Arsenal is on the market despite Kroenke’s family stance

Arsenal has been on the market for about two years now despite Stan Kroenke’s insistence that the club is not for sale, according to a report.

Arsenal fans have been demanding a change of ownership at their club for some time now.

Spotify co-founder, Daniel Ek has signified interest in buying them from its current owner, but the Kroenke’s insists that they are not selling.

However, The Mail on Sunday claims the club has been put up for sale for the last two years.

But offers to buy have been rare with the Kroenke’s last receiving an offer more than a year ago.

The report says an international financial consortium tried to buy the club at that time and they got a positive response from Kroenke.

Unlike before, when they have rebuffed efforts to buy them out of the club, the Americans said they would sell for around £1.7billion.

The deal still didn’t go through, but it shows that Kroenke has also had enough of the trouble from the Arsenal faithful and they will sell at the right price.

Some fans have continued to protest their ownership of the club, but Ek who has come forward to buy the club this year hasn’t said if he has made a bid for it yet.

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  1. Am looking for money to buy my beloved club
    2billion will do the trick

    The Kroenke’s will make money from capital gains, a lot

    They should leave

  2. Arsenal may be closer to Newcastle in the league table than the top. But, the value of the clubs in the market aren’t nowhere closer at this moment. With the help from a handful of millionaires among the Magpie fans, the Newcastle takeover project maybe sealed.

    Arsenal takeover needs at least a dozen billionaires to pool their resources together to even tempt the current owners to the negotiation table. At this moment, there’s just one ready to put his money where his mouth is.

    Fans taking control of Arsenal will remain a pipe dream as long as the club’s market value remains sky high. The fans do have the absolute power to bring it crashing down. But, the blind loyalty won’t let them act against the club.

    Since the official announcement from Arsenal FC regarding their involvement in the ESL, I’ve unfollowed them on social media and didn’t even visit the official webpage once until now. For over a decade, the second webpage I visit every single day (the first being BBC Football) has always been Arsenal FC’s. I still keep tabs on them through fan forums. I still support the club. But, not through their money making channels.

    The fans gotta hit them where it truly hurts them. For these owner, it’s simply money.

    How many of you Gooners out there have what it takes to make your absence felt by these businessmen?🤔

  3. As so often on social media, all the few posts above this one are jokey ones and choose not to tackle the problem seriously. Perhaps they have no serious thoughts and prefer to duck the real debate.
    Well its a free choice and I am all for jokes and humour but our club is too dear to me and to countless others to make flippant jokey comments about things at this serious time. With the single exception of Wyoming, who seems to be either a Kroenke relative or BEREFT OF ALL COMMON SENSE, we are all anxious to rid our club of these poisonous Kroenkes. Our mainhpope lies in new government legislation to limit the unprincipled power and poisonous dealings of all these scummy multi billionaires who tried to force Superleague through. Demos , such as the one at Old Trafford, as I write, have there place but on their own will not frighten remote uncaring billionaires.

    We ALL LOVE OUR CLUB and we see them as hatingit, in effect the opposite of love.
    But my friends , the TRUE opposite to love is uninterest and uninterest in the clubs( EXCEPT AS PERSONAL MONEY MAKING MACHINES) is exactly what these scumbag creatures have.
    We need the law to interpose to protect us from these creatures and their filthy ilk around the globe and that is where we must focus our attack. Lobby your MP’s; write letters.


    That is OUR best hope to cleanse our games and we also need a salary cap. But that is next in line to forcing out these creatures who infect and poison the game we all love. LETS ALL PLEDGE TO INVOLVE THE LAW MAKERS and not let up til we are victorious.

    1. I exclude the serious minded Oracle Collins from my comments about the few posts above mine. His was a proper post with serious content.

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