Arsenal is pricing defender out of a summer move

Arsenal’s Nuno Tavares has spent only one season at the club and he didn’t exactly do well as a backup to Kieran Tierney.

He had some great games, but overall, you can’t fault Mikel Arteta for not trusting him very much.

The Gunners have been linked with a move for Aaron Hickey in this transfer window and that could see them offload Tavares before making the move for the Bologna man.

While he doesn’t inspire confidence at Arsenal, Atalanta believes the Portugal Under-21 international is good enough for their team and the Italian club is looking to add him to their group.

Arsenal knows he is still young and will improve, and they have set a high asking price for his signature.

Tutto Atalanta claims they have told his suitors he will cost €40 million. This is clearly a tactic to scare them away because Tavares hasn’t done enough to command that much in transfer fees.

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Tavares has the potential to become a top player and it might be too harsh to judge him on his first-season performance at the Emirates.

He certainly didn’t do well enough, but Atalanta knows he can get better, which may have motivated their interest in him.

It would be smarter for us to give him another season at the Emirates before we judge him.

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  1. He needs coaching on the defensive side of his game.

    Someone to help him read the game, position himself, when to bomb forward and when to sit back.

    Sagna, Dixon, someone to help the young man take the next step.

    1. 👍plenty of Arsenal ex players like Lee Dixon would be happy to help, but would Arteta ask?

  2. The guy is a beast, he has gone backwards a little and made a few mistakes but with the right help, he is a player. He just needs guidance, he has everything in his locker.

    1. Exactly I see him Reggie
      His engine and athleticism is second to none
      Move him more forward which a few fans have been saying all season or get a Coach in who can actually help him defend ,and while their at it maybe they can help all our other defenders.

  3. Not sure LB is his best position. DM (or left-sided DM in some formations) may be better for him.

    Partey isn’t getting any younger and is also injury prone, so having someone that can cover LB and DM would be useful, with a view to stepping up to starter when the time is right.

    40m euros is probably because Arsenal wnats to keep him, as the article suggests.

  4. A season long loan should be a no brainer, just too raw at the moment, will definitely get better with a full active season under his belt

  5. Arsenal can do everything possible to sign G.Jesus and Tielemans to solve their problems.

  6. We need him a lot. He’s powerful, his energy level is too high, he’s not injury prone, too young, versatilityand a die hard kind of player that we need. He’s feel it hurting when a team loose.
    If we sell him this early then it is all about coaching failure to develop player as we can see in the past transfers

  7. He is certainly a very raw talent at the moment.However I’m not convinced that he has a “footballing brain”…plenty of speed,strength and athleticism…yes…but the ability to understand the game he is playing…Im not so sure.
    He definitely seems to have gone backwards during the course of the last season.This might be due to Arteta’s lack of “man management” skills or Arsenal’s defensive coaching shortcomings.Either way a loan would probably be the best move for him at this time….

    1. Spot on Joel.Certain aspects of the game can be improved upon with good coaching, but in terms of ball skills and a football brain, you either have it, or not.Physically, Tavares has everything and is the fastest player at the Club, but without natural football intelligence ,his progress will be limited.

  8. Any rumour on a permanent transfer is FALSE,The only transfer that might take place is a loan and nothing more so i consider this a false rumour.

  9. In times of Tavares, Arsenal should give him one more season to prove himself or rather convert him in an attacking role where i thick he is very good at. For Gabriel Jesus and Telemans, I’m quite sure that Arsenal will beat spurs to that signing and Telemans is a sure deal despite the signing of Fabio Veria

  10. Tavares is by far our worst player. I cant believe a decent club like Atalanta wants to take him off our books. Easy sell! 10mil with future sale clauses would be enough. Then, use the money to get Hickey.

  11. Good! About time we started playing hard ball, if they want the extremely talented Tavares then pay the asking price for him. As for calling him “by far our worst player”, that’s a LOL comment!

    1. There is playing hard ball and taking the Mick and 40M is exactly that!if we over value players with no future at the club,we will end up stuck with the majority of them.

      1. Er it’s because we want to keep him and basically the price is saying to buyers to just f**k off.

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