Arsenal is set for worst season in 26 years on this important criteria

Arsenal is having a turbulent season and it might see them miss out on European football and end the season in their worst position in over 20 years.

Mikel Artetaโ€™s side has dropped from a fine start to the season to become a team that is struggling to attain European football at the end of the campaign.

Despite strengthening their team in the summer, their poor form has seen other teams move above them on the league table and the top four is now almost clear of them considering the number of games left.

Sky Sports has computed the table at the end of this season if every club maintains its current trajectory and it is bad news for Arsenal.

They projected their table based on current goals scored, conceded and points per game and it isnโ€™t good reading to Gooners.

Manchester City remains at the top of the projected league table with 89 points and Manchester United comes a distant second with 73 points.

Leicester and Chelsea complete the top four, but Arsenal finishes the campaign 10th on the league table ahead of the likes of Leeds United and Wolves.

This would make it Arsenalโ€™s worst finish in a season for 26 years.

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  1. Plain and simple, the club need to appoint a full-time executive to provide leadership and direction over football operations. It is becoming very clear that the recent cosmetic changes were ineffective. Barring a miracle, we must now accept that this year will be a write-off, thereby setting the stage for this new appointment. There is no alternative. This must be done to save this club and restore it back to its glory days.

  2. Wow. Cutting edge forecasting by SKY Sports. If I understand their complex algorithm, they predicted our finishing spot after 38 games based on our current position of 10th place after 27 games. And lo and behold came up with a predicted finish of 10th place.

    Remarkable insight.

  3. Never mind… we got our Arsenal back didn’t we and who needs top four finishes and FA cup wins anyway?
    The dross has gone and we have spent over ยฃ300,000,000 replacing them… everything is panning out perfectly for those who insisted the grass was greener ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    All we need now, is for every player to run around like headless chickens, in order to show they are 100% committed and the world will be our oyster once again.

    1. Last season 8th was considered a good season because the FA cup was won. So surely winning the Europa League and making the CL no matter the league position would make it a great season?

      1. Come back and pose that question when/if we actually win the europa Cup and have any European football.
        If we don’t, it will signal the first time in 27 years, I believe, that our club will not feature in4 said European tournaments… Needless to say, Arsene Wenger will get the blame by some ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚

      2. Remember when the season started, Mikel had the following players – Runar, Chambers, Mustafi, Soacrates, Kolasinac, Elneny, Willock, AMN, Ozil, Nelson, Eddie a team of nobodies doomed for disaster
        Add to that list Leno, Bellerin, Luiz, Xhaka, Cabellos, Willian, Laca – A notch above those.
        The dependable / average ones are Cedric, Holding, Marri, Partey (forever injured), Odegard, Willian
        The only performers are Tierney, ESR, Saka and sometimes Auba. So with four versatile players we are tenth in the league, how on earth has Mikel achieved that? He is a genius indeed. Without him, we would have be competing with Sheff Utd. for the 20th spot with the part of the dross still glued to the club.
        C’mon Mikel, pay a deaf year to the naysayers and prophets of doom.

        1. And where did UE finish with the dross players you say went and without the “better” players we now have?
          That’s right… 5th in the table and a European final!!!

          I hope MA goes one better in the cup, as I don’t think he will equal 5th place, do you?

          As I say, if he doesn’t, first time in 20 odd years with no European football – but we got our Arsenal back!!!

  4. Or maybe we’ll have to endure more senseless banter by ardent loyalists who continue to absolve our former manager of any blame whatsoever for the present state of the franchise…even your overlord finally showed on ounce of contrition by conceding to the fact that he stayed on too long

    1. As long as we are giving each other food for thought and it remains typical football fans banter, opposites attract!!!

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