Arsenal just have to keep fighting!

Another bad weekend to be an Arsenal fan as we have seen Leicester and the Spuds pull even further in front of us in the League table, but although we are resigned to our fate, we can only keep going with our fingers, arms and legs all crossed in the hope of a miracle.

Our new midfielder Mohamed Elneny is in no doubt that the Gunners just need to keep plugging on. “We will fight until the end, until the last game in the league, to achieve what we want. Let’s see the final outcome then,” he said after Saturday’s game.

“Today we wanted to snatch the win even though we were playing against a strong team. Maybe the final result is not this much in our favour, however we are doing our best in each game.

“We conceded two goals at a very hard time. We should have ended the first half 2-1 up but the equalising goal came at a very crucial moment.

“At the start of the second half we started organising our team to win the game and step up our performance, however we conceded a third goal so we tried and pushed to get an equaliser. We finally did that but we couldn’t snatch the win in the end.

“We are fighting for the league title, this is why we had to play in an offensive mode to win the game, but thanks God for the final result. The best is yet to come.”

This is definitely one of he weirdest title races I have ever seen, and for that reason I think we should never give up until there is absolutely no chance at all. Maybe the Tottenham team will get food poisoning? Maybe Leicester will all get Spanish Flu, and maybe, just maybe, Arsenal will win the rest of their games……

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  1. What can he really say? That they won’t fight anymore? Truth be told, mathematically we have less that 3% chance to win the title. Is better than lottery but not a lot in real life.

    1. No not 3% at all.
      Just use the simple
      but fail safe football
      probability equation formulated by the faymous Hugh Jarce.
      “Games X goals scored – goals conceded + penalties given
      – injuries + transfers /red cards chances created
      X by open goal misses own goals conceded
      as a % of mental strength, naivety and little accidents”.

    1. He will be here next season and we you will be saying the same thing next season while we are doing the same carbon copy … Arsenal roller-coaster …
      Unfortunately, Wenger has blind followers with 4th position trophy ambition …

      1. If he is offered a new contract those who can should March up to the gates of the Emirates and protest loudly.

        Either that or sit back and watch while our club stagnates further.

        #kroenke out
        #wenger out

  2. Yes we can keep fighting Tooth and nails all we want ………… Season’s already over and as Long as Leicester keep winning, We are certain to be far from the Trophy!

    Not to talk of the spuds (don’t care if they finish above arsenal)……. They mean business and they are willing to pull out all stops to be successful….they have a dynamic team and a hungry manager in pochettino….

    Who can blame em?

    Ours is a case of Retrogression …. Pff

  3. How people still supports this man Wenger is a mystery to me!Probably guys who are not paying a dime to the club.Wenger out!

  4. The sadest part, the Spuds and Leicester will drops points (I believe quite a few) but just not enough for us.

    You can’t help but wonder what could of been with the addition of a class centre half, Defensive midfielder (earlier in the season) and a top draw striker.

  5. That’s been the problem over the years, the Arsenal can play football but when it’s down to a fight the majority of our players couldn’t fight their way out of a brown paper not tough enough.

  6. Keep fighting? When did they even start??! Title was gone when we lost to man utd and then Swansea! Now we’re fighting to get as close to the top 2 as possible so we can reduce the embarrassment as much as possible, secure top 3/4, attempt to finish in front of spurs, as that just adds salt to the wound! Ah man I can’t wait for the season to be over! Such a joke! Oh well, could be worse! We could be man utd or Chelsea

    1. I agree, when we lost to manu and swansea we were out of the title race. i think we all knew that, leicester and spurs were on good consistent runs. We were on a consistent run, but it was bad.

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