Arsenal just need ANY two Premier League defenders – but will Wenger buy?

One win is NOT a corner turned by KM

Well well. That 3-3 draw with Anderlecht came back to haunt us at the end didn’t it? Arsenal concede unbelievable amounts of goals from average teams (Hello Stoke City!!) and that simply cost us our top spot in a group of terrible sides. The Group finishing position sums up Arsenal’s season.

Just like in the league where all the teams bar Chelsea and Man City are in shambles we are really struggling instead of cruising forward. We beat one of the worst sides in the Champions league. This is not a corner turned. We need these kind of performances on a regular basis.

Yesterday highlighted another issue of Wenger. Why on earth don’t we give Podolski a chance. He loves Arsenal and his finishing is far superior to the one of Welbeck and Giroud combined. We should be using him more on the pitch. Another player coming in was Campbell. Our attack looked dynamic. Our biggest problem in the League is we look the same every game. Everybody can predict our line up and formation.

Yesterday we played Mertesacker and Chambers for the which game in a row? I don’t know but we put in Debuchy straight in after months of injury because we don’t have bodies to cover. Mertesacker looks broken from top to bottom. We don’t have a DM.

We have the players to rotate the squad, so why do we leave Sanchez to get injured before we rotate him, when we have Campbell and Podolski? We are playing Newcastle, Liverpool and West Ham. All teams that are around us in the league. If we defend like against Stoke we will be in huge trouble.

Wenger does not mean we automatically get Top Four. It’s the quality that gets us there. If we put this quality in the hands of a manager with vision and modern tactical abilities, we will be cruising. If we combine our silky style with some steel we’ll be up there with the best. Sadly though Wenger will not make it. He didn’t do it in 10 years, he won’t do it in January.

We can easily buy two defenders from any PL team and solve the problem. Chelsea bought Cahill for 7 million. We were also linked but we didn’t do it. I’d go for Winston Reid and Joel Ward. They would cost what – 20 million for both? And besides look at the success Calum Chambers has been in this sorry excuse for a defense, when he wasn’t a regular at Southampton.

We don’t need Hummels for immense money. We don’t need to be United and pay the amount of money they did for Shaw. Arsenal mostly have to deal with a few crosses and one or two counters. Any decent Premier league defender would do.

Wenger will not leave by himslef nor will he be sacked. I just hope some reason comes to his head and we at least try to give ourselves a chance by improving our defense, before it’s too late! Sadly though, with Wenger history is likely to repeat itself once more.


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  1. I wonder what’s this story with Lucas Silva. As for CB probably we will go for Mings/Van Dijk unless the price is not right. I predict Campbell will play a crucial role (if he doesn’t get injured) in the second half of the season. Let’s see how good my crystal ball is.

    1. For 2-3 years running he has never bought required players in January
      And he has accepted that he hates the January transfer window

      Last year GIROUD was the lone ST he was completely out of form and energy

      We were begging for a ST did he listen??
      No and all we got was an injured player

      So shut up with your wenger love cause last time he made a fool out of all of us

        1. @truth’….
          U are not getting it.., Montreal was meant to happen in the summer of that year per agreement has been reached with is club malaga but when Gibbs got injury and no one to cover he has to come that was why pellegrin(sorry if I murder the name) was angry with the said transfer
          Therefore, my point is it was not ment to happen the it was by chance as we all know Wenger don’t like to buy player in winter… but who knows I might also happen by chance as it was during adebayor transfer too.
          All finger cross I hope he do the needful but something tells me it will be same story as usual.

      1. He said in an interview clearly that Arsenal will be in the market for at least one defensive addition (most likely a backup LCB) and possibly two if he can make it (the fabled DM position)

    2. Off Topic___

      If only we got Suarez; he can shoot with both feet. It’s been ages we had such a striker.

      I can never forgive Brenda Slipper Gerrard. Good luck with your Champions League hopes. Hope you make it to the finals.

      Oh, wait a minute…

    3. Lucas Silva to Arsenal will not happen. To get a work permit in the UK in 2-3 weeks is impossible. Look at Wellington Da Silva and Campbell that we had to loan out for 3 years. Once they have to right to work here they are so out of touch with the club that they will not succeed. I doubt any player from South America will come to any UK club.

      Thx UK government for making this so difficult.

  2. OT: I have read some comments here which sometimes I find astonishingly amazing that some people with no football knowledge will come here and type negtive things. I am no AKB nor AOB infact I am AFF(arsenal fan forever). I will support the team regardless. If we fans have been 10% like galatasary fans. I think the team will be better.having said that we are the worst fans. We change opinions based on games. Now to some people comparing other top managers with wenger. Let me feel you in some things you don’t know. After the galatasary game John Barnes formal English and liverpool player said: arsenal shouldn’t be put in the same category as Chelsea,barca,madrid,bayern,psg,man city, that they can’t compete with this teams financially and that when you talk about top class players they come with high wages. That arsenal don’t pay high wages. I was suprised when he was backing wenger he said that everyone is slating wenger and forget he just have to work with what he has. And to close his talk he said no manager even mourinho can do what he has done, that all those top mamagers never work with low budgets. And I agree with him. It is true that mourinho won champions league with porto,with milan. But with porto then they had world class players the same with inter milan. And guardiola well he likes it easy. Pellegrini failed in madrid, mourinho failed,ancelloti failed in PSG, I knw some will argue about domestic cup. And some will say what about klopp and simeone but be honest to yourself and ask yourself this question if they where coaching english teams will they lift the league with their squad? Then you see that english team is a different league where you have about 8 top teams where as other leagues have two teams challenging for trophys. Yes wnger is aswell partially to be blamed because he refused to address some issues like that of our deffence in the summer. But let’s be honest if our squad is worth like mancity or chelsea squad and we are playing like this I will be really worried and furious and will be calling for wenger’s head. Having said that it is no excuse to accept our position now but what do we do let’s get behind the team and be their 12 player on the pitch if that is possible because emirate is like a funeral home this days. Together we stand divided we fall. Let’s make them feel backed and we will see results. COYG

    1. I really don’t know what’s with u AKBz these days. U start ur comments with dumb lines like: I’m not an AOB or an AKB, then u end by invariably saying Wenger is the best and should be supported, no matter what.

      Dude, have some dignity and stick to one side explicitly.

      1. and do you AOBs even have a side? all i see you ever do is kick the club while its down and insult any fan who disagrees with you. makes me wonder why you guys are even still around, your issues with the club has been around for years and the club and its fans gave you a clear answer WENGER IS STAYING so you can do one.

        1. U must be “Captain-Westham”.

          I don’t know about others, but I do not insult anyone that disagree with me. In fact, it’s the AKBz that quickly abuse folks that don’t agree with them.

          Dude, what do u mean when say, “…your issues with the club has been around for years and the
          club and its fans gave you a clear answer
          WENGER IS STAYING so you can do one”?

          That’s so damn childish of you: “The club and its fans.”

          1. The problem with AOB here is if any one disagree with your view (sack Wenger) will immediately get branded as AKB.
            No one is bigger than the team, and we all want the team to improve and to win titles. Everyone has his own opinion and most non-AOB opinion is to be patient with Wenger for now and judge him at the end of the season.

        2. Its like a mob here sometimes. Sure criticize the manager all you want. No one is above criticism. But at least support the club regardless of anything when the match was on. That’s what a being a fan meant. Disrespecting someone boarding a train, that’s just crass behavior. You may criticize him in all football matters but at least respect the fact that he’s a classy person the manager of your beloved club and definitely deserves that respect.

    2. first sensible comment and you seem to watch supersport. Fans here like fantasy talk from the likes of sammy koufor who was blabing about arsenal tickets without thinking how much the man city and chelsea tickets would cosy without billionaire benefactors.

      Buying players assumes availability of funds to do so. People here claim we should have bought a striker last season. Assuming that striker was to be Alexis, it would have meant wages of 6 million pounds per annum and depreciation of 6 million pounds per annum. The club made a profit of 5 million pounds which would have been wiped out by expenses relating to additional player.

      After Ozil the club simply did not have capacity to spend. Supporting a club does not only mean supporting trophies but also the philosophy. The club philosophy is clear, spend what we generate. If you want the kind of chelsea and man city under this philosophy, then ask the club to hike tickets to the level of those clubs in the absence of sugar daddies.

      1. I meant to say “If you want the chelsea and man city kind of success under this philosophy ….”

        1. Well, tickets prices are an issue and any unspent money from our yearly transfer found should at least be used in reducing them. It would prove the board respect toward all fans who dish out huge amount of their hard earn salary to attend games that will at the moment only give us top 4 expectation.
          I am not an AOB or AKB as somehow short minded “fans” would like to describe themselves as.
          I respect Wenger’s work taken to a context in which he has been tied up in the building of the team but i am expecting much more from now on.
          We went through a difficult time (10 years) but the financial struggle is now over and i am myself happy to let Arsene Wenger prove what he can do with no restraints for the remaining of this season and the next.
          If no improvements are shown after that time, serious question about our club’s future leadership should be raised.
          Sagna’s departure was the only major one in the last 2 transfer windows while adding serious signings. in that regard there has been improvements at last.
          I say; lets see what happen this summer and next season.
          It is my opinion and i am not trying to start a senseless debate on whether we should or not part with our manager now as it would only bring chaos to the club and add the risk to loose big players during the summer.
          Improvements and success are due but need to be done the right way.

    3. The problem with the AKBs is that they always have an excuse. I want Wenger out because we repeat the same mistakes in defense and we never learn. We never buy all the players we need, this is why we throw away every season. The AKBs say that football management is some sort of magic and we should just put money in the club and support our hearts out.

      The injury record can be improved by rotations. We couldve bought defenders in the summer but we opted to start with 6. Wenger is tactically behind the other top managers that is why he is always beaten. The akbs need to put reason to their comments before blaming everybody else with words like “you know nothing”! Football is open for everyone to see and some things are not that hard to spot!

        1. The same things can be said about those who want Wenger out. They do not appreciate the good things he brings to the table. Im my view, if you really consider the pro’s and cons of his management he at least deserves the end of the season to prove that Arsenal have made progress. That in my view would be a good cup defense, at least 2nd in the league and at least round of 8 in the CL. If he cannot achieve that then he has to reviewed if he is capable enough to deliver on the club’s current ambitions, keeping aside his glorious past achievements.

      1. He repeats the same mistakes In defense. And repeats the same success in top four, final 16 in CL, playing mostly attractive football. There’s the rub and that is why there is such a thing as an Arsenal fan who is neither an AKB or an AOB. It’s a false dichotomy and, with respect to your comment earlier KickAssFan, we don’t have to choose a side

      2. @Disturbance…you’re not listening man.

        The previous posts explain why we don’t just go out and buy every player we need. We spend what we have versus spending some oligarchs riches.

        Personally I would go further to say that our cash reserves and self sustaining financial model will mean that over the coming years we will spend more than some of our competitors. When you consider that in the past decade we have competed yet still built a stadium and stayed within our means, it will now be very interesting to see what happens to those teams that want to build new stadiums but stay within the FFP constraints and buy new players.

        So my view remains that we are at the start (these past two transfer windows) of a pperd where Arsenal could actually start to build a team of wc players and compete with anyone.

        So far as injuries are concerned….rotation…it ain’t the answer. We have a new fitness coach (one of the worlds best who started last summer) and things will improve. There is more to this but it will take time to see a change…although unless the new guy is a fcukin magician I doubt we will see Diaby return. Hiwever, if it was as simple as squad rotation I think you’d find Chelsea would be fcuked as they have largely played every game with the same team.

        Ps…I think the reason people reject the AKB badge is because that implies we believe no matter what. That’s simply not true. Many many of us see problems and in these posts clearly confirm this, but we support the club and see the possible future. AOB’s unfortunately don’t seem to want to accept the past financial issues, don’t see why in two windows we haven’t rebuilt the entire squad (I think money and Liverpool/Spuds explain that one) nor acknowledge the change in Wengers transfer dealings. We ARE making progress.

  3. I don’t trust him
    He had complete 2 months to solve our CB and DM problems

    August 2012 Giroud signs after van persie leaves(only one st)

    Jan 2012 (Fans) Cover up st for giroud needed
    Arsene wenger NO NO NO NO

    Summer 2013. (Fans frustated) ST ST ST needed
    Arsene wenger. NO NO NO NO

    Jan 2013 (Fans pleading) ST ST ST PLS NEEDED(Giroud out of form)
    Arsene wenger. Injured player signed(slap in the faces of all fans)

    Can’t trust him
    Worth trust him

  4. Got it. The R16 is on Monday. 12.00 CET(whatever that means).
    Admin do a live thread that day.

    Can we have an article with voting on which team we would want to draw?

    We cannot draw Chelsea and BvB.
    So it will be Barcelona, Real Madrid, Brayen Munich, Athletico Madrid, Porto and Monaco.

    Athletico Madrid anyone?

  5. Good news for Arsenal fans

    Theo Walcott is said to be close to full time training very soon. 🙂 Hopefully, he should be able to get at least one start in the busy December schedule.

  6. I see Arsenal buying one of these defenders for CB:

    Reid – 30% chance as he is already in London and out of contract.
    Van Dijk – 20% chance, less proven as Reid and contract bound.
    Vlaar – 10% chance, I think he is United Bound plus 29 years old, out of contract.
    Scharr – 10% unproven in EPL bout out of contract.
    Other – 30% you never know with Wenger.

    I also might see them go for Tyrone Mings as Left Back as Gibbs/Monreal are injury prone and we have no good pipeline for left back coming from the Acadamy. Mings is a Calum Chambers type purchase, one for the future and one to build the English Core.

    I see Hayden as one of our own youngsters making it as defender. However he is injured now.

    1. Tyrone Mings has the physics to play CB as well, and he can fill in LCB position, while Chamber will deputise on RCB position

      1. But he is unproven on top level. Hence the need for proven player. Reid & Mings combined would be good business.

  7. My comment didn’t appear. Let me try that again.

    The UEFA R16 draw is on Monday. 12-00 CET(whatever that means).

    Mr. Admin do a open thread that day. And can we have a voting article on whom we want to play?

  8. In 2005 Wenger turned to the dark side of the force.
    I think of Wenger as Darth Vader and Kroneke as Emperor Palpatine and Usmanov as Luke
    in the last 2 years Wenger has shown that there is still good in him (buying Sanchez, Ozil and Chambers) but he NEEDS to throw Kroneke down the shaft and sacrifice his career by resigning to come back to the light side of the Force.

  9. I predict Wenger will surprise us and get
    1.Some defender (your guess is better than mine)
    2. Carvalho or Moutinho
    3. Destro (reportedly £15 mil) or Benzema

    1. No need for strikers. Moutinho & Carvalho will not happen as Mendes is the agent. Some defender I can see happen 🙂

  10. Hopefully Wenger finds a way to rotate the squad effectively on offense: Sanchez needs to rest and played when at a 100%, he is our star player;we don’t want him injured because he’s overused. Welbeck, Podolski and Campbell can effectively cover: Campbell with the confidence and playing time can be special. Podolski if he’s able to play the way he played against Galatasaray more consistently: No matter who plays offensively we’re good. Giroud and Sanogo bring something different. He can take note from Ancelotti whose rotating very well in the middle and managing injuries well. As for the defensive side no need to overspend but we do need a good 50-60 millions to buy two quality covers: one true DM that may if required play CB and one genuine CB that could potentially play either LB or RB when needed!! Carvalho as my preference as a DM but one of either: Kramer, Wanyama, Scheinederlin, the sevilla man, Imbula, lucas silva last on the list. As for CB: Schar, Laporte, Reid. A combination of one of the two aforementioned list will be good enough to strengthen the squad and not overspend like others.

  11. is so hilarious that the akb come here only when the team win…. and always with the same crap: im not aob or akb… hahaha that some fackinf hilarious

  12. No Kocielny. No Chambers. No Monreal. Hayden still out. Word has it that there will be an open trial for Per’s partner tomorrow at Emirates.

    1. hahahahaha, we must do a telethon ………… one defender for arsenal……….. and some people wonder why we say “wenger out”…..

  13. For our DM role I think Bender is the guy Arsenal really want. And he appears to be the real deal. Arsenal need to keep weeding out the average talents and replace with world class quality. Sanchez, Debuchy Chambers and Welbeck were all good buys.

    Hands down our worst position on the pitch is DM. Arteta or Flamini would not start for a top club in Europe. If we can add two players – world class DM and CB we can make a decent run as we get healthy.

    Nice to see Ramsey getting back into swing of things. Sanchez, Ramsey, Walcott can be super dangerous when in form.

    And player like Podolski should be kept because he can change a game with one kick from 25-30 yards out.

    Sanchez-Welbeck-Walcott (reminds me a lot of Liverpool front 3. Speed to burn.)



  14. Don’t get ur hopes high, we will only sign one player at d most, as u know how tough it is to get a player in middle of d season ( dats Wenger saying it not me.)

  15. This is the most accurate and most obvious title for any article ever presented here. The whole planet knew Arsenal were short defenders. My son’s youth league squad has backup CBs – not Wenger – he is just too smart for that kind of ordinary idea – backup defenders are just so “yesterday”.

  16. Admin can you run a poll to ask about AOB’s, AKB’s etc…?

    I see at least 4 fan types here…..

    AOB’s – want Arsene out now, full stop. Have lost all faith and don’t really care about the short term consequences if he goes.

    AKB’s – want Arsene to stay, full stop.

    Juries Out AKB – want the club to progress (and ideally looking for action in the transfer market in January), willing to give Wenger this season and will make their minds up in June, depending on where we finish up and what progress has been made. Respect his past but frustrated at current team performance.

    Contract AKB – respect Wengers achievements and willing to give him the remainder of his current contract to deliver on his ‘we’ll win the EPL’ comment. Believes he needs the time to continue to buy the quality players the team lacks and recognise that this will almost certainly require summer ’15.

    I simply don’t believe the pure AOB’s are in the majority as they like to suggest (erroneously) that every poll confirms. Perhaps there are other variations. However once we establish the facts perhaps we can just get on with being supporters, have intelligent debate and get behind the team.

    There are a whole group of fans on this site, who get abuse when all they are is Arsenal fans but don’t support action (like the train debacle) against Wenger or the sacking of our greatest ever manager aka the Wenger Out campaign. Like most lobbyists the AOB’s need to make the most noise and act in unison to seem more significant in numbers.

    I’d like to know how few the out and out AOB’s really are.

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