Arsenal joined by French giants in race to sign coveted midfielder

PSG are looking to hijack Arsenal’s move for Lyon midfielder, Houssem Aouar as the Gunners close in on signing him, according to L’Equipe as cited by Get Football News France.

The 22-year-old is one of the Gunners’ top transfer targets and they have focused on landing him for the better part of the last few weeks.

They have already bid for him once and they are expected to return with an acceptable offer, however, the report claims that they now face competition from PSG.

The French champions are known for poaching the best players from their local rivals and the report claims that they have reached out to Lyon over signing the midfielder.

It claims that they are not going to be able to sign him in this transfer window because of their financial struggles due to COVID-19, however, they want to land him in 2021 and they have made that intention known to Lyon.

Arsenal is still in pole position to sign the midfielder because it is unlikely that Lyon will want to sell at a later date if they can get their asking price from Arsenal in this transfer window.

Mikel Arteta remains confident that the Gunners will complete the transfer.

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  1. I can’t wait until this saga is over.. we have to be one of the most frustrating teams in announcing new contracts, selling deadwood, or signing players.

  2. I also remain confident and It seems like I may be the most confident on this site of landing Aoure. My usual sober reasoning has led me to the conclusion he will come, when weighing up all developments so far.

    1. Jon That’s it..
      The Aouar deal is the last thing I’m worried about.
      I ain’t even buying all off these multiple interests. Juventus, PSG and now it’s Real Madrid, all of these news came out from France, Bouhafsi, GFFN and L’Equipe… All bunch of cock & bull stories started probably by Aulas.
      One of Real Madrid’s most reliable journalist shut down the Madrid links immediately.
      Even Madrid ain’t gone make one signing this summer.
      Papa Perez already said so, Odegaard is back and they even find Ceballos surplus.
      Once Papa Perez says something. There’s no going back.
      I find it funny when I see Arsenal fans panic over these rumours and links.
      All cooked up crap apart from PSG wanting him on loan which is the definition of Impossible.
      We’ll be shifting attention to Partey now as this Aouar deal is pretty much done

      1. I’m not worried we’ll get Aouar, what I’m worried about is Partey. Aouar alone is not a good transfer window, we really really need Partey as well. I hope fans don’t get carried away when we get Aouar and forget the importance of Partey. Xhaka can not get us into the top 4. A midfield trio of Partey, Aouar and ceballos can.

  3. Unless Arsenal can have a board that respects Arteta by sharing his vision to be successful and back ,him with his desired signing ,Arsenal will remain a mid table team this season and beyond. The midfield needs to be strengthened and Arteta have sanctioned the acquisition of Houssem Aouar for weeks now and with only 3 days left before the transfer window closes, they have failed to make the deal. These guys are jokers. Arteta should leave Arsenal if he doesn’t get their backing.

  4. Real Madrid also in for Aouar.
    Looking even more doubtful he will sign for us.
    Someone said he was a cert to join us…….🤔

      1. Aye man that wasn’t meant to be an insult to you.. My bad, I apologize… But then if you can’t bet on it since you’re so sure please do leave my name out of your comments and wait till the window closes.
        I don’t fancy you calling my name in those your comments since you’re sure of yourself.
        All man for himself👌👌👌
        We’ll see on Monday if Aouar will be an Arsenal player or not, till then hold your peacs

  5. Moshan, I just saw your response on the Saliba article.
    Are you even being for real? It’s an excuse for Arteta?
    God! I can’t believe some of you fans.

    “Supporting someone is one thing but to be completely blind is other. If Saliba was facing all these issues then why didnt the club extend his loan with the French club where he was and if the club n MA are so sensitive then why did they not let him play in final. Simple answer is he is not MA’s signing and MA does not want him…this exactly same as Martenelli when he was fit Nkeitiah was preferred over him by MA. Gabi is similar boat as Saliba. He is young, away from family I’m new country and has not played for most 6months but then that did not stop MA to through him into the match straight away….I guess everyone has their favourites and we don’t see their faults.”

    Since you know so much about what’s been going on in the lives of these kids that you’re inventively comparing both situations. I hope you’re aware Martinelli’s Mom moved to London with him to help him settle down?
    Before you say these sort of insensitive stuff, I hope you know Martinelli came to London with his mom and she was the one who cooks the food he’d usually eat?
    You guys would just up and spew words without considering facts and real life scenarios.
    You even talked about both like Martinelli lost his mother?

    You compare the life of a teenager who had his mom move with him to London to help him settle down, with the life of a teenager who lost his mom in May few weeks after the League 1 got cancelled, stayed there for a while and moved to London all on his own?
    Where’s your sense of empathy?
    You said it’s an excuse being created for Mikel Arteta.
    Going by your logic, did Mikel Arteta signed Luiz? Xhaka? Leno? Tierney?
    Just when someone starts to think okay this is the height Arsenal fans can go, y’all come out and y’all blow the roof with another shît.
    How y’all do it I don’t know.
    Very nice of you and very empathetic of you, The French media has described he was struggling and even made use of the term “Personal Traumas” he’s been going through and y’all thought that’s some shît football can stop or end.
    Naaaah man, I’m glad a whole lot of you are far from the club.
    SMH, you should be sure about stuff next time bro before making those sort of silly and insensitive comparisons.
    Talking bout Martinelli moving away from family too…. SMH, at least he had his mom moved with him before going back.
    Man don’t be feeding me with these sort of weak statements that can be annoying

    1. Hang in there Eddie, there are a few
      of us knowledgeable, educated fans
      that provide positive contributions
      to the site and appreciate your
      opinions on everything Arsenal.

      Look forward to both TP and HA
      being announced before Monday
      night and all the resident experts
      claiming they knew it would
      happen all along.

      Arsenal fans….SMMFH 😁😂

      1. ACE 👊👊👊 Aouar’s in the bag already. Also yeah well I’ve come to understand a whole lot of people prefer to spew stuff without backing it up or providing facts and all that.
        It won’t stop me from interacting with others on here though. Big ups👊

    2. Eddie first I was comparing Gabriel M not Martenelli to Saliba, when MA said he need to be blended in slowly and need time so I referred to that to point out to you Gabriel did not play football for 6 months as well but he was thrown in there in Arsenal first game. So physically how is he in different situation to Saliba. Second I am not being insensitive i am posting out the picture you are trying to paint of club and MA as some sort of Angels. If the club and MA cared so much why did they not allow him to stay on loan for an extra year?? Why did not allow him to play in the final?? You talk all the time about transfers and what goes on in the club as if MA calls you personally to explain everything or you are some sort of board member lol!. Just because you see one side of coin and are blind to other side does not make you right. I don’t believe that all of a sudden the club has found its soul and decided to serve the interest of a player rather then club. When it comes to money and Arsenal is a business after all then it’s money first always …we have seen so many examples of this behaviour from Arsenal as a club recently so stop with feeding these made up in side stories.

      1. Can you listen to yourself? Why did they not allow him to stay for a year?
        These things are predictable?
        You could’ve predicted he would struggle to cope with his loss?
        You think the club could’ve just left him there without looking to bring him first?
        Also you talk about what’s any difference with his physicality when compared to Martinelli. Then I ain’t even discussing this no more. If you really think it’s because of his physicality he doesn’t play, then there’s nothing I can explain to you anymore, stick to your thoughts.
        We talking about someone finding it hard to settle into a new environment and you’re pulling the physicality and club should’ve card.
        Wow man just wow!!

        Also you said what I said are made up side stories? Am I surprised ? Nope, all you needed to do was dig out Martinelli’s interview and listen to your coach while you go find out what’s been said about Saliba by the French media.
        Y’all Arsenal fans don’t surprise me no more

        1. Eddie, once you realise some fans will attack anything and everything Arteta does until their saviour Ozil gets back into the team, you’d learn to ignore them. Mohsan and Icw are two very prime examples of such fans. Doesn’t matter if a guardiola or Klopp came to our club and freeze Ozil out, they will still criticise actions of those 2 World class managers. Their love for Ozil, has distorted their reasoning.

  6. All this last-minute business and then maybe someone comes in and nicks our man. Reminds me of the Juan Mata affair when Chelsea stepped in and took Mata. I hope we do get Aouar but, remembering the £40,000,001 bid for Suarez, I hope we don’t snooker ourselves. AND it is Painful watching the Spuds doing good last-minute business.

    1. haha teh £1 offer

      but seriously, no ones transfer business can be judged at the start of a window.

      No one knows if players will be a hit or not, these things can only be judged at the end of the season.

      Even if we do sign TP and (or) HA no one knows how well they will do.

      Look at last summer we signed Pepe for £72m
      everyone was like OMG its the best window ever!
      apart from a few moments and i do mean a few, he was very average, hence why MA went and got Willian for free and he starts ahead of him ( so far )

  7. The amount of attention and expectation we have put on this Aouar kid as the one to fix our attacking problems is making me a bit uneasy.
    The kid is 22 years old, unproven and his transfer saga being dragged out for the whole summer seems to have put that over expectation on him to transform us.

    We should have signed at least 2 transitional type of midfielders not just this Aouar kid as that should decrease the pressure on a sole signing to perform. I just feel like the Aouar signing is going to put so much unnecessary pressure on him to transform our attacking play. Everyone is going to be looking at him with a fine brush forgetting that his is a 22 year old unproven youth, in a completely new country, new language, new league etc..

    I hope people lower their expectations for him. Might turn out like an Ozil, Pepe, Torreira, Mkhitaryan and to some extent my Lacazette.

    Stand back.

    1. Haha! I cant help but wonder if this is all just some ploy by our PR team so they can make us wait until deadline day to announce both players with the headline

      “Time to get Aouar Partey started”

  8. Ice
    Arteta’s vision is same as you. Bringing Ozil back and letting him stroll on the pitch for 350k a week

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