Arsenal just need to move on and win the next game

There was no doubting that Jack Wilshere was very disappointed that Arsenal didn’t take their chances against Tottenham in the first half, but he tried to concentrate on the ‘positives’ after the game. “Well, we missed an opportunity in the first half to take the lead. The game was there in the first half, they were a bit cagey and we defended well. We got down on the counter-attack a few times in the first half and we looked like we could have really hurt them, but then we had our final ball where we rushed it and the chance was gone. We’ll look back and take some positives, but at the end of the day it was a big game for us and we lost. We’re not happy.”

Jack was also at a loss to explain why it all fell apart in the second half, when we fell behind after Harry Kane rose above the Arsenal defence to head it into the net. “They started sharper than us I suppose. It’s something we spoke about as well, so I don’t really know why that happened. But we have to deal with it now. We’ve lost the game and we have to move on and focus on the next game and try to win the next game.”

We now have our Europa League games coming up, and hopefully we can get some confidence back before playing Man City twice, in the League Cup Final and in the League. Jack thinks that we simply have to bounce back immediately. “That’s the most important thing. In the past, this team has always shown good character and we need to put a run together now and give ourselves a decent chance of challenging.”

We may have done that in the past, Jack, but I haven’t seen us bounce back from all our other away defeats this season. It is a massive worry that we can’t perform away from home any more. We really need to change that against Ostersunds at least!



  1. Ronny says:

    Still hurting from our lack of attacking threat and aggressive effort yesterday, feel a little better due to MU losing and sanchez missing a sitter.

    Also currently being cheered up watching the Italian blue version of the Arsenal I’d love us to be…….Napoli 4, Lazio 1.
    On napoli the front men speak for themselves but jorginho and Allan are such a great combination along with Koulibally the beast at the back.

    All I have stuck in my mind is Wenger when interviewed yesterday saying we couldn’t afford Johnny Evans, ffs! Why sell all our players under value then? Surely we could have held for increased sale fees to total the extra 10m we needed from the sake of walcott, coquelin and giroud.

    Just wengers full of cra*!

    1. Midkemma says:

      I said in another article reply about Sarri and how we should look to steal 3 players from Napoli along with their manager.

      Hysaj to compete with Bellerin at RB, Koulibaly for CB and Jorginho for CM.

      1 other signing with Manolas(Buy if selling Mustafi) and that is the def rebuilt.

      Sell Xhaka and Mustafi to make space and allow AMN to step up in CM.

  2. jon fox says:

    All that has concerned me since last August is getting the cancerous manager that is Wenger removed from our club and thus giving ourselves a chance of seriously challenging at the very top again. Right now with us having zero hope of making top four, it makes even less sense to want to win Prem games. The greater the gap between the fourth placed club and us below , in 6th place as I believe we will finish, then the greater the chance of getting Wenger sacked. Last season we only missed 4th place on goal difference. This season we are now 7 points off fourth place and likely 8 by tomorrow night when Chelsea likely beat WBA. I only wish we were even lower, since nothing else matters than getting the manager out. If you are a chess player and all you can visualise is the next move, you are never going to win the game. You need to look further ahead and see when the moves are several steps ahead. So, no use at all winning if it means Wenger is less likely to get sacked. The worse we do from now to May, the greater the chance he is sacked. I already believe it is 90% certain and unless we win a trophy, which I don’t see coming, the cure starts this May or June when a new and proper manager is newly installed.

    1. stubill says:

      It wasn’t goal difference, Liverpool finished on 76 points, and Arsenal on 75 points, their goal difference was also better than ours by three.

    2. Jhud says:

      He needs to go asap now. He talks about arsenal being an attacking team but fields a defence minded side who get completely outmuscled. Wenger doesnt know what a good defender looks like. having spent time in NZ its interesting to do a comparison with the All Blacks their leading national team. probably the best attacking sports team in the world. consistently anyway. france fiji oz all have their days but the All Blacks are consistently the best. The often forgotten detail is they also have one of the best defences in the business and spend hours on strategy and actual defencive training. Good defence allows them the freedom to attack. Nothing will change at Arsenal until we have a manager that understands this. Arsene Wenger does not understand defending or implement any defencive strategy…a zonal system against Harry Kane?? sounds like lots of freedom to Kane to me. A New manager who understands defence and attack equally is needed now to evaluate the squad so that the correct sales and buys are made in the summer.
      In the early 2000’s when the All Blacks were in a rut and had lost their mantle as the top team a fact finding mission was sent to the top sporting clubs in the world to gather information. this included Man U and fergie as well as the top American football side. A new coach was appointed in 2004 and a whole new regime introduced in the management and support staff. It took a little time but The All Blacks returned to being the number 1 team and world cup wins in 2011 and 2015 followed. At arsenal we’ve started making changes around wenger. its great to see the introduction of new people but it is wrong to think that these will solve the problem while wenger still has influence. A new manager needs to be given a fresh slate and allowed to bring in his own core team. Arsenal have complicated this process but as long as we can appoint a new manager asap then we still have a chance to get things right before next season.

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        Jhud I totally agree about the necessity of building a team based on strong defense, particularly from the back with a strong spine. Using the All Blacks is not a good example, as in NZ Rugby is a religion not a sport (lol)!

  3. Sue says:

    I honestly don’t see him getting sacked in May.. he’s survived a lot worse (8-2, 5-1, 6-3, 5-1 etc etc) unbelievable really if you ask me!!
    Here’s to another Europa league spot.. no way are we finishing in the top 4!
    Gutted & frustrated ?

    1. andcliff says:

      Fully agree!!

    2. Innit says:

      I agree too. For Kroenke, he only cares about money. His other sports franchises aren’t doing that great either. As long as we are in the black, then Wenger will stay.

      The 8-2 was the biggest humiliation ever.

  4. andcliff says:

    I just can’t understand it, what is Wenger trying to prove? Fergie knew when to go why doesn’t he? There are no leaders, no consistency and we are going nowhere, yet every time we lose he blames the players, never himself or his tactics. We have some great players but we also have a lot of average ones. Average never wins titles.

    I’m nearly 81 and have supported the Gunners since 1958 and I just hope that we win another title before I peg it. But knowing my luck the gutless board will probably extend his contract when this one ends.

  5. andcliff says:

    I just have to put this one in. Klopp says 9 points ahead of Arsenal is not enough. Hilarious!!!

    1. Sue says:

      Klopp will think differently when he looks at our fixture list & sees we have 5 more league away matches

  6. Ronny says:

    Wenger asked about the introduction of new personell in seven mislintat etc
    He said “nothing changes I make all the decisions still there’s no egos at this club”…….only 1 his!

    I just hope he’s persuaded to leave as we won’t get cl through 4th spot and winning the europa league is a big ask.

    Gazidis has got to try and get and new man in trouble is kroenke has wengers back and vice versa.

    If you love Arsenal Arsene then please please step down and let a younger more motivational but ruthless manager take charge.

  7. Ronny says:

    I feel your pain, 81 eh keep the exercise regime going with lots of vitamins and minerals as I wish you a long happy life but even with a new manager there’s a lot broken that will take sometime to fix 🙁

  8. Ronny says:

    Ps mustafi was good yesterday but kos is starting signs of ageing.
    He’s always been very good on the deck, at Reading the game and pacey etc but can’t help thinking his like of height and large frame is starting to show.

    Whether it’s at cb or dm we need to get some physicality and height into the sqaud to help defend set pieces etc.
    We underestimate how useful giroud was with defending corners etc when we were under the kosher, also we would have been able to bring on him yesterday and have a plan b go long and give them something to think about but now we have no aerial impact striker and just 2 like for like in lacazette and abameyang, both players I like but both so similar I truly do not understand our decisions some times.

    1. jon fox says:

      Don’t know which game you were watching but Mustafi was NOT good yesterday. No one was except Cech, which is the only reason we only lost by one goal.

  9. Ronny says:

    Cech I called ad motm and got shot down but mustafi did make some vital blocks and stopped a couple of goals I’d say. One cb can’t do it all on their own and kos had a day to forget.

    Mustafi positioning was not all that at times though.

  10. Ronny says:

    Also Jon which game do you think I was watching? Less of the sarcasm please were all suffering here you know 🙁

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      mustafi was pretty ok i thought….kos switched of for sometimes but still did ok apart from Kanes goal

      we are pretty much in defensive mode and most players are not used to…

  11. Innit says:

    Dembele’s performance just solidified my belief that we need to upgrade our central midfield (back of central midfield). Dembele controlled like a boss. Excellent box 2 box player. We have suffered big time since Cazorla got injured.
    Xhaka, Eleny aren’t good enough, Wilshere/Ramsey are injury prone. Cazorla may never play for us again (hope he does though).

    We are weak in central midfield and centre back positions. Mert is going, Koscielny is aging and losing it, Mustafi is decent, Chambers/Holding/Mavrapanos too inexperienced.
    I also think we need to find another top RB like we did at LB. Debuchy will probably leave, Jenkinson isn’t good enough. Bellerin hasn’t been that impressive this season. He doesn’t really have competition like Monreal has. Kolsanic is just as good perhaps better.

    A LOT of changes are needed but you can bet Wenger won’t do what is necessary so the FIRST change is obvious!!! There are a handful of managers out there that could do a great job. Its up to Kroenke and board to finally do the right thing

    1. Sue says:

      Debuchy has gone

  12. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Does Dembele have a brother?

  13. Sven says:

    We have 2 CF which are the same type more or less, 3 playmakers, 3 possible left backs.

    BUT – no proper wingers, no proper DM (except the average Elneny), only 1 right back.

    Our buying has become even dumber, it seems.

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