Arsenal is willing to support Serie A club’s bid to sign their player

Pablo Mari is closer to leaving Arsenal than staying after the Gunners showed interest in supporting a club’s bid to sign him.

The Spaniard spent the second half of last season on loan at Udinese in Serie A, and he did very well.

His performance there earned him some new followers from the Italian top flight, and Verona seems the most serious.

The Serie A side, however, has an issue with paying all his wages which could scupper the move.

A report on Sport Witness claims he makes around £1.5m annually, and paying that will certainly be a problem for Verona.

Arsenal has now aagreed to subsidise it and make things easier for them in their bid to add the former Flamengo man to their squad.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Mari was one of the most trusted players at Arsenal in the early days of Mikel Arteta’s reign, and he remains a quality player.

But the players ahead of him in the pecking order at the Emirates are better suited to Arteta’s system.

Arsenal will now look to sell him for the right price. Unless another suitor emerges that will cover all his wages, it makes sense that we subsidise it to facilitate his move away from the Emirates.


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  1. Like mavropanos or guendouzi (or auba, mustafi and mkhitaryan) a massive money loss is coning with him again… Did not we pays something like 12/13m for him ? Plus 2 years of wages. Waiting to see how much will arsenal recoup with him

  2. Mari is part of the remaing deadwood we DEFINITELY NEED OUT! God alone knows why we buy such lowly standard players but we have and so now we urgently need all such remaining lowly players out. At any price!

  3. Why pay his wages? He’s not entitled to keep PL wages forever – if he moves to a lower club because he didn’t cut the mustard here then he takes a pay cut. That’s how the world works.

    If he wants to go he can take the pain, he should think himself lucky that he got that level of pay for a time (while he was apparently failing to achieve).

  4. Arsenal have a bad habit of overpaying wages for mediocre talent. Did we have to pay him high wages to convince him to join?

    Edu should have offered wages matching his productivity, or he could remain in Brazil. We have such incredibly poor negotiators that it’s truly shocking.

    1. 1.5 m would mean probably 30k. That is not a lot IMO for a guy that came when he was 26 after his victory in south america. And who was a rather decent PL back up. Dont forget we paid Auba 55m/3 years for his resignature or willian 30m/3 years.

  5. He was Mikel’s first signing and, if one uses the term to describe someone, yet another one off his “deadwood” players.
    How many more are we going to let go for a pittance AND still have to pay their salaries?

    I think we have now made this decision regarding losing money hand over fist, with the following players under Mikel :
    Ozil, Aubemeyang, Guendouzi, Willian, Mavs, Mari and, it seems, others to follow.

    I criticised kronkie, as I believe he is micromanaging every transfer, but who can blame him, when we conduct our business this way?

    Giving players away and paying for the privilege, underestimating buy out clauses, awarding ridiculous contracts and then demanding more money to bolster a weakened squad!!!

    Can ANYONE name another club that has done this on such a regular basis, even those with alleged “deadwood” players and haven’t won anything for years?
    Please don’t tell me it’s to reduce the wage bill, when Nketiah is now on a reported £100,000 a week and Mikel himself now earning over £8,000,000 a year.

    1. Mikel might become better. He did not deserve a lot until now but it ia better to see where it goes for a year or two more i would say. But yes 8m is quite some money for an unproven rookie manager. Except the cup won by Auba’s magic and deaperate defending, we have not really improve for the moment. What i did not like at all with him is when (on the verge of being sacked) he used the awfully non sense argument that he put every “drop of blood for this football club”. Well, nice. Probably like many managers all around the world. But it is not about the energy or commitment you put, it is also a lot, if not almost totally down to where you bring the club. But anyway, as i said, we should now stick with him some more time. The worse is behind us. He might now still achieved things.

    2. @Ken
      Can you please be the Broker and try to find these clubs willing to pay for our amazing players?
      A lot of team are choosing to pass these players on.. Look at Torreira, people on here were waxinf lyrical about how he was killing it at Fiorentina. But come end of the season they refuse to even pay £10 million for him. They are not willing to retain him even if they had him on loan for the whole season.. Players are running down their contracts and still arw struggling to attract serious clubs. They end up at joke second tier clubs..

      Look at what’s happening at man United, a lot of dead wood player that United themselves are finding hard to shift. Pogba ran his contract down and left for free, Lingaard just ran down his contract and not many clubs are fighting to get him. United are gonna go through what we went through since Arteta was appointed. They have so many dead weights that Tan Hag has to shift starting this summer..

      Chelsea just gace away Lukaku for free (Spent £97 million on him last summer). And I bet you there are more at Chelsea but can’t be bothered to look into it at the moment..

      Spurs bought the likes of Ndombele for about £45 million a few seasons ago, now they are struggling to get rid. They just loaned him out.
      They have players like Le Ceslo who they bought for £55 million. Struggling to make any money from him. Serge Aurier accepted to terminate his contract with Spurs after they had spent about £25 million on him. Etc..

      Players running down contract or becoming dead weights is going to become the norm.. Most of them earn so much wages that it will be difficult for them to be picked up once their stock drops.

  6. Mari is on contract till 2024. If a deal cannot be found somewhere then he will come back to us and sit on the bench. To me it makes sense to try and find him another loan club, particularly if we can’t sell him for a sensible price. If it costs us, possibly in the short term, to pay some of his wages to help find a club its better than him collecting his full wage and not contributing anything to the club. I

    1. Which begs the question, why did we sign him in the first place, as he won’t be contributing anything to the club, if he goes out on loan and we subsidise him?

      1. I think ee signed the likes of Mari, Cedric, Willian etc as some sort of short term plasters to cover the gaping wounds.. When Arteta came in he had to buy these players hoping to slow down the mess we were in.. Mos managers that are appointed in January always buy these cheap utility kind of players in order. Conte did the same, got a few players on loan, sometimes they work out sometimes they don’t.. These are plug kind of players, plugging the holes at that given time.. Most new managers with not that a big budget to start of with will find these sort of players to paper over the cracks in the team. Desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures..

        1. So getting to a European semi and final, while finishing 6th and 5th, were “desperate times” were they?
          So how do you describe no european football, finishing 8th 8th 5th and getting knocked out of the fa cup in the 4th and 3rd rounds?….. Oh yes, it’s called progress by some.

          Funny how those players brought in to paper over the cracks, couldn’t repeat the fa cup win achieved by the players who were bleeding out from the gaping wounds though. 🤕

          Sounds like DIY gone wrong and we’re still papering over the cracks three years later – dear old Pablo being paid to leave, even more “deadwood” to pay off😉
          Now I appreciate your “desperate times need desperate measures” quote.

          1. I think you are better of banging your head against a brick wall ken.🤣 Its progress but you have to go backwards first🤔

            1. Reggie, I think good old Goonster feels he has to contradict everything I say, but in doing so, forgets the facts.
              I think I will just have to ignore him from now on and ask that he does the same…. all in the spirit of Pat’s new rules.

              It seems Hector has been summoned back for training, while Torreria has been told he won’t play for the club again. What a tangled web!!
              Still, it seems both players have clubs who want to sign them, just a matter of negotiating the terms. It will be interesting to see how much we get for them.

  7. Lukaku was bought for 100 million and chelsea planes him straight back after 9 months, get some perspective! PL is head and above all countries in money atm, PL cherrie picking all the best players atm, the wage thing is a side effect of that. Not that we havent made bad choises in the past because we have, but it looks way better How we handle buisness now, Enjoy that

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