Arsenal is the club that has the most interest in Barcelona star

Sergi Roberto appears close to an exit from Barcelona and he could end up at Arsenal.

The full-back has an expiring contract at Camp Nou and still hasn’t signed a new one.

The club had been keen to keep him and even offered him a deal, but it seems they are no longer interested in that. says there is no offer on the table right now for him to sign, suggesting that he is likely to leave the club.

The report then claims that he is of interest to several clubs on the continent, but Arsenal is his most serious suitor at the moment.

The Gunners could make good use of his experience in Mikel Arteta’s dressing room as the Spaniard expects to lose more players in the next transfer window.

It remains unclear if Arsenal will meet his salary demands and if they would consider him a starter if he moves to the Emirates.

Just Arsenal Opinion

At 30, Roberto is probably looking for his last professional football club in Europe.

Arsenal shouldn’t be thinking about signing him after watching veterans struggle at the club recently.

We have focused on signing much younger players in recent transfer windows, and that should continue in the summer.

Roberto will unlikely play ahead of our current options, so it makes little sense to add him to the squad at the Emirates.

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  1. Doesn’t make sense he’s never going to start in front of Tomi and he will want 200 grand plus for wages and no resale on him,
    We were caught with players in their 30s a few times before, so buy young and make them stars….

  2. How typically shady and dishonest to write a piece such as this sham article that begins by teasing our interest in player, only THEN to change tack utterly and tell us why it will not happen!

    What JA then get is an article , OF SORTS, though unworthy of the name and also more deceived JA readers who are click bait victims. It would be far more honest not to write such a piece about no substance at all!

    But that would not fill JA’ s almost hourly quota!

    Would it , eh, Ad Pat and Ad Martin(in this case)!

    1. @Jon, yet again I will point out that “Just Arsenal” will report on any Arsenal article from anywhere in the world, however likely or unlikely. That is our job.

      Your job (obviously) is to criticize JA if you don’t want to hear it….

  3. if the title of this article is to be believed, it’s an incredibly sad statement about our off-season aspirations

  4. This is ridiculous repetition. Are all these Barcelona and Juventus rejects just waiting in line to come to Arsenal? Only a lazy, dodgy director of football would take the bait in any case.

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