Arsenal is set to miss out on signing 100m euros target-man

Arsenal is one of the clubs desperate to sign Victor Gyokeres at the end of this season.

The Gunners have been closely monitoring the attacker throughout this campaign, during which he has scored more than 40 goals for Sporting Club in his first season in Portugal.

Several clubs have Gyokeres on their wishlist, and if he continues to score goals for Arsenal, it would greatly improve their chances of winning the Premier League.

Mikel Arteta’s side understands the importance of having a reliable goalscorer, and they have been tracking Gyokeres, who could potentially rival Erling Haaland for goals in the Premier League.

However, it seems the Swede is set to stay at Sporting, as the Portuguese club is planning to keep him away from his numerous suitors.

A report on Sport Witness suggests that the Portuguese side wants him to spend another season with them, and they believe that Ruben Amorim’s decision to stay on as their coach could make it easier for them to achieve this.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Gyokeres has been fantastic, but staying in Portugal for one more season might also be good for us because it will allow him to prove he is not a one-season wonder.

If he bangs in the goals as regularly as he has done this term, then we can sign him at the end of next season.


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  1. If we can’t get Gyokeres or Sesko, promote Chido as a backup to Havertz, move Jesus to right wing as Saka back-up and then buy 2 midfielders of Partey’s profile and a full left back.

    Sell all those not being used for their own development: ESR, Nelson, Nketia plus Partey.

    partey is really great but his age and especially injury record is not good because he is not always available.

      1. It’s the only way to retain him. he can’t sign a professional contract in england until 17 but he can do that out of England. They want to use that to snatch him away from us. so what next? Lose him?
        16 yos are flourishing in all the big teams. he should begin by getting minutes for each game. is Yamal not a regular at Barcelona? how old is he?
        Chido is good

        1. Haha some fans can really be funny, have you even seen highlights of match Chido played in…that was a kids match with peers still raw and learning the art of football – let the young boy be, am sure with him being at Arsenal academy not many clubs are attractive enough to pool him away, by next year he will be 17 and ready to sign as then progresses in under 18/21s.

          Its however funny the disrespect on Jesus to think that kid can replace him – am sure if Jesus was in that under 16 game, he would have scored 30+ goals in that match.

      1. Yeah, he’s a child. Big and strong fro his age, that’s true. But when he in coming years have the deal with guys his own size and bigger, he will become quite ordinary.
        I saw some of his goals in that 9-0 game, it was like school football. Don’t try to force Obi to be something he isn’t, it will ruin his baller career.

        1. Jack Foolish, that’s why I said let him keep playing in the U21’S and U18’S. That way he hopefully becomes better. Also he shouldn’t have the pressure on his young shoulders.

  2. It could depend on how Arsenal finish in the Premier League this season.
    But prayerfully and hopefully from the Arsenal’s fans point of view. They will finish as the Champions this season beating Man City to the title win.
    After which they will decide on the new incomings who they will want to sign next sinner window.
    One of such new player could be the much talked about player for Arsenal to sign him next summer. Is the Sporting CP’s attacker, Victor Gyokeres. Who Arsenal may or not sign next summer window.
    But if Arsenal are truly eying Gyokeres to sign him next summer. I will advice Arteta to have Arsenal sign the attacker to add him to his group during the next summer window for next season’s campaign.
    But Arteta and Edu SHOULDN’T be waiting and deterring until another top Epl club side snap him up off Arsenal’s face. Which will be ridiculous if it happened.

  3. It’s now – or never. Get Gyökeres. Yeah, it’s sound wise to wait and see another season, if this guy really is THAT good. But the next summer it will be to late. We don’t know if Arsenal will have another season like this, and be attractive to the Europe number one top scorer. If not signing a CF this summer, probably not. With Gyökeres the chances for a continuing success for Arsenal FC is much bigger. Get him! Now!

  4. Sporting would jump at £100m, that would bank roll their business model for seasons to come

    the risk is Gyokeres, who has showed nothing like this form previously and was hardly anything of note in Championship just last season, does not repeat and value plummets

    if anyone comes in with £100m they will bite their arm off, stupid not to

    Nunez 2.0

    Nunez £85m inconsistency and lack of goals has been instrumental in Liverpool decline, don’t let the same happen to Arsenal who are the top goal scorers in the PL

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