Arsenal is one of few clubs not under pressure to offload players before July

Several Premier League clubs, including Chelsea, Newcastle United, and Aston Villa, are struggling to meet the June Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) deadline. To balance their books, these clubs are actively making sales and signing new players.

Arsenal fans have been curious about why their club signed David Raya on loan from Brentford last season and have yet to make the move permanent. The reason is that Arsenal wants to avoid including the transfer in the current financial year, which ends tomorrow.

According to Football London, the Gunners are planning to make Raya’s move permanent but aim to do so in the next financial year to maintain financial stability. This careful financial planning has allowed Arsenal to avoid making urgent sales before the end of June.

Starting in July, Arsenal is expected to become more active in the transfer market, and fans can look forward to new signings as the club continues to strengthen its squad.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Although we have a lot of money to spend, there are rules regarding spending, and we do not wish to hear that our club is in trouble for breaking them.

Our squad is still strong enough to compete for trophies next season, but we expect some new players to join.


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  1. You write the article but tell us nothing. How much have we got to spend? If you know we have a lot.

  2. With the potential purchase of Raya, Arteta would’ve spent £601.11M. I’ll explain why arsenal will potentially only spend £120M-£150M this summer with a bunch of sales. Arsenal do have money but if you have basic understanding of the accounting side of football then you’ll understand what I mean. Arsenal’s 2year previous year losses come together at £97.6M only £7.4M from PSR breaching. In recent reports Reiss, ESR, & Nketiah have been put on for sale + Patino doesn’t want to play for arsenal next season and Biereth is unlikely to play so to calculate the fees we’ll get for them go to football observatory as it’s a website that judge’s players market value based on science. All of that combined comes roughly to £73M and thanks to Swiss ramble for Arsenal’s financial accounts you subtract the easiest form of profit of the players by 2 year’s total loss cause we want to know how much arsenal can spend split into amortization which is roughly £24.2M. Then multiple by 5 to get the budget cause most player contracts are 5 years which is £121M. In amortization you add the transfer fee + wage fee then divide by 5 to get the value Arsenal will put in their accounts. So if arsenal were to sign Isak they would not only go over the losses in the accounts but they’d be short of a CM & RW. There Arsenal need to be smart this window and also explains why they didn’t sign and haven’t signed Raya yet cause the financial year for football clubs end on June 30. £27M+(85,000*4*12[to get his yearly pay])=£31.08M/5= £6.216M which is £1.184M below PSR which is risky

  3. Just looking at the color of the poster above, could admin wants to hint us of a pending deal from Wolves.

    We seems to look with a certain mystery winger for ages.

  4. Gunsmoke, the poster that is in the article is the same as the one that’s used by Sky Sport News when they starting talking about transfers iirc.

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