Arsenal isn’t prepared to compete in the Champions League just yet

Paul Merson recently claimed that Arsenal wouldn’t win the Premier League even if Pep Guardiola was their manager.

I agree with the former Arsenal star and I want to add that we are nowhere near prepared to make an impression in the Champions League that we are clamouring for.

I understand that as fans we have missed watching our team play in the Champions League and we want that experience back so badly.

However, I think the club wants to get back into the competition purely because of the money we would earn because let us face it, we don’t have the team to make an impression in that competition.

Arsenal is a side that is being rebuilt and the impressive job that Mikel Arteta has done can blind us, but it doesn’t change the fact that a wholesome change is what we still need.

We have a terrible team, that Olympiacos eliminated from the Europa League on our home patch is very telling.

The togetherness of our players simply is not there, this wage cut issue has just shown that to us.

I think we can do a rush job and apply bandages over the cracks in our system, but the smart thing to do would be to build a proper structure from the ground up.

Liverpool is an example of a club that took their time to rebuild their team, now they are back among the competitors for trophies around Europe.

If we rush our rebuilding, we would soon be back where we never want to be again.

Put it this way, what is the point of getting into the Champions League to be humiliated by the likes of Bayern Munich again. Far better that we compete in Europe’s elite competition with a competitive squad and not one that will inevitably be humbled before the watching world once again.

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  1. The problem is we need that money desperately to improve our situation. We have completely failed to build the club financially in the last 5-10 years to a point that we are now the weakest of the big 6.

    Liverpool revival really started when we gave them our champions league spot on a silver platter and they built on it both financially and on the pitch unlike us who stagnated happy with a top 4 spot.

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