“Arsenal is one of the most coveted teams in the world, but…” Agent reveals why Arsenal can’t land target

Arsenal is keen to sign Dusan Vlahovic as they look to add a prolific goalscorer to the squad at the Emirates.

The Serbian has emerged as one of the best players in Serie A in the last year.

The 21-year-old scores goals for fun and looks set to join a top club in the not-so-distant future.

Arsenal knows several clubs want to sign him and they are willing to steal a march on others by signing him for €80m.

However, Sports Witness says they are still struggling to get the player interested in a move to the Emirates.

Arsenal has underachieved in recent years and even finished the last campaign outside the European places.

One could think he would snub a move to the Emirates because Arsenal isn’t a Champions League contender just yet.

However, lawyer and agent, Claudio Pasqualin, thinks Arsenal might not be getting his attention because of the offer they have made to him.

He reckons even if a club battling relegation offers him twice what Arsenal offers, he might move there.

“The reason is the existence of bigger offers,” he told Firenze Viola.

“Evidently, he has contacts, relationships and prospects with teams that offer more.

“Arsenal is one of the most coveted teams in the world, but if there is Valladolid offering twice as much, you think about it… I see the economic aspect as more important.

“The route he is following is based more on economic needs… but maybe there is Real Madrid behind him, and he goes to play there: it would not be shocking; he has the numbers to do it.”

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  1. PIRES says:

    For me if we read between the lines it’s”come and get me” ………You have just to offer more

  2. jon fox says:

    Excuse my cynicism but ” Arsenal might not be getting his attention because of the offer they have made to him,” is utter nonsense.

    We are NOT ALLOWED to make any offer to him, UNLESS given permission by his present club.

    His lawyer and agent apparently said that and also said he has received bigger offers! Also illegally, I assume!

    Unless his club gave blanket permission to ANY club- in fantasy land I suppose!

    What sort of so called “lawyer and agent” is this, who so blithely accuses multiple clubs of acting illegally?

    It is all nonsense of course, as even a moments thought will show any fan. Think about it; disgustingly rich- NOT- Valladolid, MAY have apparently offered “twice as much as Arsenal”!

    What planet is this man on? It cannot be on EARTH!

  3. Argooner says:

    He may be AN agent, but he doesn’t appear to be VLAHOVIC’s agent. Pure speculation.

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