Arsenal is willing to put up €16M for Championship man

Next month offers Arsenal the chance to solve their creative midfield problem and the Gunners have identified one player from England’s second tier.

Todofichajes has linked them with a move for Norwich midfielder, Emiliano Buendía.

He was one of the Canaries’ best players in the Premier League last season, even though they ended the campaign being relegated from the English top flight.

He has continued his fine form for them in the Championship with 6 goals and 6 assists in 18 league games.

Norwich is doing well in England’s second-tier and they could be promoted back to the Premier League, but he might be in the competition by next month.

Arsenal’s recent poor form has been down to their lack of creativity.

The likes of Dani Ceballos and Joe Willock have been unable to feed the club’s attackers with the balls that they need to score.

Mesut Ozil, on the other hand, has been sidelined by Mikel Arteta so Arsenal will need to get some help from outside.

The report says that the Gunners are willing to tempt Norwich with a 16m euros offer for the 24-year-old Argentine.

The Canaries have no plans to sell him halfway through the season, but they need the money that Arsenal is offering.

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  1. This could be our low cost, low risk solution for our midfield creativity crisis. A good back-up/partner for ESR’s role, to be financed in full from the sale of Torreira, assuming news reports are true. This deal would reduce the risks re. UK travel restrictions, deliver a player who knows the league and allow for a quick integration into the squad.

  2. Should be top priority. Young and hungry but proven in the EPL, and much less risky than Erikson (who knows where his head is now?) or a Barca/Real castoff (again, who knows where their motivations lie). Would take some of the pressure off of Saka and the others.

  3. Buendia? ALL RIGHT! Hand out the cash, just buy this guy!

    P.S. See what I did there?
    P.P.S Get Cantwell, too. I know what I’m doing.
    P.P.P.S. Get Pukki too. Aubameyang needs to go, pronto!
    P.P.P.P.S. Get back Guendouzi too and we’ve got ourselves a UCL!
    P.P.P.P.P.S. Cantwell busts some real good breakdance moves, too!
    P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Let’s get an entertainment show!

  4. P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. If you don’t, I’ll rename us Boring Arsenal.
    P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. We need our Moroccan!
    P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Let’s get back our real Afro guy back!

  5. There was some suggestion in the press that Norwich might resist any attempts to wrestle Emi from their club when their form dipped rather drastically when he was unavailable to play due to any injury…I would suspect that this was more likely a tactic to raise his value on the open market, which would make some sense…from what I’ve seen he would provide far more, going forward, than Joan Jordan…he plays nicely weighted through balls and has some flash to him that would be greatly appreciated at our club…of course I like ESR but this would be a considerably upgrade, at least for the foreseeable future…not to mention he’s both a cheaper option than some of the other alternatives that have been floated out there and is familiar with the Premier League…he remind me a bit of a poor man’s Papu Gomez, who ironically could be on his way out of Atalanta…he’s been an incredible find for them, especially considering his age,,,I would be ecstatic to have him roaming our midfield while we continued to groom ESR…unfortunately it would seem hypocritical of me to push too hard for Papu as I’ve been a massive critic of our propensity, in the past, to bring in players over the age of 30, but when I watch him he always seems to play like a 25 year old…last year he set the single season Serie A assist record with 16…can you even imagine

  6. Emi Buendia is valued a lot more than €16 million. Hopefully Norwich City will not see that offer as “taking the p#ss” and take offence. He would be a great addition at well over that, so I can’t see Norwich being that desperate to sell, for Arsenal to achieve that price. If Barcelona come for Hector Bellerin, Arsenal might get enough for a package deal of Emi Buendia and Max Aarons. Good luck!

    1. Why would we want him, we have ESR why would we want to buy if we have the solutions, let’s not buy just for the sake of buying, besides we also have Azeez waiting in the wings. No no no

      1. Well for 1, ESR is injury prone, we can’t rely on him like we did with jack wilshere, definitely dont want him to end up like that, better to give him some competition to keep his level high while at the same time give him a breather now n then, also Buendia can play from the left or the right so signing him can also keep willian out of the team 😂

  7. I beg to differ he might have more top flight experience, but there is no way he is better, but each to their own

    1. Have you watched him play? Because I seriously doubt that. And what happens when ESR who is injury prone gets injured? We go to a premiere league untested player(however good he seems) in Azeez? Wake up man

      1. No Kstix I am just randomly throwing around names, that is why you need a backup, besides what’s the use of an academy if you don’t intend to use the players you groom

  8. Can’t say I’ve watched a lot of Norwich – surprised there are do many folks on an Arsenal site that know do much about his game….

    But Transfermarket says he plays predominantly at RW. So depth for Saka, Nelson, Pepe and Willian? It’s an uninformed “no” from me.

  9. He is simply not good enough for Arsenal in my opinion.Having watched Norwich on a number of occasions I prefer Cantwell who is a more natural ” inside forward” whereas Buendia is basically a winger, which we have in plenty.He is not in the same class as Saka nor Martinelli.As a partner for Partey, Bissouma of Brighton would be an excellent buy.Pacey, energetic and technically very capable.I am not surprised Liverpool are interested in him and may well move for him soon to recharge their batteries.

      1. Bissouma and Fulham’s Anguissa have both been impressive this year on struggling PL sides. Either would look good beside Partey imo.

    1. I agree Cantwell looks class, but I suspect he would be more difficult to get (English and more highly rated). I just thought Buendia would be a good fit for the team because he’s a hard worker with quality dribbling and passing abilities – could see him covering left, right and centre AM positions, or even a little deeper if needed (reminds me a little of Santi), but I could be wrong.

  10. In his season in the top flight Buendia was in the top 5 for tackles/tackles won sprints amongst forwards,chances created(the pass before the assist) & assists were ok (would have much better had his teammates scored more)those stats tell you that he is very energetic,loves pressing defenders and not afraid to track back do the dirty work besides his technical abilities he would fit well in MA team!

  11. Alright, YouTube clips are deceptive but there’s an 11 minute one of Buendia showing him taking apart top premier League teams… And most of those are him playing through the middle in the final third, around and in the box. Being prem proven is massive. I’d do what we can to get him.

    Also ESR can be a little injury prone but he also plays on the right side. Plenty of room for him and Buendia, no matter how excited I am that ESR is getting a run.

    I don’t know much about Joan Jordan but it says a lot about Arteta’s view on attitude when he’s quoted as saying he admires his leadership and inspiration qualities.
    I’m all for that. Also he looks more mobile and tidier than Xhaka. We need midfield to be more versatile and dynamic… But if we get him we still need a creative player too.

    No big expectations this window but summer will be very interesting ozil, sok, luiz, mustafi and kola gone.

    Bellerin will probably go then, big chance of getting money for him Torreira and Guendouzi.
    Hopefully sell Xhaka, Pepe and William too, maybe Chambers. Rather get something for Nketiah, especially if Balogun stays.

    Mistake not at least putting Saliba and Balogun in the squad.

    1. “More mobile and tidier than XHAKA”? SURELY YOU JEST! Unless he is among the six billion or so other humans who are also in that category!

      1. But the six million or so people are not football players lol, forget national level players and captain at that! TBH though I don’t think another Spanish player will suit us. Jordan is nothing special, and it is better to try Azeez or even play Guendouzi there next season.

  12. Arsenal must do all they can to buy Buendia and should get this deal done asap. He has premier league experience and provided the third most assists last season, playing for a relegated Norwich city. Buendia is young and costs about 20m pounds. His weekly wages are quite low and very affordable. That’s the kind of long term investment Arsenal needs. No old tired legs, that lack pace have passed their best ,but, given huge pension contracts and they don’t really care about club or anything else. Arsenal must not be stinchgy and waste time with a deal for Buendia. Arteta should not leave Edu to negotiate this transfer. He bypass Edu and should ask the Kroenke family to fund this transfer. Because if Arteta has to wait on Edu, Arsenal will lose out on getting Buendia. Let Edu deal with the clearing out of the fringe players Arsenal must sell like Kolasinac, Mustafi, Sokratis, Ozil and Willian, plus the release of Ceballos. Edu should have done this in the last transfer window, but, his incompetence and poor negotiations skills failed Arsenal in getting deals done. Arsenal must get this creative midfielder Buendia. I have advocated for this since the last transfer window, but, better late than never.

  13. The real truth is Arsenal needs two midfielders this window,a proper right back, Buendia would be that creative midfielder that we need,ticks all of the time right boxes as we all have seen in the league with Norwich, young, hungry and most importantly, proven in this league, would not need to settle and acclimatise to a new country like a player from another country.People keep saying we need another player along side Partey to play box to box roll, the truth is we do,Like Kevin Campbell said Boussima from Brighton would be the one, he’s exactly that player, those two together with Esr is what we should be looking at. Buendia and Boussima this winter would transform us.Right back would be a bonus to replace Bellerin, this window would be great, probably more realistically the summer.

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