Arsenal just need these two more signings and we can go for the title

Well Gooners, Arsenal have had a very good start to the transfer window with the additions of Sead Kolasnic & Alexandre Lacazette, both good signings for competition for Monreal & Giroud/Welbeck respectively as Gibbs & Perez are nearly gone already, two others who are near the exit door are Debuchy & Ospina, which is good if we promote Martinez & get Chambers tied down to a new deal.

With a couple more additions we really could have a very strong squad capable of challenging for the league title, especially now as Arsene has confirmed Alexis is staying & Ozil has basically said he is staying put himself. Now that’s where we are actually at – but whats coming next?

We have had 2 bids rejected for Thomas Lemar from Monaco (14 goals & Assists last season) with a reported third offer on the way. He plays out wide but can play centrally. He would be another super addition but we would need to be patient with the boy, he is only 21 but Wenger I do trust on this one.

One last addition that we desperately need an upgrade in the CDM position to challenge Francis Coquelin and take over in the future, even though I like Francis. He is an Arsenal boy at heart & plays with his heart on his sleeve (and we don’t have many of them at the Emirates). Elneny is EL mistro! William Carvalho is my first choice. Get him & we are ready to go;

Lemar (Ox)

Lemar for Ox if he’s brought in. Kolasinac may take time but Monreal is an unsung hero & could be his last season before jetting back to spain. Carvalho again may take time and the Ramsey/Xhaka partnership deserves to have a good run at the start…


Ox (Lemar)

I would be happy with that team for the coming season, it just means also a few other players may be shown the exit door (like Elneny & Walcott) as we have some great youngsters coming through!! Decisions to be made…


Lets hope we get Lemar and a top CDM. Looking forward to the new season… summer is so crap without footy!



  1. Ace says:

    I would love to see Matic join us but not for the expense of The Ox as reports are suggesting!

    We need to keep The Ox and get rid of Theo if anyone has to go! Even thou Theo gets us goals his contribution in game play is bare minimal. For a player with such pace, he rarely takes on players.


    1. JPS_AFC1 says:

      Who is supposed to play right wing back in the 4321 formation you mentioned up top author Sean.

      We need Lemar, Goretzka and Kalidou Koulibaly. With 3 at the back we don’t need a traditional defensive midfielder, we need a box to box midfielder with strong defensive action who can link defence and attack and start the play from deep on the field. Goretzka or Fabinho for me would be perfect. Even Vidal from Bayern could do the job perfect. A player in the mould off Sami Khedira if you know what I mean.

  2. Ace says:

    Barca have bid for Coutinho.. So hope this deal goes through.

    This will no doubt weaken them to our advantage!!!


    1. kev says:

      The bid has been rejected.Liverpool said he’s not for sale.They’ve signed a LB and are looking to get a CM like Naby Keita and the like.What Arsenal need right now is a CM.The rest are just for luxury.

      1. Ace says:

        Hopefully this has turned Coutinhos head and hands in a transfer request!

  3. waal2waal says:

    We will need closer to 3 to have any hope of competing for the title – although I agree lemar and carvalho would be welcome additions. The third choice could include the swede we’re reported to have shown interest in Emil Forsberg, a winger, he had a great season for Leipzig. He may want to follow in the mold of Freddie Lunjgberg and prove another exceptional talent able to assist afc to a credible gunners title challenge.

  4. Crazy gunner says:

    We just need Goretzka and Lemar/Mahrez

    1. zamani says:

      U are on point…dere is harm in even having both mahrez and lemar along with goreztka since perez is Leaving

    2. Waal2waal says:

      somehow get the feelin wenger has no interest in mahrez – realistically we need to put this one to bed

      1. misterg says:

        Mahrez isn’t a good signing.

        he will have his moments but hes too lazy and for him and ozil to be in the same team.

        its all about hardworking players these days, e.g. Lemar

    3. ZEN2OH says:

      Goreztka is injury prone….chech his records, we don’t want another Diaby or Wilshire

  5. JustJoy says:

    Good dream.

  6. McLovin says:

    ———- Cech
    Bellerin – Mustafi – Koscielny – Kolasinac
    ———– Goretzka – Xhaka
    Sancez – Özil – Lemar
    ———- Lacazette


    ———– Cech
    Bellerin/OX – Koscielny – Holding – Mustafi – Kolasinac/Monreal
    ————- Xhaka – Goretzka/Ramsey
    ———- Sanchez – Özil/Lemar
    —————— Lacazette

    Please Wenger please! The quality is available! Otherwise Goretzka would’ve signed an extension already!

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I don’t think Holding will be a starter for us. I don’t understand why everyone has elevated him to starting 11. Chambers statistics last season were slightly better than Holding anyway.
    I believe Kolsanic was brought in because he is an excellent defender. Winger is not for him but rather to be the left side of the three at the back. We have plenty of players who can play on the left (below the 3 defenders) including Monreal. Kolsanic will be with Koscielny and Mustafi
    Koscielny Mustafi Kolsanic

    1. Dianjuh says:

      Actually I believe its the other way round.

      Its Monreal in the Back 3. Kolsinac is a beast of a LWB. He has more energy to go up and down the flank and he is a good goal scorer…

    2. Simon says:

      Monreal has proved (all be it in just a few games) that he’s better in the left of back 3

      Kolsanic looks more like a wing-back candidate to me

  8. Jamario says:

    Must get Lemar. Tie down ozil with new contract. Buy Goretzka and sell Sanchez. Give more chance to Iwobi. If budget allowed can buy Sanchez from Ajax.
    Formation= 3-4–2-1

  9. Bergkampcn says:

    Do not dream too much, because Mr. Wenger will make you hurt for those dreams.
    What Arsenal fan need to do is not buy tickets at the Emirate cup to put enough pressure on the board and Wenger .Otherwise we will feel pain again !!! Sure!!!

  10. andydale says:

    I am not to sure we will sign anyone else, Unless Sanchez goes, We will see, But at the moment we could be a little better off than last season with Sanchez, But still a way off winning the title, But 2 out of these 3 could make us challengers Goretzka and Lemar/Mahrez.

  11. Arsenal007 says:

    We realistucally need 3 players at to be title contenders on all fronts. In my opinion, I’ll say:
    Matic/ William C.
    Big dreamer I am. ☺
    I believe in miracles.

    1. neil says:

      we already have 2 new players.. no way Arsene will buy 3 more as that will be half the outfield team and he doesnt believe in too many changes per wibdow as it disrupts the team too much… if that was going to happen it would have been before this current tour for team to play together.
      I think will be one more player.. possibly Lemar as he always buys attackers than defenders … however if Sanchez stays i would prefer a proper CDM and let the wing backs run wild !

  12. amb98 says:

    Sign Lemar/Mahrez, Goretzka/Danilo Pereira/Matic and Manolas/Tah/De Vrij.
    Sell Chambers (buy back clause), Debuchy, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Ospina, Wilshere, Walcott (if a club offers over £25m) and Lucas (like him but he deserves to play every week).
    If Giroud leaves then sign Patrick Schick.

    1. neil says:

      so buy 5 new players plus the 2 already bought ?!?! no chance.. have you not watched Arsenal last 21 years with wenger ! see my post above

  13. Wolf says:

    I’m more worried about a replacement for Carzola. We need a maestro in midfield fi run tings.

  14. Sean Williams says:

    William Carvalho has everything we need from a DM. He can’t really replace Santi but would definitely protect a back four or be a slightly forward player in a back three. Although he is not tested at EPL levels he has proved himself at international levels. Either Lemar or Mahrez would be a great attacking option. Mahrez can terrorise defenses. The problem is Wenger screwed up with Monaco by underbidding and he really likes Carvalho but never puts his money where his mouth is. We can’t even get players who WANT to play for us and who are good enough. Is Wenger weird or what? Hope this time Wenger doesn’t let us down because with Lemar and Carvalho we would be some team.

  15. Marty says:

    We had a great start to the transfer window with 2 early signings but it looks like being the same old Arsenal for the rest of the transfer window. For the past 4 or 5 seasons we have been saying that we need just 1 or 2 more signings to turn us into a title challenging side and I think this year is the same. Carvalho and Lemar would be great signings and take us to that next level but I just can’t see it happening unfortunately.

  16. Sal says:

    Yes we must have a cm to replace cazorla and to challenge for top honors, no joke there is a void in the spine of the team and it needs to be filled, the Ramsey Xhaka combo is decent but not if you wanna challenge for the trophy we seek, and one of them is bound to get injured while the other has a craving for cards red or yellow!!…my vote goes for Keita like it always has even at his ridiculous fee, this kid is suited for Pl and will have a great resale value at 22.. lemar would be a great addition as well and will give us some pace and decent flair and crossing from the wings which would be ideal if Theo leaves. Don’t think we will be getting a new cb this season but that ok if two more signings are finalized before the window shuts in these two position specifically it would be a great the window. We will eventually need a cdm a gk and a young Cb next season .But for now those two signing please!!

  17. ZEN2OH says:

    A bit more defensive for me…..Van Dijk and Fabinho/ William Carvalho. if we don’t get Lemar we will set up this way.


    1. neil says:

      lets give Holding a chance… Kos is on last legs with his injuries and hence making mistakes so Van Dijk should replace him if anyone … Holding needs to be given a run to have the time to reach that top quality that it looks like he can achieve ! future arsenal captain !

  18. Sal says:

    The reason why I don’t think a cdm is necessary this season is because our formation doesn’t require a player sitting in front of the back 4 that why we play 3 at the back now, the player responsible for spreading the pass from def to attack is granit he plays as a deep lying playmaker while Ramsey creates space and plays box and box. The only problem with this combo is that we are abit slow in the build up as both players need a bit of time to ignite the attack. None of them are good dribblers even though Ramsey thinks he is, and most importantly none of them have pace, or more precisely short bursts of pace or skill to switch the momentum in our favor. That’s why a cazorla replacement is needed first and the sooner the better, I always hoped wilshere would take over Santi s spot but those days of him playing like he did against Barca are long gone so a new creative mid would be money well spent.

  19. Raoh says:

    Agree with the 2 players needed clearly Lemar is the next incoming player and let’s they can seal that soon…
    Carvalho would be a welcomed addition in the engine room. My preference wouls still go to Goretzka with one year left Arsenal could pounce and with a good German contingent and the likes of Kolasinac and Özil they can convince him a bit like Kroos to Real who didn’t cost that much. Specially if Wilshere was sold with buy back in there and considering that Santi is on a 1Y deal that he’ll spend mostly injured.
    A CB depends. I am of the belief that when you have an opportunity to sign a world class player and one of the best at his position in our league you should go gor it (aka Van Djik). That being said Chambers has been great and selling seems like a mistake unless you include a buy back clause in there. I would rather see Gabriel sold. And with Kolciesny suffering from chronic achilles issues and is recuperation time slowing down as he age it would be a smart insurance.

  20. Chokulate says:

    U can never be bored watching kolasinac, what a beast monster. Arsenal should sign a holding midfielder just as monstrous as Kolasinac.

  21. ruelando says:

    All i ask is to get our business done early

  22. Dexter says:

    I don’t want to see Ramsey in our starting 11. He could be a good sub…but never in my starting 11

  23. Simon says:

    Anyway to add files to this thread?

    1. Admin says:

      If you want to send me an article, go to CONTACT in the top menu….

  24. John Rambo says:

    Mustafi Boss Holding¿
    Cazorla? Xhaka
    Ox Ozil Alexis Sead

    ? could be Ramsey, Ox, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Le Coq, Jack (God bless Him) and (add your choice player here who you think can replace Santi)
    ¿ could be any of Monreal, Gabriel, Calum, and (add name of your choice monster defender here)

    In Lacazette, Arsenal finally have the machine gun upfront which we have lacked since Judas left for ‘greener pasture’. Good bet for those fantasy football points.

  25. John Rambo says:

    Mustafi Boss Holding¿
    Cazorla? Xhaka
    Ox Ozil Alexis Sead

    ? could be Ramsey, Ox, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Le Coq, Jack (God bless Him) and (add your choice player here who you think can replace Santi)
    ¿ could be any of Monreal, Gabriel, Bielik, Calum, and (add name of your choice monster defender here)

    In Lacazette, Arsenal finally have the machine gun upfront which we have lacked since Judas left for ‘greener pasture’. Good bet for those fantasy football points.
    Hector Bellerin is an unbelievably rare luxury enjoyed by all at afc.
    It’s a decent line-up overall and yes i know that Lemar would do it no harm at all.
    If only Wenger would bang his head against the Jacuzzi one morning and pay the 200 million for Neymar. Surely the thought must have crossed his mind even if it immediately vanished in a poof.

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