Arsenal just need Gabriel Jesus to start scoring again to stay in the title race

Some Premier League fans look at the Premier League table and find Arsenal five points behind the leaders, Liverpool, and rule the Gunners out of the Premier League title fight.

Personally, I believe, with 18 games still to play, nothing has been decided, and the Gunners are still solidly in the Premier League title fight.

I understand you are questioning why I am still bullish about Arsenal’s title chances. Well, the Daily Mail’s Chief Football reporter Sami Mokbel has revealed what Arsenal need to stay in the title fight.

He claims that the Gunners have the greatest defense capable of winning the title. So, with this defense and Gabriel Jesus finding his form in front of goal, Arsenal can still win the 2023–24 title race. He said: “Their most recent form has raised doubts over their attempted to overhaul Liverpool and Manchester City, who look ominous.

“But if Gabriel Jesus can rediscover his goalscoring form then they have a chance.

“Defensively they are sound – William Saliba and Gabriel Magalhaes are arguably the best central defensive partnership in the Premier League. If the team can deliver in attack then the title is still on.”

Arsenal’s main downfall has been their attack firing blanks. Hopefully, the mid-season break has provided Gabriel Jesus and his teammates with the drive they require to convert the majority of the chances they produce. With 18 games to go, the Premier League title is Arsenal’s to lose.

Sam P

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  1. I think the next 5 games will be a good indication of what is possible in regards to challenging for the title.

    1. We should get 12 points, with the Liverpool match being the toughest fixture and getting points.

    2. Our finishing needs to improve, and there should be a change in tactics if we are hoping to make a run in the second half.

    However if we continue to blow hot and cold, struggle finishing, and no change in tactical approach, I fear the title is done and its a fight for top 4.

  2. What we need is a player on loan for the remainder of the season ,a proper forward someone who actually knows where the back of the net is .
    Mitrović Would be ideal.
    But what do I know .

  3. The part of this headline I MUCH disagre about i s tht word” again”, as in JESUS NEDS TO START SCORING “AGAIN”.
    When correctly used, the word “again” means something that happened before and (as implied, happened regularly) having stopped. has now started “AGAIN”.

    LIKE MOST POSTERS, I DO NOT SEE Jesus as ever having scored enough to be now regarded as needing to score ” AGAIN”!
    Jesus is in essence a talented, hard working , regularly unfit, nuisance to opposition defenders . But one thing he is NOT, is a scorer of any substance. REALITY!

    1. So what’s wrong with the use of “again” in the headline Jon?
      He’s scored before and we want him to start scoring again – quite simple really.
      Instead of trying to correct others, you should take a deep breath and hold your nose, while remembering that this is a football site and not an excuse for you to try and educate others with BS regularity, that often is nonsense anyway.
      The author DIDN’T say Gabriel is a “scorer of any substance” as you have inserted. REALITY!!

      1. Forget it KEN. That was yesteday and I HAVE OTHER FISH TO FRY.. I am not one for keeping on back and forth discussions, UNLESS something is of TRUE IMPORTANCE. This is not important ENOUGH to keep batting it back and forth.

        1. Ken You cannot know how LONG A CAMPAIGN I HAVE WAGED, across many years already , against Ad Pats deliberately wrong and misleading use of headlines, usually on behalf of other articles, though generally, not so much about his own.

          I advise you to keep out of our constant battle for truth in headlines, or else risk geting drawn in , which will not be what EITHER OF US NEED OR WANT.

          1. Then I suggest you stop nitpicking the words of others Jon – meanwhile I’ll carry on checking the facts and the word “AGAIN” was NOT used in the wrong context – you just wanted to be bloodyminded and you came unstuck.
            That’s me finished on the subject.

            1. Glad to read you are finished Ken.
              Not before time too !

              I have noticed that I do not ever criticise the tone of your posts to others, across many years on JA . Content , yes sometimes, but tone , never! BUT YOU OFTEN FEEL IT YOUR PLACE TO DO SO. Sigh!
              But then again, only one of us believes in wokism!

          2. Jon.
            It also seems that I am not the o ly one that is bored to death with your constant nitpicking about grammar. You are NOT authorised to call other readers uneducated or any other of your constant insults. Talk about football only PLEASE….

            1. “Only about football” Pat? That seems not to apply to many others – I cannot help noticing- who talk about all sorts of other things besides football.
              Its true that many years ago you WERE strict about football and mostly Arsenal only, but since the cosy chats between Sue and Kev about darts, music and much else, now some time past and ever since, JA has morphed, wisely in my view and with your indulgence too, into other discussions, apart from”Just” Arsenal.

              At least often, though not always of course.
              So why the change NOW? And does that ONLY apply to me? If so, I will draw my own conclusions !

  4. Not only Jesus, all our front players need to rediscover their goal-scoring mojo asap.
    If the players can begin to put in more committed performances all over the pitch, I’d see a resurgence of our title chances. But if they keep playing like nothing is at stake, allowing themselves to be bullied and kicked about, then we can start getting ready for an anti-climatic disappointment at the end of the season

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