Arsenal just need Vardy and a central defender to challenge for title?

Arsenal fans will spend all summer talking about the players Arsenal need to take the step up to win the title, especially when we talk about the current players that we feel are simply not good enough for the team and need replacing, but according to one Arsenal legend, David Seaman, we only need to bring in one more player after Jamie Vardy.

He said: “They need a central defender, they’ve signed a new midfield player now, get Vardy and then we’re looking good.

“You look at the spine of the team. You’ve got Petr Cech in goal, brilliant. We maybe need one centre-half and then a striker.

“But they are additions to a great squad, it’s not as though the squad is crying out for it or performing badly. We did have a good season, we finished second.”

Is it really that simple David? We have released three players this summer, and surely we will have to sell some of our underperformers. Do you really think that we can win the title with just Vardy and a defender coming in?

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  1. David Seaman is echoing my comments made a week ago. A striker and a centre half is all that is required but they must be w.c..

    1. how come nobody’s talking about lukaku? he deserves champions league.
      all depends on whether arsenal is going to be his old unambitious self or try for somethjing special in his last year.

  2. is that the 60 cigarettes a day Vardy or puffing Vardy, apparently ,according to reports ,Mr Vardy is struggling to give up his addiction to nicototine
    A certain other Arsenal player has the same habit ,maybe they can get together, coming off the bench is probably all they can manage ,for how many £000000 per week ?.

  3. No, we need two attackers before a defender …
    CF + LWF/RWF are must …
    Except Sanchez, we have no wingers, I don’t count Walcott, Ox, and campbell as reliable wingers …

      1. yes, Iwobi was impressive last season … but he can learn from another established winger …

    1. Iwobi done very well, but is he an Arsenal first choice. He needs to improve on his defensive game, our shape looked bad at times last season. We started season with a great shape, we ended it with a poor one, our wingers and Ramsey where to blame for the most part. Elneny was always thinking about it. Also for a tall strong boy he can get nudged off the ball easy at times, he needs some more aggression, strength alone wont do it. I just think Arsenal have already given too many risks going into new seasons, last season no outfield signings, we go every season without a striker signing. We say this is going to be a big year for certain Arsenal player meaning we dont have to recruit one in. Lets not do this with a boy who is just learning the game, our aims are too high to gamble at this stage. Lets instead watch Iwobi rise to the occasion by becoming a better player and displacing the one we bring in. So I’m in agreement with Sam, I don’t think Joel is first team quality either.

  4. 1st priority was Xhaka. Watching Ramsey game after game and knowing he was the reason we was losing was painful.
    2nd priority will be a striker. After seeing Ramsey flop you noticed Giroud. Never stretches defenses and when he flops he flops big. But he does have his good games now and then.
    3rd, 4th and 5th priorities could be attackers or defenders. Nothing of note like those 2 above. Future flaws and future prospects I guess.

  5. I think we need another top goal scoring midfielder too, when Alexis is not firing we seen already that none of the others can either. So what happens if Alexis and Vardy get injured, we’re back to relying on Giroud Walcott and Ramsey maybe. Leicester only had two proper threats going forward, but for some reason no-one wanted to do a job on them. If that had been us we would’ve been man marked and also received very rough treatment. Mahrez would’ve been stretchered off in no time. Vardy would have received more knocks than he got playing for Leicester. And the refs would of been too late in protecting them making the next opponents benefit more than we would by any carding. This is why I hope that Mkhit news about utd is bs, but knowing his agent I wont be surprised if he talks the player out of a move to Arsenal. And mour again showing he knows f all about targeting players, he only knows it’s smart to hijack an Arsenal deal, and it’s clever if you can sign the most expensive players around, sure us fans could do that. He tried go it his own at che last season, me thinks he wont go that route in a hurry, at least he knows his limits though. Finally, this two or three players business, in my opinion it’s better to have too much of a good thing, rather than not quite enough. This is why I was amazed people were saying Kante, no sure we have enough already. Kante and Xhaka would be boss, some serious bossing going on. Then Cazorlas magic, also he can replace Ozil if injury, he can replace Alexis if injury. Just my two cents.

  6. Whatever happens wenger needs 8 homegrown players we currently have 11.. So if we allow the 3 homegrown keepers to go out on loan we can then keep the remaining homegrown players allowing the sales of Debuchy, sanogo and wellington to free up 3 more spaces to add to the one current non-homegrown space. 4 more signings would be well enough. In fact 3 would probably be enough, allowing us to keep one of the 3 homegrown keepers or one of the aforementioned non-homegrown.

    However should gibbs and walcott depart we will probably need to sign a homegrown player.

  7. #1 – Striker. Vardy please
    #2 – Is TEAM!
    #3 – CB

    We have good players, but our TEAM performance was poor at times last year. Sanchez had below par season and we missed his goals

    Carzola injuries hurt us. And we lacked some determination and dare I say it some healthy Anger!

    Wiltshire, Xhaka, and Vardy would give us the steel we need

  8. Not necessarily Vardy but a top top striker..personally,I want Vardy though…..

    Am afraid we need another reliable top winger is compulsory,I know Iwobi is there but is it good to put such a pressure on a 19year old????

    Then of course a defender..but I don’t think we will get three more players:
    1)Wenger has some academy players in mind…
    2)If walcott stays,we certainly won’t get any winger…
    If Walcott picks his form and remain consistent,he can be that goalscoring winger…
    So we will probably get 2 players max…a CB and a CF….

  9. Like I have been saying all along: Vardy is a crackhead ?
    And like all crackheads, he will find away to stimulate his buzz on matchdays and today I hear that he OD’s on nicotine patches and Red bull, during games.

    I’m guessing that the nicotine patches are stuck under that protective wrist/arm bandage thing, that he always wears! ?

  10. we need two world class attacking options to compete with the best at home and in europe next season … giroud, walcott, ox iwobi, campbell do not provide that in any combo … more important for me than anything else … if we repeat defensive stats of last season and add the kind of goal tally a top team needs we will be there or there abouts …that said i would like mert to leave and an alternative found just not a priority

  11. NEED by order of priority
    the RightWinger is last cos we have about 6players (Wilshere,Ramsey,Campbell,Iwobi,OX,Walcott) that can play there and will be rotated in the spot based on their form if no RightWinger is got and we will still be fine.

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