Arsenal is still struggling to meet Juventus and Arthur’s transfer demands

Arsenal remains interested in a move for Arthur Melo and the Brazilian also wants to move to the Emirates.

The midfielder is struggling to make an impact at Juventus and Arsenal considers him one player who will add quality to their squad.

The Gunners want him on loan for the rest of this season and have agreed to pay all his wages.

However, that isn’t good enough for either the former Gremio man or the Italian giants.

Tuttomercatoweb says they both want a longer-term agreement, with Arthur hoping he would spend around 18 months with the Gunners so that he can have enough time to make an impact and rebuild his career.

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If Mikel Arteta is convinced that Arthur can do a job for his team, then it is probably best that we sign him for a longer-term.

It makes little sense to enjoy his talents for just six months and lose him again.

His departure could leave a huge void to be filled at the Emirates, eventually.

However, maybe Arsenal is taking a cautious approach considering Arthur has struggled at Juve already, so he doesn’t become a long-term liability at the Emirates.

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  1. Leave the guy FFS…. Find someone else, stop making it look as if you’re working while you are not. Sticking to Vhanovic too is plainly foolish, let him be, find someone else or just leave the team alone the way it is.
    Edu! You already knew from day 1 you ain’t gonna sign anyone, so stop deceiving the fans and circulating unnecessary rumours.

  2. demands??? this player is hardly in the position, professionally-speaking, to be making demands of anyone…he should be happier than a pig in sh** that anyone would be interested whatsoever

    1. 6 month loan as insurance is ok, but no way 18 month for him. He’s looking to attach to a club because he’s failing at Juve.

      Hard pass on this one, Edu and Arteta can thank me later.

      P.S. Zakaria available for around £7 million, just saying.

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