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Arsenal is still a work in progress, but Unai Emery is getting results

Arsenal has had quite a fractured progress report going for the last few years. Gordon Strachan once told The Debate that it might take Arsenal 10 years before they get back to the top. If you think the gunners haven’t been performing to their potential lately, you are right. However, maybe it’s time to back your team and place your bet with Betway; you never know when there is a turnaround! For one, things are looking good this season!

The Current Season for the Gunners

It has only been eight matches in the Premier League and Arsenal can already smell the top spot. This can be attributed to the new dawn which was set by the new Arsenal Boss Unai Emery.

We all knew the Emery would have a daunting task to take back Arsenal to their glory days. Arsene Wenger had left the team in a deprivation state. The squad which Wenger had left was the worst team ever in all his 22-year reign in Arsenal.

Arsenal lost their chance to qualify for the Champions League last season. They haven’t had a chance to win the cup ever since 2004.

When Wenger left there were some who celebrated while others grumbled quite a bit since he had another year in his contract. Emery was placed a fortnight after Wenger’s last game. Therefore the squad had a whole summer to work and get back in shape.

Emery might not be quite renowned like Jose Mourinho, have a personality like Júrgen Klopp or be a genius like Guardiola. However, he is renowned for putting all his attention into detail. His experience in football will allow him to connect with the player’s weaknesses.

Emery’s standard feature of playing is based on two moves:- playing out from the backs and pressing from the front. Although these moves have not been entirely effective. For instance, Petr Cech has suffered two corners after miscalculating his passes.

Watching Arsenal one can tell the players are not quite as comfortable in their positions. Sokratis Papastathopoulos and Shkodran Mustafi are not quite happy with their current defence lines. This led them to lose against Chelsea and Man City.

However, Emery has trusted his gut from the start. His combination play has been effective and produced some results. In the first three games, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang played upfront solo. Later on, when Alexandre Lacazette made a good impact when he played as a substitute during both West Ham and Fulham, the two were combined. These two have gone to work together greatly.

However, the biggest challenge for Emery is when Aaron Ramsey will have to leave the club due to contractual issues. Ramsey has already been labelled with the best goal of the Premier League season against Fulham. But most likely Ozil will come and takeover Ramsey’s position.

Arsenal have been quite impressive over the eight games. They have already won six of them to put them straight back near to the top. Emery might be their new “saviour” and we are already seeing the results.

Long may it continue


11 thoughts on “Arsenal is still a work in progress, but Unai Emery is getting results

  1. gotanidea

    Emery is a top manager and he has been proving it so far

    He has enough good players for each position, except good wingers. He loans Nelson, therefore he must have other plans and I like all his decisions (line-ups, formations, contracts, etc)

  2. LENOhappy

    Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. The study of personality focuses on two broad areas: One is understanding individual differences in particular personality characteristics, such as sociability or irritability. So at the writer everyone has he’s /her own personality,and again I don’t know what you mean by “renowned “but I believe the word renowned means ,”being famous for something”and I think emery is known to be a football coach,and lastly “you said he may not be a genius “though I think the word genius is being used for carelessly this days but I think it means “an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of can say Jon fox is a mathematical genius,which means emery is a football genius because you can’t win 3 Europa league with a team like Sevilla without being a football genius,unlike your guardiola whom when starting he’s career has a particular Messi xavi iniesta and so many world class players then,emery started from scratch from no where,am not trying to say I know more than you am just saying you shouldn’t use grammar that are not connected to your article

    1. jon fox

      I am certainly NOT a mathematical genius. I understand how odds work and am numerate. If that makes me a mathematical genius, then I gladly relinquish that underserved title and gladly offer it to anyone who can instantly work out what Arsenal’s win percentage is to competitive games played this season. No cheating now. “Genius” is watching you!

  3. LENOhappy

    Admin I think it will be nice if we can get the performance of all the arsenal players on international duties,because have seen some arsenal players who are playing good for there country,I saw iwobi against Libya,torrera against South Korea 🇰🇷 xhaka against Belgium,I think it will be nice if we can get that

  4. big g

    As an Arsenal fan i’ve been privy to see managers from Terry O’Neil up til’ the present day with Unai Emery. Wenger gave us attacking football and a new ground for which i will always be grateful but he became stale and that story has now ended. Unai is the new blood that has steered us back in the right direction, we’re not where we want to be just yet but we are getting there.

  5. ozziegunner

    There is no doubt that Unai Emery is thorough, intelligent, has an emphasis on detailed examination of his team’s and the opposition’s players strengths and weaknesses, pragmatic and places extreme importance for himself, his assistant coaches and players on hard work.
    The hard hours put in at Colney are bearing dividends on match days.
    I personally didn’t think that Arsenal would be 2 points from top of the table at this stage of the season or that we would have seen the improvement in certain players that we have. Also the players brought in by Sven Mislantat and Raul Sanllehl have all fitted sramlessly into the squad. Allpower to Unai Emery, his assistants and the players for the effort, commitment and pride in the badge they have shown thus far. As a fan and supporter of the Arsenal all I want is for them to do their best.

  6. Mr Patrick

    There are 3 new players in these emery era so your suggestion that Wenger left arsenal with the worst team is not TRUE sir. Secondly its always about tactics and man management that Wenger let him self down and the fans ,so the core of this present team is the same as last season just a change of manager and tactics the boys had it in them they just need a different tutoring and to cap it Wenger always says their is quality in the team unfortunately for him he didn’t know how to go about it hence the sacking and justified as well.

    1. Phil

      If you look at the team Wenger inherited and compare it to the team he left when he was sacked there is no comparison.Every one of the Arsenal first team in that 1996-97 season that was there when Wenger arrived would have been good enough to get into the current squad.Not one of our Goalkeepers or Defenders would have been in the 1997 side.Or even squad.Ozil Aubamayang Lacazette would have been good enough but that’s it.Wenger left a poor squad compared to what he inherited and that is not good management.

      1. jon fox

        Undeniably true and very sad to know! How some, though very few, people on here thought he should have stayed even longer, further ruining the club and team , is one of life’s great unsolved mysteries.

  7. Andrew E

    It’s still early days but a definite improvement on last year. The defence still looks a bit shaky but I’m confident Emery will sort that out with his hands-on, positive style of coaching which was something Wenger lacked in the latter years. I honestly don’t think we will miss Ramsey as we have sufficient cover in his position and can add in the January window if required.

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