Arsenal just need to keep attacking from the kickoff!

Arsenal made up for last weekends crazy loss to West Brom by going all out to beat Dinamo Zagreb from the kickoff on Tuesday, and now that the Gunners have to score at least two goals in Athens in a fortnight Per Mertesacker believes that we just have to copy that template, and go all out for the win from the beginning of the game.

“It was a massive win for our side and I’m delighted with how we played from the start. It was an attacking style, and we got two early goals,” he said on “We could have been three or four up at half-time and it was convincing at the end.

“We needed to win today. Everyone was on the ball from the start, we attacked well and that is something we need to continue if we want to compete for anything this season.

“It is a nightmare how we played the first two games but we have to face the truth and that is that we have to score more than one goal against Olympiacos.

“It’s possible [to qualify] and they have more to lose. We are in a more difficult situation. It will be pressure for both teams and hopefully we can handle that better

“We believe that we can score goals. You saw tonight that we are always capable of doing that. Let’s go there without fear, respect our opponent but keep patient until the end.”

This season, Arsenal have proved they can handle the pressure when they need to. In fact it improves our game.  Don’t forget that Olympiakos are also going to be under extreme pressure in front of their own fans….

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  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Since we are still talking about Olympiakos,
    To have chance of beating them by two clear goals,
    We are going to need a fully fit squad for starters!

    They have the advantage, so they don’t need to attack us from the start, they will probably have ten men standing behind their keeper lol.
    So maybe our first goal will come from the penalty spot,
    (Just don’t let Cazorla take it ?)
    Obviously if we do score the first goal then that will make them more edgier and maybe they will try to attack more rather than just defend, Which would make it easier for us to counter attack them.

    Its all if’s and maybe’s at the moment, its hard to call this game, but the facts are they will defend like crazy and even B.Munich struggled to score against them until the last 10-15 minutes and then went on to win 3 nil in Athens.

    This Game will definitely be a tough one for sure,
    All the omens and Mo’s are against us and it is a very hostile place to play, I don’t want to imagine what their fans would do if we actually beat them! If anyone is going to that game,
    Take a bullet proof vest with you and take out some life insurance too.

    1. GoonerLad says:

      I’m just afraid the Arsenal of Monaco will show up, because we were in the exact same scenario and failed, also the previous CL games for the past 4 seasons.

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Yea Attack! Attack!! Spartans!! ahooo! Spartans!! ahoooo!! ahoooo!! ahooo!!

    Me be like wai wai wai wai wai wait really?
    *spray everyone of em Spartans with my Uzi,blood all over the place*

    This ain’t some hollywood 300 movie, am not gonna keep talking of Olympiakos and then go down with courage like a hero..b**ch please ain’t no going down at all..

    can we focus on Norwich now please? like you give us a full article summary of Wenger’s latest injury update or something better, talking about Olympiakos is starting to freak me out

  3. G-Rude says:

    Yes I agree. Attack Attack Attack. Thats what we are good at.
    Also Defend Defend Defend. Coz thats what our defenders are good at.

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