Arsenal just need to focus on the details to avoid last season’s collapse

At long last, Arsenal regained their competitive edge in the 2022–23 season. They finally made a comeback and are now in contention for the league title after years of simply being part of the league.

In that title race, they didn’t come out on top, but they definitely put up a strong fight against Manchester City, who have been dominating for nearly 5 years. After their sudden collapse, Arsenal finished that season with 84 points, just 5 points behind champions Manchester City.

Jumping ahead to the present and the Gunners are in a great spot in the title race. With 52 points, they are currently 2 points behind Liverpool, who are leading. They are tied with City, but City could potentially go 3 points ahead of them if they win their game in hand.

It’s pretty obvious that the Gunners’ chances of winning the league rely on their main title rivals dropping points.
Arsenal just needs to focus on controlling what they can in order to win their own battles. They might just end up as champions if they pull it off.

City won the league last season during this period. They effortlessly shifted gears and won every single battle to become the champions. Did Arsenal gain any insights from that?

Yeah, they totally did! Jorginho dropped a hint while chatting with Culture Cams and Lyes Bouzidi at the Puma Future Boot Launch. The Italian mentioned that Arsenal has realized the importance of not dropping points, stating, “Of course you always learn from what happened, and the team is so focused to work hard, and we know that there’s no easy games that we can let points go away like this.”

The Italian international believes that it is Arteta’s attention to detail that has helped them stay consistent. He continued: “I think he’s great on what he does, how much he works in details because it makes the difference afterwards, like really really details.”

“I think that helps so much the team and the players on the pitch and in the game afterwards.”

If Arsenal wants to win the Premier League, they simply need to continue following Arteta’s instructions and secure maximum points. It’s as simple as that.

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  1. Tactically Arteta is one of the very best imo His defensive tactics are a joy to watch when it’s done right and against top opposition His tactics also jot up the chances creating a lot of firepower I can see why City wanted Arteta to eventually take over from Pep because City with those players and the resources Arteta would keep City dominant

  2. I hope the team has learned, we shall see at the end of the season. Talent was never a question in my opinion, and Arteta’s tactics are right much of the time, as we see in the results.

    Tough competition against City and Liverpool, and they are coached by the 2 best managers in my opinion; Pep and Klopp.

    The only questions that remain are
    1. Have the players acquired that “mentality” that champions need?
    2. Rotation and resting players, so they are prepared for the end run at the end of the season
    3. Selecting in-form players and dropping underperformers, or those who’s form has dipped.

    Injuries are unpredictable and every club encounters them, so rotation and rest can hopefully avoid the pitfall we experienced last year.

    We are still relatively “young,” but our core has had several years of playing together, and it is time that it starts bearing fruit.

    With consistency we can accomplish those sought after goals; PL title and CL Trophy.

  3. The expression that comes to mind is “shutting the stable door AFTER the horse has already bolted”!

    We effectively threw away any serious hopes of the title when we lost to West Ham AT HOME AND THEN FULHAM AWAY.

    Too late now, the horse HAS bolted!

    1. This an odd and unnecessarily pessimistic perspective. It reasonable to suggest that we are not favourites. However, there are still many games to play and the outcomes of those matches are not preordained.

      1. You think it pessimistic DAVID. I call it a realistic view

        I looked closely at all determinent factors twixt now an seasons end when I wrote as I did!

        We still have three tough away fixtures at United, Spuds and City and will need to gain at least six ,probably more still points from those the tough matches. Its deeply unlikely!!
        Clearly, we are third favourites right now; that is a bookies fact BTW, not merely an opinion.

  4. I find it weird that The Arsenal have suddenly realized how important it is not to drop points – is that REALLY what a professional footballer said would make a difference this year?

    What WILL make a difference, is to remain consistent, rotate sensibly, substitute wisely and play to our strengths, whatever the squad is.

    It does seem that MA is doing just that and I will be amazed if it happens once again… bottling it!!

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