Arsenal is seeking buyers to offload massive flop

Arsenal is reportedly looking to offload Nicolas Pepe during the current transfer window, signalling their decision to move on from the Ivorian winger.

Pepe joined Arsenal in 2019, with the club breaking their transfer record to secure his services. However, he has struggled to live up to expectations and has been considered a disappointment.

During the previous season, Pepe was not included in Mikel Arteta’s plans and was loaned out to Nice in the hopes of revitalising his career. Arsenal had hoped that his time at Nice would lead to improvement and increased market value, but Pepe failed to make a significant impact during his loan spell and has since returned to the Emirates Stadium.

With Arteta still not considering him as part of his plans, Arsenal is now actively seeking potential buyers for Pepe. The Daily Telegraph has reported that the club is looking to find a new destination for the former Lille player.

Just Arsenal Opinion

As important as it is for us to add new players to our squad in this transfer window, we also need to offload our deadwood and one of them is Pepe.

The Ivorian has simply been a poor signing for us and we must ensure he leaves soon so we can have space to add a better performer to the group.

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  1. No one better than devaluing players they don’t want quite like our club…..then try and sell and wonder why nobody wil meet the price stated 🤣

      1. Agreed Sue. Much like us they (club, fans, press) seem to also completely make a player undesirable then struggle to sell.

  2. We need to face facts This flop player was not bought by ANY Arsenal manager but by SANLLEHI, who made money for himself by agreeing to buy him.

    Emery , manager at that time, did NOT want him but wanted ZAHA INSTEAD.

    Wenger wasalready gone and Arteta who gave this flop more than enough chances to prove his worth,finally got him out, even though too late.

    You want the culprit then ? SANLLEHI IS THE CULPRIT AND A VERY DISHONEST ONE TOO, even through Kroenke and Co decided to turn a blind eye to open fraud, rather than have our clubs name dragged through the dirt, in law. REALITY!

    1. Correct jon, but Tim Lewis came in (presumably brought by the Kroenkes) and sacked Sanllehi. He still got away with it though, didn’t he!

      1. Yes he did Jax. No doubt plenty of other ‘types’ out there doing the same thing. Funny way for billionaires to run their businesses

        1. Sue, I realise that your post was ironic but for those who dont realise it, the thought that ANY multi billionaire has got that rich by always being honest, is laughable.

          You, Jax, I and most other worldy wise folk have long known that, but we still have countless gullible fans, many of whom are young and have never even heard of SANLLEHI, which is WHY I make a point of bringing it up when that matter arises.

      2. YES Jax he DID. And we honest folk who do NOT steal from anyone at all, let alone the club we love, are expected to simply condone this illegal act.

        Well, I for just one ,will NEVER condone blatant theft and will often refer to it when the subject arises.

        That KROENKE CHOSE TO TURN A BLIND EYE, RATHER THAN PURSUE HIM though the courts was always entirely predictable, though morally WRONG, of course.

        1. Having said that, why would Kroenke sanction the deal in the first place without thoroughly checking how his £72 million was being spent?

          1. Jax, Surely the answe to that questioin is plain! Until JOSH STARTED caring about the cluband became a fan, as seems to me to be the ONLY plausible reason why SK ha spent freely these last two or three years- Kroenke Senior cared nothing for thr club,other than its investment value to himself.

            But Pepe was signed PRIOR to Josh becoming a REAL fan- he was only an official, but NOT real one, when Pepe came.
            THAT is why SK sanctioned or rather rubber stamped that stupid and fraudulent decision by the man, SANLLEHI, he carelessly left in charge of our money day to day.

            Kroenke is far more hands on nowadays , thanks to Josh. STAN CARES NOTHING FOR OUR CLUB AS A FAN BUT HE DOES CARE FOR JOSH.
            That is my sincere view of why things have changed for the better since Josh, TRULY came on board, emotionally too.

  3. Jon, silent Stan left Sanllehi in charge of HIS money, not ours, as you put it.

    Pleased that you pointed out who actually signed the player in question, as someone was blaming Arsene Wenger – but that’s par for the course with some of our fans.

    I just wonder how things would have turned out if we had signed Zaha, as I believe he would have flourished with better players around him.

    I also can see what a good coach Unai Emery really is, as I see the tremendous strides being made at Villa.
    I regret not seeing that at the time.

    That observation backs up your view regarding Stan and Josh, as the latter didn’t get involved until MA arrived.

    Again, I wonder how both UE and AW would have got on, if Josh had got involved, say from 2016 onwards?

    I firmly believe that Pepe will “make it” at a different club and shudder to think how much money Stanley stands to lose when he (Pepe) leaves for pastures new.

    1. Ken I agree with all you write, til I got to the penultimate para, which I dont understand, as AW left before UE came in, so how could they have worked together?

      Had Josh came in in 2016 AND as a true fan, not just an owners son, things would have been very different,IMO.

      And Kroenke will lose most of that ridiculous fee, rightly too, as PEPE will leave for probably nothing at all, or we may even have to pay his wages in part to leave. At very best, we MAY get a small amount back.
      I do not rate him and so disagree with you on him making the grade elsewhere. I say he has not the necessary character to succeed in any decent standard league, let alone the Prem.


      1. Ken Just read your penultinate para again. I now see what you were saying Separately, but each with Josh, presumably!

          1. Well KEN , had we had the sort of funds we are now allowed, back in AW glory days , before 2008, we would have never had to bring in so many SUBPAR DEFENDERS, I hope. Hard to predict though, given AW;s (and this is where we will disagree) poor ability to spot TOP QUALITY CB ‘s esp. I neve rated Merts at all; far too slow and that was always an accident waiting to happen , IMO. Never rthought much of any, after Campbell, apart from Kos and for a short time Vermaelen and Gallas for a short spell. AW left us with aload of AWFUL CBs and his failure to bring in properdefenders , not only CB, ALMUNIA!! was alway my beef with him. He bought poor defenders in spades but his good ones after the inherited ones went, were rare, Invincibles apart . As I said, I know you wont agree . But you asked for MY conclusion.

            As for UE, his language problem would still have tripped him up He was cruelly and un mercifully mocked and Isupect also in the dressing room, by the time he left, sadly. He IS a top class coach and its a real shame he arrived without adequate language.
            I THINK WITH THE MONEY WE NOW HAVE, he would have done very well, had he spoken English. I can NOW understand him properly but hardly anyone could back than. Great shame!
            Finally, of course you have to buy wisely and MA has bought some good playrs and some poor players and needs to buy far better OVERALL, from now on. But the more money you have, the more likely it is to have great success.
            I am optimistic for the several years ahead to come with MA in charge and am fully behind him, as I have been all along , APART FROM a few serious doubts around 18 months ago, which did not last long.

  4. Oh! how i wish Pepe can be intergrated back into the team.

    He would have helped us tremendously towards the end of the season when Saka appeared tired. I still rate him highly. He is a natural finnisher. The only thing i would like to see change perhaps is his attitude.

    There were times when it looked as if he didn’t want to play for us judging by his body language on the pitch. If given a 2nd chance by Arteta i don’t think Pepe will make the same mistake again.

    Just as Saliba forgave Arteta about trust issues i think Arteta should forgive Pepe & Tavarez.(fingers crossed). x x

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