Arsenal joins the competition for the signature of AC Milan star

Mikel Arteta has asked Arsenal to sign Franck Kessie as he looks for a better performance from his midfield.

The Gunners have invested heavily in their midfield this season, but Todofichajes says Arteta is unsatisfied with the performance of Thomas Partey and believes Kessie can make the Ghanaian do better.

The Ivorian would be one of the best free agents on the market at the end of this season after rejecting the latest contract offer from AC Milan.

The Italian club looks resigned to losing him, and the Gunners want him in London.

However, they are not the only club looking to sign the former Atalanta man with the report claiming that PSG is also a very strong contender for his signature.

The report says the French club have been in touch with his representatives already and he could be the next free agent that joins them.

Arsenal has also held talks with his agents and the midfielder now has to choose between London and Paris.

His transfer might come down to which club offers him the best financial package.

PSG also has a lot of competition for space in their midfield and Arsenal could convince him that a move to London would be best for him as he would get more chances to play.

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  1. It doesn’t matter who Arteta signs we will still look pathetic, give the man the Liverpool and city squad they would be labouring mid table.

    1. Don’t hold back, Kev 😄
      Are you watching football? I can’t face it, still drained from last night!! It’ll be years before we’re in it again…

        1. Exactly!! I bet Simeone almost burst a blood vessel at 2-0 down… can you imagine us coming back from 2-0 down against them??

          1. Haha we’d struggle to come back from 1 goal against Luton town 😂 honestly Sue I don’t know how much more of Arteta ball I can stand, I have just become so disillusioned by it, I don’t celebrate and don’t get that angry anymore the club have drained me 😳

          2. And now Griezmann is off – watch that blood vessel!!
            Normally I’m buzzing if we come back and salvage a point, but damn that performance really pi$$ed me off…. beginning to look like the first half against the Spuds was a one-off

          3. Griezy you idiot 😩 yes Sue one good half this season is shocking the sooner Arteta leaves the better it’s becoming more and more desperate, he was jumping for joy by getting a point against palace 🤔 I’m dreading it Liverpool will embarrass us, can you imagine Salah against that defence of ours ? Its not worth thinking about 🙄

          4. Well Simone was in no mood for a good old fashioned handshake was he Sue ? 😂. Yeah it’s going to feel like 3 hours of us trying to defend and pass backwards and sideways 😩 did you see the new Halloween Sue ? It was an embarrassment of a film 😂

          5. No not yet, Kev. Admit it though; it was more entertaining than one of our games 😄
            Ozark – January 21… 👍

          6. Countdown is more exciting than any of our games Sue 😀 did you see Mbappes pen ? Haha should have gave it to Messi for the hat-trick 🙄 it’s the last season isn’t it ? Won’t be long until Terry silver and cobra kai is back 🥋

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