Arsenal is ready to loan out flop after just one season at the club

Nuno Tavares could be loaned out of Arsenal before next season starts, one year after he joined the club from Benfica.

The full-back was signed to become a backup to Kieran Tierney, and he was expected to impress when the often-injured Scotsman isn’t available.

He did well in some games when he had a chance, but his first season at the Emirates was overwhelmingly poor.

The Gunners are now being linked with a move for Aaron Hickey of Bologna, but they probably have to offload the Portugal Under-21 star before signing the Serie A left-back.

The Athletic claims Mikel Arteta’s side is now open to allowing Tavares to leave the club on loan for the 2022/2023 season.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tavares looks to have made the move to Arsenal too quickly, and he now needs a lot of patience to become consistently good for the club.

Some of his performances suggest that he is a top player in the making, and we should keep him, but we don’t have the luxury of nurturing an underperforming defender now because we need results and fast to achieve our goals.

Tavares could do well on loan and return to fulfil his potential, but we must replace him if he leaves the club.

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  1. Good , he’s useless .

    A fullback is pointless if can’t defend ..

    Not worked out at all .

    Need KT fit for next season and a new deputy .

  2. Another victim of the much lauded Project Youth.
    This time next year the candidate vying for the “flop” crown could very well be Portugal’s Under-21 star Aaron Hickey. Trust the youth development process!

  3. To be honest he needs the loan, he must improve defensively. Also, his confidence is impacted, ge seems to have the desire to do it all, to do the complicated stuff to prove himself, he tries too hard, which makes him lack the compsure of good decision making. He was better when he first arrived at least on the offensive side. Otherwise, he can be used as a winger if Pepe left, he will use his talent and improve gradually.
    For me, Arsenal need to improve their backroom stuff, he made a comment about their communication.

  4. Ny gunner

    At least KT can take a throw in lol …

    I’d rather be injured and be deemed useless than fit and useless !

    If you think there is any comparison to a fit KT and a fit Tavares then bless you x

  5. I would NOT give up on the talented TAVARES, though I would simply do what is obvious and NEVER play him at all in defence, as he is not a defender but a far better player going forward.
    He should be used in midfield IMO or as a wide forward, AND IS WORTH KEEPING IN THAT ROLE.

    1. he is not that great going forward either. his crosses are of very low quality, he can’t drible unless has a lot of space, and his decision making is horible and makes him wast good attacks.

  6. IMO Tavares is not a flop, as is not Lokonga. Both have very bright futures, but through injuries to others they were brought into key games far too soon. Instead of learning for a season they were dropped in at the deep end immediately they arrived. Lokonga’s issues are bulking up physically and adjusting to the pace of the EPL. He will grow into the role next season. Tavares has good skill and great strength and pace. But like GM he tries too hard and gets too anxious. And with anxiety come mistakes, nerves and lack of tactical discipline. Chill pills and maturity are all he needs and like GM (at last!) he will start to develop.
    Honestly I blame MA not them for not having sufficient alternatives to allow them to develop at their own speed. He managed Saliba’s development well and also handled GM’s staggered introduction at the right pace but dropped Tavares and to an extent Lokonga into the cauldron too early.

  7. I personally believe that if you can’t turn Nuno into a viable threat going forward, you ain’t trying hard enough

  8. My worry with this young man and his skill, isn’t aimed so much as to how he played this season, but rather who scouted him and thought he could immediately play in the EPL
    I suspect they were so busy drooling over his pace, they forgot to look what he actually did with the ball!

    Is that person still out there scouting some of our possible summer signings!!!

  9. Disappointing to see an Arsenal fan site label a young player a flop after a single year. Who is the target next season if they don’t hit the ground running – Flores, Hutchinson, Patino?

    I remember early in in the season folks calling for Tavares to replace KT. Obviously that was pie in the sky but the lads got talent and pleased to see that at least a few posters above aren’t ready to write him off just yet.

    A year out on loan would probably suit all parties.

    1. I’m in total agreement with you @Voyageur. Funny how one poor game makes you a flop. I smh at some of the ludicrous comments on here sometimes!

  10. The boy was mismanaged,made a scapegoat when the whole team was poor.what do you think taking him off before halftime,did to him?MA couldn’t wait for another few minutes no?no wonder the boy’s confidence was shattered,you don’t play him and put Xhaka as a LB and then the following game he is expected to perform.anyway,I don’t think that he will be loaned out,that would mean for MA to admit he got it wrong,that either he was not good or experienced enough.

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