self interests.

    And, according to our own esteemed technical director, Edu, offloading players for peanuts means one thing: investments in the future (the same way we invested in Ozil, Willian, Aubameyang and others).

    Expect more investments to follow later this window when, we finally offload the likes of Leno, Torreira, Pepe and ANM. Loads of investments, not losses.

    1. If people ran around “only acting in their own interests” we’d be back living in caves and cutting each other’s throats on the streets.

      It’s not ok to behave that way. He has a contract, so he cannot expect to choose both his next destination AND the price the club get for him.

      I blame Betis more than the player, but there’s a stench of collusion in this.

      1. He’s not choosing the price the Arsenal will get for him – how could he possibly do that?

        At the end of the coming season, he WILL be free to choose where to go and negotiate his contract – it’s up to our club if they want that scenario to happen.

        Tell me, what is the difference between Leno wanting to stay in London with Fulham and the club, reportedly, lowering their asking price and the Bellerin situation?

        1. The obvious difference is that Leno is not saying that he will only go to Fulham.

          1. But as no other London club is bidding for him and he wants to stay in London…. is he blackmailing the club?

            1. Of course not. What on Earth are you talking about?

              If he’s said he wants t stay in London it’s not teh same as saying that he will nly stay in London.

              The other issue is that Fulham are not saying “We agree with your valuation, but we can’t afford it so we want him for less money” – which is what Betis are doing with HB.

              The two are not remotely comparable.

              1. Yes they are – Fulham are not prepared to meet our valuation of the player – ditto Betis.

                Bellerin wants to play in Spain.
                Leno wants to play in London.

                Both players have been told they do not feature in Mikel’s plans.

                The rest is speculation, just as your thought regarding “blackmail” and mine are.

                It’s your conspiracy theory turned on it’s head!!!

                By the way, it’s now being reported that Hector is willing to forego the rest of his contract, leaving the door wide open for the two clubs to come to an agreement – does that constitute blackmail or a player putting money before everything else?

                1. You seem to be deliberately ignoring whatever I write and repeating the same things over and over.

                  I repeat:

                  (1) CLUBS.

                  Fulham are saying that they disagree with teh valuation of Leno and are offering what they believe he is worth.

                  Betis are not doing that, they don’t disagree with teh valuation they just won’t pay it.

                  (2) PLAYERS

                  HB is saying that he will only go to Betis.

                  Leno is not saying that about Fulham or any other club. He has only expressed a preference to stay in London (according to a report, not verified).


                  When someone is told that they don’t feature in plans (IF that’s true, we don’t know that) – they are expected to look for another club. They are not supposed to collude with the new club to reduce the price. THAT is the key issue here.

                  And re your last paragraph – as I have ALREADY SAID, “foregoing” the rest of his contract means it would be cancelled and he becomes a free agent, Betis wouldn’t have to pay a penny for him – and that ignores the fact that Arsenal have value invested in him that they would lose. Surely that’s obvious – do I really need to point that out?

                  It must be obvious to anyone thatif Betis bought him then teh rest of his Arsenal contract would never happen anyway, so this is a non-offer. It has no benefit for Arsenal at all.

  8. Fact he’s not and should not be the one to choose the asking price but has the right to agree with the club that he’s willing to walk away from his wages left for just one year since his beloved club can’t pay the asking price and won’t leave for somewhere else where not only will they meet our asking price but also pay his wages in full if not more.just a behind closed door friendly is what you are raving about as if he’ll repeat the dedication in a competitive match when he is mentally and psychologically not willing to play for us claimed arteta does’nt want him but played huge amount of games despite delivering poor performances alongside guys like cedric,elneny and nketiah who chose to stay and fight for their place in the team which he has the choice to do also cos arteta won’t mind keeping those who buy into his philosophy so stop claiming he’s the victim here.

    1. That meaningless friendly was part of the preparation for the start of the season.
      When did Mikel play any of the other players he wanted out in any match?… I’ll use Ozil, Aubemeyang and Guendouzi for comparisons!

      1. How much are we even talking about? £5.7 million pounds compared to our asking price from betis?,after he claimed he is no longer interested in playing for us? Ozil i must admit is a lot better afterall in his own case it’s the club who shunned him for what he did and not the under way round though clinged to his mega bucks and not forcing a move,similar to bellerin……i still insist the pre-season apps are meaningless cos anyone won’t mind playing it regardless the club just to keep fit and maybe show suitors what they are capable of for those pushing for a move.

  9. If we won’t get a fair fee, keep him for this year. Club cannot keep allowing players to deictate what they want regardless of their contractual commitment. It is not a charity club.

    1. Swap deal may be suitable, if Arteta want any of there players and Betis really want Hector.

  10. Admin Martin – dont be so disrespectful – Bellerin is not and has never been a FLOP for Arsenal – this is how you talk about a long standing servant to the club; who chose to stay – not head back to Barca like some others we could mention —when he had numerous offers to do so. Thats a clickbate title mate- grow up.

    FK and IDKWIC.. Oh dear.

    What are you two on?
    Bellerin is not ‘guilty’ of anything is he.

    He was told he could move on and was no longer a first team pick – he went out on loan to Betis, his hometown club, loved it and said ‘thats my next move, i want to end my career at Betis’ – and to help faciclitate it he will take the job on less money.

    Betis cant afford him so he will sit and finish his contract if need be and then go of his own volition.

    Whats wrong with that?

    Arsenal signed him up to the FULL TERM of his contract and its the club that wish to end that early and if possible gain some revenue back – but like everybody else- he is a human being and can choose where they wish to work.

    Quite why you two think he is blackmailing, coercing, selling state secrets, giving coke to small kids is beyond me- he went to US ,was Artetas pick as a tour Captain and as far as I have ever heard is a consumnate professional.

    He isnt saying – ‘you have to sell me to Betis now at a knockdown price ..or else!’ he has said ‘If you want to sell me – I only want to go to Betis – so will do what i can to help that process.

    Ultimately if they cant afford him now he will sit on the bench, play in cups and wait the year until a free agent- where he probable wouldnt have to drop his salary at all.

    Wake up lads – this isnt FIFA 22 – its real life.

    1. Absolutely 100% correct Iain and why Bellerin has suddenly become the latest Arsenal player to be judged in such a negative way, I fail to understand.
      A decade of being a model professional player for our club seems to count for nothing.

    2. He didn’t suggest that he’s happy to finish his contract though. I think you made that up.

      He said he wants to buy out his contract, which to him, seems to mean not being paid for the remainder – that’s not buying out, that’s cancelling.

      But these are only reports made up by journos with nothing better to say.

      The rest of your post is not really logical, often rather silly – and/or has been covered elsewhere, which you seem to ignore (such as being token capt in USA), so it’s hard to comment.

      And given the insults, I’m not sure I can be bothered. Can you not keep a civil tongue in your head when posting? Is that really too difficult?

        1. I don’t believe I was uncivil, those were calm and imo valid observations. I genuinely couldn’t make any sense of his last post in particular.

          I didn’t suggest he was on drugs or any of the other insults the chap above threw out.

  11. Bellerin is not a FLOP.. He is a DEADWEIGHT/ DEADWOOD..
    There is a difference between those 2 terms..
    Bellerin came through as a youth and has been here for more than 8 years.. Can’t be a flop, but to me be is deadwood in when it comes to what Arteta expects..

    1. No difference whatsoever – they are all derogatry remarks, but everyone’s entitled to their opinions.

      1. I guess you mis-posted that and it was meant as a reply to me.

        We can all play the “scratch around for a shred of pseudo-logic to have the last word” game. If you really can’t see the difference then I’ll leave you to it. Bye.

  12. I would like to register my distaste at the use of the word “FLOP” when describing Hector Bellerin.

    Hector has been with the club since 2011 and has made nearly 200 first team appearances.

    He had a bad injury, which cost him some of his exceptional pace, but I would NEVER call him a flop!!!!

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